The night bus

Translink sucks.  Well yeah, that’s nothing new.  And I won’t get into that right now because then I’d just go on and on and not shut up about it.  But one of the many reasons as to why translink sucks is the lack of transportation at night.  Bars close at 2 or 3.  The Canada Line stops running at 1:15.  How does that help anyone?  If they would only make it run 24 hours we would all be a lot happier and a lot safer too.  But alas, it will not happen.  I have the unfortunate circumstance of living in Richmond.  Since cabbing from downtown is crazy expensive, I opt for the night bus.  The sad thing is I still have to take a cab after the night bus.

The night bus is not the best place to be.  I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.  It only comes every half hour and rarely comes on time.  When it finally arrived on Saturday night, the driver got up from his seat and waited a while before opening the doors.  Never mind that it was damn cold outside and that we were all waiting and eager to sit.  And when we did get on, some asshole complained that it was too hot on the bus.  And proceeded to open all the windows.  He opened one near me, and then went over and sat in the opposite corner.  Thanks for that.

Another annoying thing about the night bus is that it gives passengers a false sense of time because of the route that it takes.  Once it gets going and finally makes it into Richmond, you think, great, we’re almost there!  But not so.  The N10 takes this long detour because it goes by the airport.  If you were to fall asleep & wake up you might wonder where you are because the route is so unfamiliar.  I wouldn’t recommend falling asleep regardless, for your own safety.  There are a lot of weird people out there.  A lot of them tend to congregate on the night bus.

Some people on the night bus, drunk or not, tend to want to talk to and get to know the people around them.  I am not a huge fan of this.  I’m not a very social person in regular situations during the day, and a bus full of drunks late at night would not be the time nor place to change this.  This one guy purposely sat very close to me.  Lucky for me, he apparently lost his jacket somewhere at the front of the bus and went to go retrieve it.  Oh, but he came back.  And then proceeded to complain about how “these girls don’t want to talk to me”.  I was glad when he left.  I also remember an Australian guy on the bus, not because of his accent, but because of his hair.  He had these long, flowing, golden locks.  Quite frankly I was jealous.  The guy beside me asked him where his accent was from, to which this other chick replied “wait, you actually can’t tell?”.

On that Saturday night bus ride, I also met this 17 year old who was, for lack of a better word, interesting.  I don’t even remember what he was talking about, but he went on and on about a variety of topics.  Apparently he had gone out just cause he didn’t feel like being at home and was looking for a 24 hour Shoppers Drug Mart so he could develop the pictures on his camera.  The whole time he was talking I kept thinking, you’re 17!  My brother is 17 and he would never be by himself on the night bus at 3am.  And thank God for that.  I don’t even want to be by myself on the night bus at 3am.  If my brother was bored he’d probably watch TV, or you know, go to bed if it was 3am, like a normal person.  I think this guy may have been at some friend’s party earlier, but where would they have gone?  He wasn’t drinking and couldn’t have gotten in anywhere.  He also had the weirdest hair.  I can’t even describe it but it wasn’t good.  I think my friend likened it to Hanson.

Another individual on said bus was this guy in about his 30s who was going home after working security at some bar.  He said he was going to go home and play star craft and drink alone, and leave again for work the next day.  He and the 17 year old discussed star craft and video games for a bit.  My friend remarked as to how if this is what guys are like, she would rather be alone.  I wholeheartedly agreed.  It wasn’t like he was depressed about going home to play star craft and drink alone.  He was excited about it.  Proud of it.  I mean good for him, I guess.  But sad for women everywhere.

It’s annoying going out late and having to worry about how you’ll get home.  But a car wouldn’t help because it’s not like I would be driving downtown.  Someone once said the problem is that I live in Richmond.  Maybe.  But even if I could afford it, would I want to live downtown?  Maybe I would somehow feel like I’m missing out on the ride home?  As awful as it is, sometimes finding your way home at night is half the fun.  Or maybe that’s just what I tell myself in order to make it through the ride.

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