I’m glad I missed the bus

I am unfortunate, in that I rely on public transit.  Daily.  Yes, you may now do the appropriate thing and feel sorry for me.  But do not berate me or tell me I need to get a car.  This will solve nothing, as I will not listen to you.  I’m one of those people who complains about public transit all the time.  But today I’ve decided to focus on the positive for a change.  Yes, apparently I do have it in me to do so.  Who knew?

Commuting is always a struggle.  Because it usually involves several buses and a sky train.  Often it’s bus, sky train, bus.  If you care to know the exact order.  I was on the sky train today on my way home from volunteering (yes, I volunteer, you may now applaud me for being such a caring and selfless person).  The unfortunate thing (one of many) about commuting at night is that the buses run infrequently, more so than throughout the day.  After 8:10pm, the 401 bus that I take only runs every half hour.  And after 10:40pm, it only runs every hour.  And then it stops altogether at 1:44.  Luckily, I was commuting before 10:40, but after 8:10.

It’s always a struggle and a disappointment.  I’ll be on the Canada Line, nearing Brighouse Station, at which point I have to get off, go down the escalator, around the corner, and to my bus stop.  Sounds simple enough.  However, as the train is nearing the station, I look out the window and see the 401 bus sitting there, about to drive away at any second.  And so I push past people, burst out the doors, run down the escalator and around the corner.  Only to discover that the bus is no longer there.  This has happened more often than not.  But on occasion I do get lucky.  As I look out the window and see my bus sitting there, I can never tell whether or not I should run for it.  Apparently today, the correct answer was not.  Unfortunately, I chose incorrectly.

I ran.  Off the train, down the escalator, and around the corner.  Well I didn’t run fast.  I don’t think I’m capable of that.  But even running a little faster probably would not have helped.  It was too late.  I now had 30 minutes to kill.  Obviously I wasn’t going to just stand there for 30 minutes like a complete loser.  I may be a loser who runs for the bus and misses it, but I’m not some loser who stands in the cold doing nothing for half an hour.  I have my pride.

Richmond Centre closes early on Tuesdays, so that was not an option.  The Shoppers Drug Mart is open til midnight, so that was an option.  But I go there all the time since it’s right across the street.  And I had more time to kill than Shoppers would allow me.  So I opted to walk down to London Drugs, as I tend to do if I have a bit more time.  The struggle is always making sure I can complete my trip and still make it back in time for the next bus.  Missing one bus is unfortunate.  Missing 2 buses is just maddening.

Once there, I was able to find some shampoo I wanted, as well as a bunch of random food items.  They had my favourite cookies.  Lemon poppy seed.  In my last post, I had mentioned how I had overcome my need for diversity among cookies, meaning I was perfectly fine with buying several boxes of the same kind.  It seems as though I may have had a relapse.  Dare cookies were 2 for $5.  I bought one lemon poppy seed, and one oatmeal.  I just couldn’t bring myself to buy 2 lemon poppy seed.  Perhaps because I knew I still had some at home and didn’t want to be overly excessive.  And I felt like oatmeal was a healthy option I suppose?  I don’t know why I feel the need to try and justify my cookie buying behaviour.

They also had soup and peanuts and tuna on sale.  So I bought them.  And right as I was going to pay, I noticed the strategically placed vitamin water was also on sale.  I’m a sucker for those things.  So they were purchased as well.  Not only did I get back to my bus stop in time, but I got back with time to spare.  So naturally, I walked into the Fresh Slice that is right by my stop.  It was Festive Tuesday, after all.  And I hadn’t had pesto pizza in a while.  And it was the rare occasion that I had over a dollar of change in my bag to pay for it.

Why am I glad that I missed the bus?  Did you not just hear how much fun I had in those 30 minutes of time I spent waiting?  If I had gotten on that first bus, I would have missed out.  And I feel healthier too.  Because I got exercise from walking to London Drugs and back.  And also from carrying the four bags of stuff I bought there.  And from eating the pizza, since Fresh Slice claims to be “healthy”.  So yes.  I’m quite happy that I missed the bus.  My wallet, however, is not as thrilled.

9 thoughts on “I’m glad I missed the bus

  1. Never run for a bus if you know you have an opportunity to enjoy the small pleasures in life and next time buy two boxes of lemon poppy seed cookies.
    You earned them.


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