To blog or not to blog?

How does one make this decision?  I don’t know how regular bloggers decide on these things.  I wouldn’t really call myself a blogger.  I still feel like I’m not really doing it quite right.  I’m not sure how one would fail at blogging.  But I’m sure I would somehow find a way of doing so.

I’ve recently considered starting another blog.  No, don’t worry, it wouldn’t replace this one. This will still be my primary blog.  I just thought maybe I should supplement it with another, spice things up a bit.  This blog must be lonely being the only one that I write.  It seems only right that I should let it have a friend.  And then they can engage in some friendly competition to see which of them is more popular.  And then things will turn ugly and they’ll hate each other as the competition heats up.  But in the end they’ll come to the sad realization that neither of them are indeed popular.  And then they can once again be friends and keep each other company when no one cares about them or wants to read them.

But since this one is my primary blog, and my first, does that mean I might play favourites?  Perhaps.  Maybe the second one just wouldn’t be able to live up to the pressure.  That would be hard for it to take.  I would pretend to love them equally, but certainly they’ll be able to tell.  If I were to write more on this one and spend more time on it, the other may feel neglected.  It may come to resent me and even wish I had never started it in the first place.  Should I reconsider?  Is one already enough?

Why do I want multiple blogs anyway?  I wouldn’t say I’m bored with this one.  I just want to expand things a bit.  When I started this one, I made it as broad as possible.  When I would say I like writing, people would always ask what I write about and what the subject of my blog would be.  I don’t have a subject.  I didn’t want one.  I didn’t want to be limited, I wanted to be free to write about anything and everything.  But maybe now it’s time to narrow things down, just a little bit.  Hence, a second blog, with a specific topic may be appropriate.

What topic, you ask?  Who knows?  It could be anything really.  But as I’ve been randomly writing posts on this blog, there are certain things I tend to write about often.  I could definitely keep that up and write about them often enough that they could form their own blog.  My friend commented that I’d been doing a few movie reviews as of late.  Perhaps they deserve to have their own blog?  Why should I deny them that right?  They shouldn’t be forced to share space among the other random things that I write, should they?

But then maybe two blogs is just being overambitious.  Maybe I don’t have enough of a following to be dreaming so big right now.  And since I’m so indecisive, how would I decide which blog I should add to on any given day?  The stress of it all just might be the end of me, I don’t know if I could handle all that pressure.  I will probably fail.  But I may as well have two failed blogs as opposed to just one.

4 thoughts on “To blog or not to blog?

  1. You seem to have the desire to share and the freedom to share …

    My suggestion (if I may) is to create a category.
    If posts under the particular category grows too big, then separate them into two sites provided by having the time and energy required to do both. 🙂


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