Can I take my phone out of the rice yet?

It's not the best phone in the world. But I still want it back.

If you read my last post, you know that my phone fell in the toilet yesterday.  I’ve always had a bad relationship with my phone but I really want it to be okay.  I am not ready to move on.  We’ve been through a lot together and it’s too soon to say goodbye.  If I do get a new phone, I want to it to be out of choice, not out of necessity.

I left my blackberry in the rice overnight.  It’s still in there.  And I am suffering.  I think my phone being out of commission is affecting my mental state.  This morning I forgot to bring a towel to the bathroom with me when I had a shower.  Consequently, I had nothing to dry off with.  Not even a bag of rice.  Maybe I subconsciously wanted to connect with my phone in a way?

I am now debating whether I should take it out and test it soon or whether I should leave it longer still.  I googled what to do and some places say that you should leave it overnight, while others say that you should leave it for 5 days.  Which is it?!?  I need to know!  Now!  If I could just have a clear answer, it would put my mind at ease at least a little bit.  At this point I have no idea when I will finally cave and this is upsetting me.

I’ve been surviving without it and trying not to think about it too much.  But then I get the urge to check my messages and then the realization hits me that I can’t.  I’m sure some people would be surprised that I’ve already gone this long without testing it out.  Perhaps I should take bets with people as to how long I can wait for.  Then maybe I could win enough money to buy a new phone if this one doesn’t pull through.

Does anyone have any advice or happen to know how long exactly I should wait?

I put a lid on the container of rice and let it sit there. I am now resisting the urge to take it out.

6 thoughts on “Can I take my phone out of the rice yet?

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