A below average blog post

So today is one of those days when I really don’t have enough time to write a blog post.  Terribly sad, I know.  And I know you’re thinking “Um, but, isn’t this a blog post right here, right now?  Am I imagining things?  Did you not take time to write these very words on this very screen?  Am I losing my mind?  Stop contradicting yourself!  What the hell is wrong with you?!”  Well, yes, that is a very good point.  I do apologize.  You’re absolutely right.  I guess what I meant was I don’t have enough time to write a good blog post.  In fact, I’m running out of time as I’m typing this right now.  Good thing I’m a fast typer.

So why bother to write a shitty blog post if that’s all that I have time for?  Why not just simply wait for tomorrow?  There’s always tomorrow.  I could indeed just wait until then and write something that actually has substance, take the time to post relevant photos, links, and set proper tags and categories as well.  That I could definitely do.  There is no need for me to write what I’m writing right now.

But I feel like if I put it off for a day, tomorrow I’ll feel the same way, and then I’ll put it off for another day.  And then before you know it, a week will have gone by and I won’t have posted anything new at all.  And I don’t want that to happen.  So I’m trying to commit to writing a new post everyday.  Consequently, some of them end up being like this one here.  Pointless.

But it’s okay.  I think you need posts like this one.  Because they can’t all be great.  If they were all great, then none of them would be great.  You need ones like this to stay grounded, so that the good ones can stand out by comparison.  Because it’s all relative.  Maybe you’d prefer that I just didn’t post if I have nothing relevant to say.  But in case you’ve forgotten, the title of my blog is “Random and unnewsworthy”.  So is anything I say ever really relevant?  Think about that.

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