No, I’m not talking about the dogs.  I’m talking about a Mexican restaurant in the States.  I had the pleasure of having lunch at said establishment on Saturday afternoon, a break in the midst of my crazy shopping spree.  Yes, there was more to my weekend than just shopping.  A girl’s gotta eat.  How else would I have the energy to try on all those clothes?

As you know, portions in the States are a lot bigger than they are in Canada.  I often envy them, but at the same time I figure i would probably be overweight if I were to live there.  I’m the type of person who will finish everything on my plate, even if I’m full.  Unless of course, I don’t like the food on my plate.  But why would I go and order something I don’t like?  That would just be stupid.

At Chihuahuas, they bring you fresh tortilla chips and salsa right away.  That alone could have been a meal in itself.  We had to order the margaritas because they were a good size, and you know, they were margaritas, how could we not?  We did get asked for ID upon this request, but I usually get asked for ID while in Canada, so obviously that would happen in the States as well.  No matter, we had our passports with us anyway.  At one point the server said “You’re from Canada, right?”.  Probably because we said thank you and were so polite.

I decided to order the chicken flautas, as these are a favourite of mine.  And when my meal came, it did not disappoint at all.  Sometimes you go out and you get a big portion but the food is so-so.  Not only was this a big portion, it tasted great.  Despite it being a phenomenal amount of food, I still finished everything on my plate.  It’s my way of showing how much I enjoyed it.  Sure, I could have asked for some of it to go, but why wait?  If there’s good food in front of me and I am able, I will eat it.


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