I have a problem

Well, I have a lot of problems.  But let’s just focus on one at a time, shall we?  One affliction that I have is something that affects many people:  compulsive shopping.  Now, don’t go thinking it’s anything like Confessions of a Shopaholic or anything.  It’s nowhere near that.  I’m not in debt or anything, and I don’t care at all about brand names and designers.  I love a good bargain and am thrilled when I purchase things that are on sale.  On occasion, it does get a bit out of hand.  I love buying clothes and I fear that one day I will be on an episode of Hoarders.

On Saturday, a couple of my friends and I went down to the States to do some shopping.  This was my first cross boarder shopping day trip and I was thrilled.  We hit up Bellis Fair Mall in the morning, full of energy and ready to shop.  My friends had specific things they were looking to buy, while I, rather naively, said that I didn’t really need anything and didn’t plan on buying that many things.  Hah!  I would definitely eat those words later on…

My friend suggested we go to Charlotte Russe, where she found two dresses on sale that were perfect for work.  I managed to get 3 tops for $5 each, and then got $5 off with an in-store coupon.  3 things for $10.  What a start, I was sticking to what I said and not spending a lot of money.  Well, it was all downhill from there…

Next stop, JC Penney.  We found a corner of the store that was totally our style.  I of course, tried on the most things, as I often tend to do.  Came out with 2 tops and 2 jackets.  One I loved but wasn’t sure of because of the price, but my friends insisted that it looked amazing and so my decision to buy it was justified.  These purchases resulted in a $5 coupon towards any bra, shapewear, or panty.  Obviously, I had to buy a panty, couldn’t let the coupon go to waste.

After this, was my oh so exciting first time at Target, where we went straight for the food.  I bought “smarties”.  I say “smarties”, because I do not mean candy coated chocolate, similar to m&ms.  I mean those sweet, chalk like candies that come in a roll that we refer to here as “rockets”.  They are exactly the same, but the name is different.  But I had to buy them just to be sure.  I also bought some chocolate Special K cereal, as we do not seem to have it here anymore.  We did at one point, but now when I do groceries, I search in vain, only to find fruit or grain Special K, but never the chocolate.  I also picked up some Fruity Pebbles cereal for fun.  I realized how awesome this cereal was when I went to the PNE and tried deep fried pop tarts, which were covered with said cereal.  It’s always so exciting to bring back something that cannot be found here.

Bellis Fair was great.  But what really did me in, was Ross.  It was not even my first time, but it was my first time at that particular location.  My friend was the one who really wanted to go and told me that you really need to look around in order to find stuff.  Within 5 minutes of getting there and her telling me that, I already had 10 things to go try on.  They made me get a cart since it was busy and there was an 8 item limit in the fitting room.  As I continued to shop and try things on, my cart began to fill up, and I began to realize I had a problem.  At one point my friends left to go get Starbucks, while I remained shopping in Ross.  It was like leaving a kid in a candy store.

When they came back and found me by my cart, I was I wreck.  I was done with trying on new things, but I was at a loss as to how to narrow down which things to buy.  They tried to help me narrow it down but to no avail.  I would hold up a top and one would say I had something similar, while the other would say it was different enough that it was okay.  Then another top was something I didn’t need, but then it was a really good price.  It doesn’t help much to shop with someone who is an enabler.  After a very trying time, I ended up buying 10 things, all tops.  I did not have the patience to shop for pants.

As we totaled our receipts on our way back, I was shocked and ashamed at my result.  $290.  How the hell did that happen?  I never splurge like that!  Good thing I increased the credit limit on my visa card.  Or maybe it was a bad thing…  But I mean, it’s not like I plan to do something like that again at all anytime soon.  Not that I had planned it this time.  But I can justify it by the fact that I had a rough week.  And what am I working hard for if not to spend the money I earn and indulge every now and then?  At least my addiction isn’t to something serious or dangerous like hard drugs.  Although I can totally see myself dying in a Ross store one day…

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