Back to school

Yes, today was the day.  Back to school for everyone.  But not for me.  For the first time ever, I am not attending classes.  I graduated in May with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology at UBC.  Please do not ask me what I plan to do with this.  I don’t know.  People always say “Really, you have no idea at all?”.  No, I really don’t.  Now drop it.  I also decided to supplement this very general degree with a minor in Philosophy, just to spice things up.  Yes, I do believe this will get me very far…

So having finally finished university, I wanted to do something special this summer to celebrate being done.  No, I didn’t end up travelling.  No, I didn’t end up doing anything crazy.  I wanted to, I really did.  But instead, I ended up working full time… at the university I’d been attending for 5 years.  What better way to celebrate my escape, then to entrap myself yet again, this time for an indefinite amount of time… Maybe I just want to make back the money that they’ve taken from me?

And so, while many who are done with classes, do not have to deal with the masses of students, the commute to campus, and the chaotic mess that is university life, I still do.  In fact, I am now at UBC more often than I was while I was a student.  Go figure.  As I looked around today, I noticed all the school spirit, the socializing, and the sense of belonging, all of which I am not a part of.  And it made me feel… glad.  I never really liked being a part of it anyway.

It’s funny, kids often think that back to school time only punishes them.  Little do they know this is not the case.  I am now forced to battle the hoards of students who will now fill up the buses and the skytrain to the max.  Not only does this lengthen my commute, it makes it all the more painful to be surrounded by them.  This morning, feeling slightly claustrophobic, I felt the urge to either pass out, or punch someone on the skytrain.  I refrained.  But tomorrow may be another story..

In short, it is weird to no longer be a student.  Although working and living among their kind makes it seem as though I still live the life of one.  Maybe the reason I’ve started blogging is because I’m actually having homework withdrawal?  Who knows?  But at least my writing does not have to be researched based.  And at least no one is going to assign a letter grade to this post.

4 thoughts on “Back to school

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