I hate my phone

I’ve been saying this a lot lately.  I think I’ve probably said this about every phone I’ve ever had.  I don’t know why but they all seem to hate me.  Maybe it’s not the phones.  Maybe it’s me?  Am I the problem?  I never like to admit that I’m the problem.  But I will allow that it may be a possibility, however slight.  It’s not just phones that hate me, it’s pretty much all technology.  I think I’m fairly competent, as much as the average person more or less.  Although the world has become very tech savvy, so maybe a little less competent than the average person?  Yeah, that sounds about right.

I have a blackberry.  Yeah, that pretty much says it all, right?  It’s all about iPhones now, or so I’ve heard.  But it took a while for me to even get a blackberry.  I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t even get it until a few months ago.  Prior to that, I had a flip phone.  With no internet access.  I honestly don’t know how I survived.  Then my dad got a new blackberry through work and gave me his old one.  And then my life went to hell.  Well not really, but I became a little obsessed shall we say?

The blackberry gave me, for the first time ever, internet access from anywhere I happened to be.  I remember one time I was at Oakridge waiting in line for my mexi fries at Taco Luis.  When I came back to my table my friend said “Did you just tweet about it while you were waiting in line?”.  I did.  Because I could.  In the past, I would have had to wait until I got home that evening, sat in front of my computer, and then tweeted about the fact that I didn’t know that Taco Luis had opened up a second location at Oakridge.  Thank God I had the blackberry to allow me to do it right away.

The greatest thing about it is that it allows me to pass the time while commuting.  I take public transit.  Everywhere.  All the time.  It’s about an hour and a half commute each way for me to and from work.  In the past all I could do was text people, but a lot of people are asleep or at work or school in the morning.  And so now I can opt to post on Facebook and Twitter an obnoxious amount of times instead, therefore not disturbing anyone at such an early hour (I have had a couple people complain that I send them texts at too early an hour).

So why do I hate my phone?  Did I not mention that it’s a blackberry?  It freezes.  All the time.  And I mean ALL the time.  I went to Rogers last week and told the guy about the many problems I was having with my phone.  His response was “Yeah, blackberries are like that”.  He was extremely unhelpful and wouldn’t even look up my account until I bothered him to, and when I expressed interest in maybe getting a new phone he didn’t even bother to show me anything they had and just made me feel stupid instead.  I had similar problems when I was with Bell.  Is it me?  Why are technology and the people who represent it so against me?

There was once a day when I did not receive any text messages from anyone.  Even though I had sent a fair amount.  Not only was no one texting me first, they were not even replying to my messages.  I thought everyone was ignoring me.  But I realized some people were still responding to my facebook messages.  It took me a while, but the next day I finally realized that they weren’t ignoring me, my phone was just not receiving messages for some reason.  And it made me realize just how much I rely on my phone for updates and important information from people.  But after that I also became paranoid.  If I didn’t receive any new texts for a certain period of time I wondered, is my phone broken?  Or are people actually ignoring me this time?  But I didn’t want to seem like a sad, desperate person, calling people and asking them to text me just to make sure it was working.

But the worst thing so far, was the blackberry outage last week.  Or should I say blackberry outrage?  I know I was outraged.  My internet and apps were out of service.  No more facebook and twitter updates while on the bus.  No more being able to quickly Google something that I think of while away from a computer.  Okay, so it doesn’t actually sound like that big of a deal.  But it was still frustrating.  I mean we pay for the luxury of this service, and thus have a right to complain.  I remember overhearing another girl on the skytrain last week while she was on the phone.  I heard her say “Oh my God this bbm thing is killing me!”.  I was glad to know I was not alone.  But then I saw a man with a blackberry checking the News1130 website without any issues.  And that made me angry.  Why was his working while mine wasn’t?  Was News1130 more important to him than Facebook was to me?  I think not.

The problem has now been fixed, but my phone still craps out on me, freezes, gives me late notifications, and randomly shuts down.  I’m not going to deny that I may have dropped it once or twice, but it was giving me problems long before then.  But I’m trying to stick it out and make things work between us.  It’s sort of a love hate relationship.  I hate it but I rely on it and we do have our moments.  According to the Rogers guy it’s another 15 more months until I can get credit for a new one.  It’s likely I will not last that long but it will have to do for now.  They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend.  But my blackberry is mine.  Even if it is a backstabbing bitch at times.

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