Remember that time you got drunk?

My brothers are in Grade 5.  In their class, they are learning about DARE, drug abuse resistance education.  In a homework assignment, they were required to write about drugs and the decisions that people make about them.  I happened to read one of my brother’s rough drafts.  He talked about tobacco, marijuana, and alcohol.  In talking about these, he was required to give examples.  One particular example, regarding alcohol, hit a little too close to home.  Here is an excerpt of what he wrote:

“For example: My older sister Dominique was at our Aunts house, and she was drinking lots of wine.  Than she fell asleep fast because she drank too much.  After, we had to carry her to a bed which was in a room, but unfortunately, we bumped her head on a door.  Luckily she didn’t feel it because she was sleeping.  This can happen to you if you drink too much.”

Yeah.  He’s handing that in.  Luckily, his teacher is one who wasn’t there when I was in elementary school, and therefore doesn’t know me.  So it’s okay.  And his description isn’t that bad.  That’s pretty much what happened.  I happened to be sitting near the bottles of wine, and somehow got the task of pouring it for people.  And every time I poured a glass for someone else, I usually poured some more for myself as well.  Without eating.

Dinner did not come soon enough.  And so apparently at some point I put my head down on the table and didn’t lift it back up again.  It took a couple minutes and then someone asked if I was okay.  And then apparently my mom and my sister sort of carried me to the bedroom.  But not before they accidentally hit my head against the wall and then dropped me and then laughed about it.  I have such a loving family.

I ended up spending the night at my aunt’s house.  I remember my parents attempting to get me to leave with them later but that obviously wasn’t going to happen.  My brother had a basketball game that night, and there was no way I would have been able to sit through it.  Perhaps my subconscious made me drink too much, so that I could avoid having to sit through a basketball game?

This happened like three years ago.  My siblings never let me forget it.  “Remember that time you got drunk…” is often a conversation opener that comes up every now and then for whatever reason.  My sister also used this example for her religion homework one year, I think when she was in Grade 9.  I’m not sure what the topic was.  But yeah.  She had a teacher that I never had as well thankfully.  I think her description was more detailed as well.  And I believe one of the lines was something like “and then we dropped her and she hit her head.  It was so funny!”.  I don’t think her teacher was amused.

I’d like to think that I’m a good older sister.  I set a good example.  A good example of what not to do.  I believe I have successfully put my brothers and sister off of drinking.  And least for a while.  Sadly, this was not the only time they had seen me drink too much.  Cause you know, once isn’t enough to let the message sink in.  That’s how much I care.

12 thoughts on “Remember that time you got drunk?

  1. At least as drinking stories go that one was pretty tame.Plus I feel like it is weirder when you see/hear about teachers getting drunk. I liked next to a bar growing up so I’d see teachers going in to drink every once in awhile. Plus my dad lived there his whole life so I got to hear stories about the drunk things that he saw my principal do since they were in the same grade growing up. :/


    • Yeah, I know it’s pretty tame. I could post about a more embarrassing drunk story but I’d rather not.. Lucky for me I don’t plan on being a teacher.


  2. This made me remember the first time I got really really drunk. And it was just a month or so ago. It was horrible. It happened on an over-night swimming in a beautiful resort outside the city. I was with my work-mates. I could not remember most of what happened that night. All that was clear to me was me puking. It was embarrassing. I never wanted to drink anymore after that.


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