To wash or not to wash?

Don’t worry, I shower everyday.  Personal hygiene is important to me.  And yes, I am talking about my hair YET AGAIN.  I do realize that I have some sort of problem here.  Why am I so obsessed with my own hair?  I don’t have an answer for that.  But please just allow me one last blog about my hair and then maybe I’ll shut up about it for a while.  Okay well maybe two more, because I’ll need to blog about what happens after I finally wash it.

My hair 5 days after keratin treatment and yet to be washed

It’s been 5 days since I washed my hair.  Well no, that’s not actually true.  I mean my hair was washed 5 days ago, but not by me.  They did that at the salon.  Right before applying the keratin smoothing treatment.  Am I the only one who’s always had a problem with the hair washing process at the hair dresser?  I mean when you have to rest your neck against the sink for the duration of it and it begins to hurt after a while.  And you hope it will be over soon but then they just keep on rinsing while you lean your head back in pain.  It’s not just me, right?  It is uncomfortable.

My hair is pretty flat right now.  And sooner or later my scalp will itch, at which point I will definitely have to wash it.  But I just love how straight it is.  I mean it will be nice to finally wash it, but not so nice once it dries and loses its straightness.  I don’t know what to expect.  It’s supposed to remain smooth.  And somewhat straight?  But not completely straight?  I guess I’ll have to wait and find out.

I went out and bought a new hair dryer for the occasion.  Yes, apparently washing my hair has now become something of an occasion.  Don’t judge me.  Isn’t “I have to wash my hair” one of those excuses you use as to why you can’t go out with someone?  Or you know, one of the excuses they use in TV shows at least?  I’ve never used it before.  But seeing as I have a new found obsession with my hair, if I do end up using it in the future, chances are I won’t be lying about it.

My new hair dryer. Hopefully it's good.

I like it dirty

Again, I’m talking about my hair.  It’s been almost 4 days since I last washed it.  I know that some people will find this completely gross and unheard of, while to others it’s no big deal. My excuse is that I really want to make sure that the keratin treatment I got completely sets in before I wash it.  I was told to wait 48 hours before washing it.  But then I read somewhere that you’re supposed to wait 72 hours.  And then I read somewhere else that you’re supposed to wait 4 days.  So I thought, better safe than sorry.

I read a few accounts from other people who had keratin smoothing treatment done on their hair and some of them stated how they felt like a grease ball having not washed their hair for a couple days.  And because before you wash it, the hair can be rather flat and limp, and in some cases, appear greasy.  I don’t feel this way at all.  I love my straight hair, even if it’s really flat looking at the moment.  So what if it may even look lifeless, it beats the alternative of being massively frizzy.  I will take greasy hair over that any day.

Whenever my hair is straight, I like to put off washing it for as long as possible.  Because I want to hold onto that and cherish it while I still can.  My hair straightener cannot achieve the look that professional salon flat irons can.  Especially if I’m the one using it.  It just won’t happen.  The combination of the flawed straightener and my flawed skills is nothing to be proud of.  I may as well just not attempt it at all.

I remember one time in high school, I got my hair done for grad and she straightened it at the salon.  I waited several days before washing it, because I knew I would never achieve that look again, as I did not own a flat iron at the time, not even a crappy one.  I remember people trying to convince me that I should wash it and that it was gross that I hadn’t.  I t’s not like I waited that long.  Maybe it was 4 days?  5 maybe?  Less than a week I’m sure.  But I caved and washed it and then I was unhappy.  I think the day that I washed it I fell down a few stairs and failed a test and felt ugly.  And I blamed it all on the fact that I had washed my hair.

I’m still wondering how my hair will turn out once I do wash it.  I will have to blow dry it and attempt to straighten it, despite working with a below average straightening tool.  This will be quite a stretch, considering that lately my hair regime has consisted of washing it, tying it back wet, letting it air dry, then putting it down and hoping for the best.  I don’t suppose doing that would be conducive to achieving the results I would like with my newly straight hair.

Despite what some people think, dirty hair is better.  It’s easier to style, and I’ve been told this by a hairdresser, so it’s not just me.  And washing your hair too often can cause it to dry out and if it’s colour treated, the colour will fade out faster.  Same with smoothing and straightening treatments.  I remember seeing a commercial for some shampoo and the voice over said “Going out tonight, with hair you washed this morning?”, as if that was a gross and unheard of thing to do.  I do it all the time.  In fact I go out with hair I washed the morning before, or even two mornings ago.  It’s not a big deal.

Perhaps I will wash my hair tonight.  I don’t have time in the morning.  I mean I have time to wash it, but my time ends there.  Blow drying and styling are out of the question.  And I really need to get myself a better hair dryer.  The one I own is about as crappy as my straightener.  It takes forever for my hair to dry and I’m pretty sure it’s causing damage to it as well.  I should get one of those ionic ceramic ones, I hear those are better?  But I really have no idea.

I thought about going out today to buy myself a new hair dryer.  But it’s raining.  And I don’t want to get my hair wet.  Yeah, it’s quite a dilemma.  I could always wait until tomorrow.  One more day couldn’t hurt, right?  Or is that pushing it?  I imagine a lot of you are disgusted right now.  But often when my hair is dirty, no one can tell (unless I decide to broadcast it on my blog).  In fact I think the times when it looks best and gets me compliments is when it’s at it’s dirtiest.  So I’m not the only one who likes it dirty.

They were free for a reason

While many people were out dining in fancy restaurants yesterday for Dine Out Vancouver, I was at Burger King.  Because that’s how classy I am.  And because two days earlier, I had seen a Burger King commercial for Free Fries Friday.

Burger King has changed their fries and now claim that they are thicker cut with more flavour.  So to promote this, they offered free small fries for every customer, with or without purchase.

The first bad sign upon our arrival at the Burger King was that the doors were locked.  But there were people inside eating and business was operating as usual.  So we walked around the building to the other side.  Where the doors were also locked.  An employee looked up and let us in.  Another customer informed them that their doors were locked and remarked how that can’t be good for business.  They seemed surprised and had no idea.  How can you operate with your doors locked an not know it?

The good thing about this experience, was that I spent less than $3 on dinner.  Because I got the king deals sandwich that was on special and then the fries were free.  But it seems as though they were free for a reason.  They weren’t very good.

I thought the whole point of changing something was so that you could make it better.  But they did not succeed in doing so.  I didn’t mind their fries before, although they weren’t my favourite.  They are thicker cut now, but that doesn’t change much.  But if by more flavour, what they really meant was less flavour, then mission accomplished.  It was as if they just eliminated salt altogether.  They were kind of bland, which I suppose at least might have made them a bit healthier.  Or as healthy as fries at a fast food place can be.

So I would say that their free fries promotion was sort of a fail.  If they hadn’t advertised it, I wonder if I would have been able to tell the difference.  Maybe, maybe not.  But even though they weren’t very good, I finished off my own as well as my friend’s.  Because fries are fries, even if they suck.  It’s a good thing people don’t go to Burger King for the fries, they go there for the Whoppers.  So as long as they don’t try to change those, all will be well.

It’s better straight

Before you accuse me of being homophobic, please note that I am referring to hair, not sexual orientation.  And I’m referring to my own hair, not hair in general.  If your hair looks better curly, I respect that.  In fact, I envy you.  If my hair looked better curly, then it would save me a lot of time, effort, and money.  But sadly this is not the case.

My main problem is frizz.  My hair gets ridiculously frizzy, even when I put so called “anti-frizz” products in it.  Nothing ever seems to work.  I would spend time and money and effort but it was all in vain.  It doesn’t help that I’m fairly incompetent when it comes to hair in the first place.  So of course I would be cursed with hair that just won’t behave.

But then I discovered the hair straightener.  Unfortunately, the hair straightener I discovered was a crappy and disappointing one.  I currently own one of those corioliss straighteners that they sell in the mall kiosks.  It’s my second of two, because the first one crapped out on me.  I feel like this one is about to do the same.  They all suck.

After much debate, I finally decided it was time to try out one of those keratin treatments that make your hair straighter, smoother, healthier, and just better looking.  The problem was they are crazy expensive.  And I have limited funds.  But as luck would have it, I managed to find a deal on Social Shopper for a keratin hair smoothing treatment at Ocean Breeze Spa in Yaletown.

The process took over an hour.  She put in the treatment, left it for 15 minutes, then blew dry it, then straightened it.  It took two of them working on my hair simultaneously in order to get it straight.  I would have just given up after fifteen minutes.  Perhaps that’s why I could never managed my hair.  I just don’t have the patience for it.

I’m happy with my hair right now.  But I haven’t washed it yet.  I have to wait at least 48 hours before getting it wet.  Of course when I left the spa, it was raining.  I hovered under my umbrella and hid my hair under my hood, even though I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to be wearing a hood.  I’m also supposed to avoid hats or hair clips or tying my hair back until after I wash it.  Otherwise it could end up with kinks in it.  I even stopped by the dollar store to purchase a shower cap.  For the shower, not for the rain.  When I went to bed last night, I got confused as to how I was supposed to sleep on it.  I kept adjusting it and worrying I would mess it up.  Luckily, it still looks pretty good today.

I was told that if I do notice kinks, I should flat iron them right away.  Except that my flat iron is so crappy it wouldn’t make a difference.  If anything, it might just make the situation worse.  I’m also supposed to use shampoo that is free of something harmful.  I can’t remember what it is though.  Should I splurge and buy expensive shampoo?  I mean it would be stupid to pay a lot for the treatment, and then have it all fall apart just because I’m too cheap to buy decent shampoo.

At this point, I’m worried about what’s in store for me after I wash it.  They made it a point to make sure I knew that it wouldn’t stay straight like this.  Unlike the Japanese straightening, this treatment will not make it pin straight, it will just keep it smooth.  But unlike the Japanese straightening, it is also free of harmful chemicals.  Why do chemicals make things better looking?  That’s so unfortunate.

Until I wash my hair, I’m going to be paranoid.  I have not yet passed the 48 hour period.  When I’m taking public transit, I’m worried that the sick guy behind me is going to sneeze on my hair.  When I’m walking outside and see a bunch of birds overhead, I get scared that one will poop on my head.  It’s never happened before, but I’m sure they would choose a time when it would bother me most.  They’re conspiring against me, I swear.

Hopefully, after I wash it, it will still be manageable and decent looking.  It’s supposed to last for a few months, depending on how well I take care of it.  When something depends on how well I take care of it, we have a problem.  I will keep you posted on how things go with my hair.  Not that you care one way or the other.  You just want entertaining blog posts.  Don’t worry, there’s lots of good stuff inside my head.  It’s just about time there was good stuff on top of it as well.

I’m glad I missed the bus

I am unfortunate, in that I rely on public transit.  Daily.  Yes, you may now do the appropriate thing and feel sorry for me.  But do not berate me or tell me I need to get a car.  This will solve nothing, as I will not listen to you.  I’m one of those people who complains about public transit all the time.  But today I’ve decided to focus on the positive for a change.  Yes, apparently I do have it in me to do so.  Who knew?

Commuting is always a struggle.  Because it usually involves several buses and a sky train.  Often it’s bus, sky train, bus.  If you care to know the exact order.  I was on the sky train today on my way home from volunteering (yes, I volunteer, you may now applaud me for being such a caring and selfless person).  The unfortunate thing (one of many) about commuting at night is that the buses run infrequently, more so than throughout the day.  After 8:10pm, the 401 bus that I take only runs every half hour.  And after 10:40pm, it only runs every hour.  And then it stops altogether at 1:44.  Luckily, I was commuting before 10:40, but after 8:10.

It’s always a struggle and a disappointment.  I’ll be on the Canada Line, nearing Brighouse Station, at which point I have to get off, go down the escalator, around the corner, and to my bus stop.  Sounds simple enough.  However, as the train is nearing the station, I look out the window and see the 401 bus sitting there, about to drive away at any second.  And so I push past people, burst out the doors, run down the escalator and around the corner.  Only to discover that the bus is no longer there.  This has happened more often than not.  But on occasion I do get lucky.  As I look out the window and see my bus sitting there, I can never tell whether or not I should run for it.  Apparently today, the correct answer was not.  Unfortunately, I chose incorrectly.

I ran.  Off the train, down the escalator, and around the corner.  Well I didn’t run fast.  I don’t think I’m capable of that.  But even running a little faster probably would not have helped.  It was too late.  I now had 30 minutes to kill.  Obviously I wasn’t going to just stand there for 30 minutes like a complete loser.  I may be a loser who runs for the bus and misses it, but I’m not some loser who stands in the cold doing nothing for half an hour.  I have my pride.

Richmond Centre closes early on Tuesdays, so that was not an option.  The Shoppers Drug Mart is open til midnight, so that was an option.  But I go there all the time since it’s right across the street.  And I had more time to kill than Shoppers would allow me.  So I opted to walk down to London Drugs, as I tend to do if I have a bit more time.  The struggle is always making sure I can complete my trip and still make it back in time for the next bus.  Missing one bus is unfortunate.  Missing 2 buses is just maddening.

Once there, I was able to find some shampoo I wanted, as well as a bunch of random food items.  They had my favourite cookies.  Lemon poppy seed.  In my last post, I had mentioned how I had overcome my need for diversity among cookies, meaning I was perfectly fine with buying several boxes of the same kind.  It seems as though I may have had a relapse.  Dare cookies were 2 for $5.  I bought one lemon poppy seed, and one oatmeal.  I just couldn’t bring myself to buy 2 lemon poppy seed.  Perhaps because I knew I still had some at home and didn’t want to be overly excessive.  And I felt like oatmeal was a healthy option I suppose?  I don’t know why I feel the need to try and justify my cookie buying behaviour.

They also had soup and peanuts and tuna on sale.  So I bought them.  And right as I was going to pay, I noticed the strategically placed vitamin water was also on sale.  I’m a sucker for those things.  So they were purchased as well.  Not only did I get back to my bus stop in time, but I got back with time to spare.  So naturally, I walked into the Fresh Slice that is right by my stop.  It was Festive Tuesday, after all.  And I hadn’t had pesto pizza in a while.  And it was the rare occasion that I had over a dollar of change in my bag to pay for it.

Why am I glad that I missed the bus?  Did you not just hear how much fun I had in those 30 minutes of time I spent waiting?  If I had gotten on that first bus, I would have missed out.  And I feel healthier too.  Because I got exercise from walking to London Drugs and back.  And also from carrying the four bags of stuff I bought there.  And from eating the pizza, since Fresh Slice claims to be “healthy”.  So yes.  I’m quite happy that I missed the bus.  My wallet, however, is not as thrilled.

I would probably fail a drug test

I would like to take this opportunity to share one of my addictions with you.  If you think this is about pot, you’re wrong.  Am I secretly addicted to hard drugs?  No, of course not.  Nothing illegal.  Just something I pick up at the local drug store.  No, not at the pharmacy.  I am not addicted to prescription drugs.  Not yet.  I would hope I still have a few more years until that happens.  Despite what the title may imply, this post is not about drugs of any kind.  Maybe addiction is too strong of a word.  Obsession maybe?

So what am I talking about, if not drugs?  Something simple.  And I don’t need to buy it at the drug store.  Any grocery store will do.  I just usually tend to buy them at London Drugs because they often have good deals on them.  I remember a few months ago, when they first came out, as I made my way down the aisle, they caught my eye.  And it was love at first sight.  At that moment I knew that it was meant to be.  And when I went home and opened the box, it was love at first bite as well.

Dare Simple Pleasures Moments lemon poppy seed cookies.  Yes, rather a long name.  But I have to specify the brand and all that, you know, so you don’t mistake my description for some other random lemon poppy seed cookie.  I would hate for you to think it was something different from the ones I actually mean.  Anyway, these are my new favourite cookies.  I remember the first time I bought them they were a really good price.  And then soon after, the price was jacked way up.  I suppose I was not the only one who soon realized how great they really were.  Lucky for me, London Drugs often has them on sale at 2 for $5, which is really quite a bargain.  I stock up whenever I see this, even if I already have some at home.  One can never have enough.

Perhaps this is why I’ve referred to it as a sort of addiction.  Whenever I see them, I have to buy them.  And whenever I buy them, I have to eat them.  And both the acts of buying them and eating them excite me.  It’s like the name indicates, they’re simple, but they bring you a moment of pleasure.  I could eat the whole box in one sitting.  I don’t, because I shouldn’t.  But I could.  I’m pretty sure I’ve eaten half a box in one sitting before.  And by sitting, I mean standing and waiting at the bus stop.  Hey, I need some way of passing the time while waiting for the bus.

Dare simple pleasures moments also has cranberry with chamomile and creme brulee flavoured cookies.  But neither of these come close to the lemon poppy seed ones.  The creme brulee were alright, but the cranberry chamomile I didn’t really care for.  But due to some weird thinking I have, since they were 2 for $5, I somehow felt the need to buy 2 different flavours.  But after doing so, I realized that I would be stuck with the second flavour, while the lemon ones were finished right away.  I have since overcome this need for diversity among cookies and have come to accept that lemon poppy seed are the only ones for me.

You’re probably still wondering about the title of this post.  Why would I fail a drug test?  Did I use the wrong title on this blog post?  Was the title supposed to actually be “I love lemon poppy seed cookies!”?  No.  I meant what I said.  The connection is the fact that there are poppy seeds in the cookies.  And consuming a large amount of poppy seeds can  cause a false positive in a drug test.  I think back to the Seinfeld episode, where Elaine tests positive after eating poppy seed muffins.  I’m not sure what the actual amount is that you need to consume.  I’m probably nowhere near there.  Yet.  But if I continue with the path I’m on, I may get there faster than I think.  If I even do need to take a drug test, I just hope it’s around the time when these cookies are not on sale.

Today Is Friday

*Note: I originally posted this on my What are we watching? blog.  But I figure it’s random enough that I should post it here as well.*

That probably makes you think of Rebecca Black doesn’t it?  And now you hate me for getting that song stuck in your head?  Well, that was actually not my intention.  If I wanted to make you think of Rebecca Black, I would have called this post “Friday” or “It’s Friday” or “Gotta Get Down on Friday”.  Or something like that.  Everyone associates Friday with Rebecca Black.  But am I the only one who remembers the song Today is Friday by Nuclear Donkey?  Don’t have a clue what I’m talking about?  Here…

Now do you remember?  Or am I the only one?  Sadly I couldn’t find an actual video of them singing it.  But at least I was able to find the song.  I used to love watching YTV.  It was great when I was a kid.  YTV provided classic after school entertainment for kids.  I remember watching it when they had Treehouse with PJ Phil.  And PJ Katie’s farm.  And the Hit List.  I remember watching Camp Cariboo and Rupert and Wishbone and Reboot.  And Pinky and the Brain and Sailor Moon and Dexter’s Laboratory.  I think YTV had much better taste back in the 90s.

Nuclear Donkey was a band formed by Jenny and Pat on the Zone on YTV.  I specifically remember watching it when they sang the song Today Is Friday (Donkey Sneakers).  I remember thinking how completely random it was.  “Today is Friday, I hope you put your shoes on” and “Today is Friday, I hope you got your pants on” were random but also brilliant lyrics in my mind.  Thinking about it kind of makes me want to go out and buy the YTV Big Fun Party Mix CD.  So I can remember the awesomeness once again.

If you still don’t know what I’m talking about, then I feel bad for you.  It would be upsetting to know that Rebecca Black’s song is the only Friday song that you’re familiar with.  I’m so glad I was exposed to one long before it.  I mean technically there’s also Friday I’m in Love by the Cure and Just Got Paid (Friday Night) by Johnny Kemp (yes, the N’sync version was a cover).  And now there’s Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night as well.  But I’ll always remember the one by Nuclear Donkey because it makes me feel nostalgic and reminds me of my YTV watching days as a kid.

I just thought I would share that since today is Friday.  And I’m tired of people quoting and singing Rebecca Black when this day rolls around.  I mean sure people love “partying” and I know that “everybody’s looking forward to the weekend”.  But more importantly, I do “hope you got your pants on”.  Please, for the sake of those around you.  And “I hope you put your shoes on” if you’re going outside.  Pat and Jenny really knew what they were talking about.  “Today is Friday, thanks for putting your clothes on.”

What’s the point of Twitter?

When I first joined Twitter, I didn’t understand it.  At all.  It took me a while before I even signed up.  I remember seeing the weird commercial where some guy with an accent was talking about “tweeting” and I thought “what the hell is that all about?”  I was very content with Facebook at the time and saw no need for Twitter.  It was just an unnecessary social media platform that I did not need in my life.  There was no point.

I’m not sure why I finally caved and decided to start a Twitter account.  I don’t remember when I started it.  Two years ago?  Something like that.  I didn’t really use it for the first while that I had it.  I thought it was stupid.  It was basically like Facebook, but with only status updates.  And nothing else.  And you couldn’t even like the statuses, you had to retweet or favourite them.  I couldn’t be bothered with that.  And I wasn’t very good at obtaining followers.  Probably because I didn’t tweet enough to be deemed worthy of following.

I also didn’t like the fact that I was limited to only using 140 characters.  What if I had more to say?  What then?  I hate limitations.  And having to shorten my words.  I try as hard as I possibly can to have proper grammatical sentences, even when using Twitter.  But I found myself having to use “b” instead of “be”, “2day” instead of “today” and “u” instead of “you”.  And sometimes even then, I was over the limit.  I hated it.

Somewhere, somehow, my opinion drastically changed.  I don’t know how or when this happened.  But today, I tweet all the time.  ALL the time.  Maybe it happened about the same time when I began to generate more and more Facebook statuses, more than the average person.  I suppose I then decided that I may as well use those statuses on Twitter as well.  Why not?

It took me a while to figure everything out.  It wasn’t until last year that I finally learned the concept of a hashtag.  And then I went overboard with it.  I didn’t fully understand it.  A few people have mentioned how odd or long my hashtags were at times.  I would just run together a bunch of words at the end of my tweets #whywouldinotdothatitmakesperfectsensetome.

When I first set up the account, my username was @frosty_rain.  Which is lame, I know.  It was based on my email address that I set up back in Grade 8.  When I was lame.  I have since changed it to @d_vaz, because that at least incorporates my initial and last name.  Not that anyone cares either way.  Should I change it again?  Would that confuse people?  It’s better than using my whole name.  Because if I were to make it @dominiquevaz, if someone were to reply to my tweets, they would use up precious characters just typing it in.  Best to keep it short.

I recently wondered whether I should have multiple twitter accounts.  Which I now do.  My main one, and now one for this blog, and one for my other blog.  Which I haven’t really done much with yet.  But @randomandunnews and @whatarewewatch now exist in addition to @d_vaz.  Whether I will do anything with them, is another question.

I still hate the limitations that Twitter has.  I refuse to link my Twitter and my Facebook.  Because I often need to modify my Facebook statuses in order to allow them to fit the 140 character limit on Twitter.  And I don’t want Twitter’s strict character count rule to influence the length of my Facebook updates.  Not going to happen.  But I have learned to deal with the limitation on Twitter.  Because now that I have a blog, I can write however the hell much I want.

There’s no point

I feel like maybe I shouldn’t be blogging today.  Maybe I should be joining Wikipedia and taking a stand against SOPA.  But if I were to blog or not to blog, who would really notice?  I do not have nearly enough impact.  There wouldn’t be any worldwide panic if I were to shut down my blog for a day.  Or any period of time for that matter.  That being the case, I may as well just blog today.  Instead of shutting down my blog for the day, I will just make this a useless post that no one will read anyway (I know, that could be a description for pretty much everything I write).

So I’m actually going to attempt to write about nothing right now.  I mean I’ve already mastered the art of writing about things that are unimportant, mundane, random, and trivial.  I think I’ve got that covered.  So how do I top that?  I’m not sure that I can.  But I’m willing to try.  Underachievement doesn’t always come naturally.  Sometimes it requires a little effort.

Many writers aspire to write about great and important things that matter and that people care about passionately.  But everyone wants to do that.  Everyone wants to be great.  But sadly, not everyone can be great.  I’ve always taken issue with motivational speakers who aim to encourage and inspire people to live the lives they’ve always dreamed of and that they can and will achieve success.  In some cases, people will live out their dreams.  But more often than not, they will fail.  Not everyone can be successful.  If everyone was successful, the word would lose its meaning.

I think that I would make a good unmotivational speaker.  To bring people back down to reality.  And form more realistic goals.  There’s a saying “Reach for the moon, even if you fail, you’ll land among the stars”.  You do know that a star is basically a burning mass of gas, right?  Why on earth would you want to land among that?  Well I guess you wouldn’t be on earth if you were landing there, but still.

Instead of aspiring to be great, maybe I should just focus on mediocrity for now.  Because it works.  It’s less stressful.  I think I often live by the phrase “Do as I say and not as I do”.  Because I sometimes do try hard at things and attempt success, but here I am saying that I ought not to.  I’m also indecisive, so I suppose I haven’t quite decided which path I should follow.  I tend to go one way or the other at any given time.  I’m either super busy, or incredibly lazy.  There is no in between.

What am I talking about right now?  I don’t even know anymore.  But that was my aim, wasn’t it?  To blog about nothing.  Well I suppose it’s impossible to blog about nothing, without actually just refraining from blogging in the first place.  So I guess I have blogged about something.  But something so meaningless that I don’t even know what it is.  This is kind of a fail of a blog post.  But since I had intended for this post to be useless, it would look as though it’s actually a success.

Don’t spill the soap

Yes, I’m aware that the correct phrase is “don’t drop the soap”.  But that’s not at all what I’m talking about here.  I’m going to be talking quite literally about spilling liquid soap.  Or rather letting it spill without you knowing.  If you’ve read my blog before, or if you just happen to know me, you know that I fail at a lot of things, from nails, clothes, chemistry, and makeup.  Apparently, I also fail at soap.

Last week, I was at London Drugs with my mom.  I needed to buy a few things that happened to be on sale.  My mom picked up a two litre bottle of Jergens Pure & Gentle clear soap, as we were in need of more liquid soap in the house.  I had already failed, by attempting to go to the downtown London Drugs after 9pm, when it was apparently already closed.  I could have sworn it used to be open later.  Did it start closing early after the riots?  Anyway, we were able to go to the London Drugs in Richmond, as they are smart enough not to close until 10pm.  We didn’t get out of there until after 10pm, but it wasn’t my fault that the girl in front of me had some overly complicated purchase.

When we got home, my mom gave me the bags to leave in my room.  That was her first mistake.  My room is, shall we say, not the cleanest of environments.  And that’s putting it as nicely as I possibly can.  So yes, I put the bag down and left it there.  I really should have removed the soap and put it in the bathroom right away.  But I didn’t bother with that.  I think I came home and started blogging instead.  I know where my priorities lie.

Yesterday, I overheard my sister asking my mom for soap and my mom told her to ask me for the liquid soap we had bought so I could refill the soap dispenser in the bathroom.  I had since forgotten about it.  I went over to retrieve it from the bag.  To my horror, it had spilled.  A lot of it had spilled.  Into the bag, onto the floor, onto some clothes, onto the jar of peanuts I had also bought that day.  It was very upsetting.  I think I may have stepped on the bottle slightly at some point which contributed to the mess.  Don’t ask me how I managed that.

I took what was left and filled the soap dispenser, then brought the bottle back to my room.  Well it’s more of a jug than a bottle, but for some reason it sounds weird when I refer to it as a jug of soap.  I had to clean the mess that I’d made.  It was kind of ironic how I had made a mess with soap.  After I’d cleaned off the soap from what it had spilled on, I stared at the bottle, which was over half empty.  I couldn’t put it in the bathroom now, my mom would see it and wonder what had happened to the rest of its contents.  I couldn’t admit that I’d been so neglectful as to waste so much of it.  Well I could, but I’d rather not.  If it’s a little thing like this that I can avoid upsetting her about, then by all means I would cover it up.

So on my way home today, I went to London Drugs.  The one on Broadway instead of the Richmond one.  Because you know, there might be the off chance they would recognize me from last week and wonder why I was buying yet another 2 litre bottle of soap.  I don’t need to deal with that kind of judgement.  So now I had two bottles of soap, one full, and the other more than half empty.  I had sort of hidden the almost empty one in the corner, not so much so that no one would find it, but so that I wouldn’t step on it or throw something on it and cause it to spill even more.

The dilemma I now faced was this:  I couldn’t put the full bottle in the bathroom, because there wasn’t supposed to be a full bottle, as I had already poured soap into the dispenser.  And so, being the quick thinker that I am, I poured some of the new bottle into the old bottle, to make it look like the new bottle was the original bottle and that I had poured out enough to fill the dispenser.  So now that bottle is in the bathroom and no one is the wiser. The old bottle, I will bring out at a later date, when the new one is nearly finishing.  I’ll figure it out.

The soap failure is a fairly minor problem and is now the least of my worries.  Perhaps it happened as an indication for me to not to be so careless and to keep my room more in order.  I do suppose if I were more organized, this would not have happened.  I would have put the soap in its proper place, not tossed it aside among other things and forgotten about it, and certainly not stepped on it.  My parents have been urging me to clean my room.  Well, thanks to the soap, there is at least one patch of carpet in my room than is now very clean.