First day of classes

Wait what?  Wasn’t that yesterday?  I thought that was yesterday…  Well, yes and no.  For elementary and high school kids, yes.  For university students, no.  At least not UBC students.  Classes did not officially start until today, as yesterday was “Imagine” day.  I suppose they call it that because you get to “imagine” all the wonders of university life and how the year will play out.  Just a head’s up, however you imagine it, it’s not going to end up turning out that way.  Not even close.

All the booths and clubs and whatnot were all set up yesterday, leaving first year students in awe.  You think “wow, I can join the anime club?  And the trivia club?  Done, I’m gonna be so cool…”.  Yeah, good luck with that.  Chances are you will join 10 clubs, end up going to about 2 or them, once or twice, and then never again.  I hope it was worth the $5 membership fee.

Anyway, my commute today took longer than yesterday, even though I left at the exact same time.  I only realized halfway through the day yesterday that it was imagine day, a false first start of school.  Which meant that the busy, crowded campus would be twice as busy and crowded today.  Because not everyone bothers with imagine.  Then again, not everyone bothers with classes either.  Nevertheless, today was very crowded.  By the time I got to work at the bookstore, it took me 15 minutes to get from my locker to my desk, as I politely waited while the masses of students got out of my way.  Well, they didn’t actually get out of my way, I had to maneuver around them, a skill which I’ve become quite good at.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I hate crowds.  And nothing is more crowded than a university campus during the first week of classes.  Or more like the first few weeks of classes.  Meaning I will have to endure this for a while yet.  I guess I’ll just have to wait it out for a few more weeks, for that point in time when the slackers suddenly come up with the brilliant idea of skipping classes.

3 thoughts on “First day of classes

  1. I love how they form little groups in the doorway or at the bottom of stairs or how one person comes in to buy a book and brings three of their friends to fill up the walkways.


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