They were free for a reason

While many people were out dining in fancy restaurants yesterday for Dine Out Vancouver, I was at Burger King.  Because that’s how classy I am.  And because two days earlier, I had seen a Burger King commercial for Free Fries Friday.

Burger King has changed their fries and now claim that they are thicker cut with more flavour.  So to promote this, they offered free small fries for every customer, with or without purchase.

The first bad sign upon our arrival at the Burger King was that the doors were locked.  But there were people inside eating and business was operating as usual.  So we walked around the building to the other side.  Where the doors were also locked.  An employee looked up and let us in.  Another customer informed them that their doors were locked and remarked how that can’t be good for business.  They seemed surprised and had no idea.  How can you operate with your doors locked an not know it?

The good thing about this experience, was that I spent less than $3 on dinner.  Because I got the king deals sandwich that was on special and then the fries were free.  But it seems as though they were free for a reason.  They weren’t very good.

I thought the whole point of changing something was so that you could make it better.  But they did not succeed in doing so.  I didn’t mind their fries before, although they weren’t my favourite.  They are thicker cut now, but that doesn’t change much.  But if by more flavour, what they really meant was less flavour, then mission accomplished.  It was as if they just eliminated salt altogether.  They were kind of bland, which I suppose at least might have made them a bit healthier.  Or as healthy as fries at a fast food place can be.

So I would say that their free fries promotion was sort of a fail.  If they hadn’t advertised it, I wonder if I would have been able to tell the difference.  Maybe, maybe not.  But even though they weren’t very good, I finished off my own as well as my friend’s.  Because fries are fries, even if they suck.  It’s a good thing people don’t go to Burger King for the fries, they go there for the Whoppers.  So as long as they don’t try to change those, all will be well.

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