Spa deals

So I sort of have this addiction to online shopping for spa deals.  In the past, I never would have purchased anything online.  I still don’t really, for actual products because I need to see them before I buy them.  But spa deals are different because it’s a service, not an item.  And so I sometimes go a little overboard.  My friend told me earlier this year about, which gives you links to a bunch of deals from various sites like Teambuy and Groupon.  And upon hearing this information, I lost of bit of control.

I’m not a big spender, in that I don’t splurge too often, and I like to find a good deal.  For someone like me, these sites can be disastrous, because they offer you savings and percentages off luxuries that you didn’t think you would be able to afford.  I remember one time going to get a pedicure, something I would do maybe once a year, and I overheard two other customers there talking about how it’s something they do at least once a month.  Really?  Even in the winter?  Who’s looking at your toes in the winter?  But if you can afford it I guess, then why not?

My problem is I’ll buy them and then not use them for months later.  Which really defeats the purpose of saving money on them, since I wait so long before I make use of them.  I still have a Teambuy for a haircut and a pedicure which expires next month.  I better get on that.  It’s a bit of an odd combination, I wonder if they’ll do my toes and my hair at the same time?  I’ve heard that Pink Lime is a good place, so we shall see.  Sometimes I don’t really have time to use them because the places aren’t open late and I work during the day.  But I will figure it out.

I often run into difficulties with all these accounts.  I’m not so good with remembering passwords.  I forgot my Teambuy one and it took a while, getting help from customer service, to actually get it reset.  And then I want to use one of the ones I bought and I can’t remember if it was a Groupon or an Indulgeliving or a Socialshopper deal.  How does one keep track of these things?

It’s often difficult because when I see a good deal, I just want to jump on it right away.  I recently saw one for some sort of hair smoothing treatment.  And then I remembered I had already purchased a hair smoothing treatment that I’ve yet to use.  I guess I should use that one before I buy another one?  But I mean some of these deals only come along every so often, if I don’t buy it now, maybe it won’t be available again when I really do need it?  No, I have self control.  I can wait.  But if it’s not available again when I do want it I will be upset.

It’s actually not that much of a problem really.  I have been using the ones I’ve bought and they have been worth it.  And I actually haven’t bought as many as I’ve made it seem.  And I haven’t purchased one in a while.  I can’t actually remember what or when the last one I bought was.  Well, since it’s been a while, maybe I’ll go check the website now and see what’s available…

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