My new blog

I am pleased to inform you that this blog now has a companion.  Yes, I’ve given it a friend so it no longer has to be alone.  Please be nice to the new blog, it hasn’t been around for very long.  Please be gentle when viewing it for the first time, as it may be shy and is not yet used to being displayed publicly.  I do appreciate it.  In time, I’m sure it will come into its own, just as this one has.

I hope this blog appreciates the time that I’ve taken in order to give it a friend.  It’s like I’m Dr. Frankenstein and this blog is the monster that I’ve created.  But in its loneliness, it has demanded that I give it a companion, one just like it.  And so I have.  The new blog shall be its bride.  Let’s just hope things don’t play out for me as they did for Dr. Frankenstein.  Because then I would be fearful and destroy the new blog.  And then this blog would be angry with me and seek out revenge, ultimately destroying me an everything I love.

The new blog will include posts about TV and movies, similar to the types of movie reviews I’ve posted on this one.  And this blog will retain and encompass everything else that might cross my mind that I feel compelled to write down.  Although I’m not really writing it down, I’m typing it out.  Which is good because I never actually learned the proper way to hold a pen.  I’m probably not typing in the proper way either though.  But oh well.  As long as I can get my thoughts out somehow, who cares whether or not I do it properly?

So basically this post is a shameless plug for my new blog.  Because this blog is so excited to finally have a friend, it wants to do all that it can in order to make it feel welcome.  You really can’t blame it.  Hopefully the new blog is receptive to this extension of friendship and accepts and appreciates the effort.

Here is a link to my new blog….


2 thoughts on “My new blog

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