Too much meat

Despite doing groceries over the weekend, we somehow neglected to buy deli meat for sandwiches for lunch throughout the week. So on my way home last night, I stopped at Save-On- Foods to buy some. Oh wait, that’s a lie. I stopped at PriceSmart to buy some. Yeah, they changed the one in Richmond to a PriceSmart instead. Not sure why. It’s a lot uglier than the Save-On used to be. And now half the store feels like some sort of Asian market instead of a grocery store. But whatever.

I headed straight for the deli, walking quickly and purposefully, as I needed to get in, get out, and to my bus stop in a limited amount of time. It’s always so frustrating when you’re waiting at the deli counter and there’s someone ahead of you and for some reason the meat isn’t sliced already so they have to take their sweet time slicing it before they can package it. Why not have some sliced already to save us all some time?

When it was finally my turn, I asked 200 grams of black forest ham and 150 grams of chicken breast. Except I guess she misheard me and gave me 250 grams instead. But at that point I was already walking to the checkout, wasn’t sure if I had time to go back, and felt it pointless to make her unpackage and repackage it so she could remove some. So I thought okay whatever, I’ll just use a little more in my sandwich. I may have eaten a little of it while waiting at the bus stop, since it was more than I needed, after all.

When I got home, I told me mom that I bought deli meat, thinking she’d be happy since there had been complaints about there being none. And my family is always happy when I bring home food. But when I told her she said “So did I.” And I checked the fridge and saw that she’d also bought some ham. Well that was a fail. Apparently we can either have none, or way too much. The thing about meat is that it expires quicker than most things. I tried putting extra in my sandwich for today. But I still feel like we’ll be left with too much. I guess tomorrow I’ll just have to make two sandwiches, just to be sure.

And for those of you sitting there thinking “Did she actually just write an entire blog post about buying deli meat?” Yes. Yes I did.

Just another morning

When I get on the bus, I always hope that no one will sit beside me. At least not for a while. I know that eventually it will fill up and inevitably happen. As luck would have it, the guy who sat beside me kind of took up more than his own seat. How pleasant. At least the first bus isn’t too long of a ride. Usually. As my eyes wandered as I sat there, I made the mistake of looking directly into this old man’s ear, which had ear hair in it. That’s something that I cannot unsee. This woman across from me was reading The Hunger Games. Which reminds me I need to blog about that. The movie, not the book. I haven’t read the book. I suppose I will. Eventually. Though not on the bus. I reserve that time for blogging.

Luckily, the Canada Line didn’t drive away right as my bus stopped at the station. With a minute left, I was able to make it, despite the metro & 24 hours news guys in my way. I walked by this guy with paint on his shirt who tried to whistle, but sort of failed as it didn’t come out right. There was a group of kids at the station. But the teacher or leader or whoever had the good sense not to try and cram them on this train and told them they would wait for the next one. Thank God for that. And good luck to the people on the next train.

They really should have a tissue dispenser and a hand sanitizer dispenser on all forms of public transit. Like you get it complimentary with your fare. It’s the least they could do. But even if they did, I bet the people who really need it wouldn’t even use it. Like the woman standing beside me who keeps wiping her nose on her hand. They should also have a vending machine with breath mints, mouth wash, and deodorant. I wouldn’t mind if they charged a fee for those. I’m sure people desperate enough would buy it. They could really make a lot.

It wasn’t really raining it Richmond. Spitting at most. But of course when I got out of the station at Oakridge, it was pouring. And I’m wearing suede shoes. Because I’m that smart. I wasn’t going to, but I couldn’t wear the shoes I wanted because I didn’t have the right socks, and then I wasted time looking but to no avail. And ran out of time and didn’t get the chance to grab breakfast, so I’ve already eaten part of my lunch. I also didn’t have time to fix my hair, so it looks worse than usual right now, especially with the rain.

Suede skate shoes

As I crossed the street, there was an old couple right in front of me, walking very slowly. He had a walker and she was beside him, trying to hold an umbrella over both their heads. It was kind of sweet actually. But for a moment I felt like we were going to die because we wouldn’t make it across the street in time. I stupidly missed not one, but two 41 buses. Well not so much missed as didn’t get on. Because I went to the 43 stop. Where there is no shelter from the rain. But it’s the faster bus. Although I doubt if it will actually catch up to the 41s at this rate. But oh well. I’m safe and dry on it now and there is no one sitting beside me. Life is good.


Guys I was slightly attracted to this morning

Public transit is most definitely not the place to be if you want some eye candy. It’s pretty much always filled with gross people. Especially in the morning. I don’t like to be judgemental, but commuting just tends to bring out that side of me and cause me to see the worst in people.

This morning was not really an exception. I am still surrounded by people I would rather not see. But there were a few people who stood out, I think in a good way.

I’ve been meaning to blog about how, for some strange reason, I think crutches make a guy more attractive. I won’t get into that right now, I’ll save it for a later post. But on that note, as I was leaving the sky train station this morning, I saw two guys getting off the elevator. The elevator? I know, who takes the elevator? A man on crutches, that’s who. Only one of them had crutches, the other guy was just taking it with his friend. I imagine it would have been awkward had he just ran to the stairs and left him behind. The guy on crutches probably could have managed on the stairs, it would have just taken him an insanely long time.

He was a bit of a nerdy looking guy, but not overly. Just a little bit. Maybe I only think that because he wore glasses. He still seemed pretty manly though. Alas, we were walking opposite directions, so I couldn’t look for too long. If you asked me what his friend looked like, I couldn’t tell you. I was only looking at him. Yes, it was because of the crutches. I don’t know why. But they just enhanced his look somehow.

When I got on the bus later, there was a guy at the back corner, with his head down, wearing a cowboy hat. Now I don’t encounter a lot of cowboy hats ever during my commutes. He also had glasses. And a Darth Vader shirt. And was reading a book. I don’t know why I’m into nerds this morning. Must be something in the air. With his head down and covered by the cowboy hat, I couldn’t really get a good look at his face. But that was okay. It’s probably best that way. From what I saw, he wasn’t bad. But I feel like if he removed the hat, I wouldn’t like him as much. The cowboy hat made him different, made him stand out. And I liked that. I wonder if maybe he was going to some sort of cowboy convention. Is that a thing? Followed by a Star Wars convention? Who knows.

There was this guy working at the side of the road at 41st and Dunbar. Not sure what they’re working on there, there’s always developments and construction of some sort going on. He was standing there, with a big shovel in his hands, digging. He had ear buds in, listening to music while he did his work. He wore a long pair of shorts and a beater, showing off his strong arms. There was nothing nerdy about him. But then I don’t know what music he was listening to, so I guess I can’t really make that call. But yeah. Sometimes the bus will stop at Dunbar for a few minutes. Often I get really annoyed by that delay. But today there was no delay, we stopped at the stop and then left right away. And for the first time, I was disappointed by this. Because I would have liked to have had another glimpse of that beautiful man. I don’t suppose he’ll still be digging there late this afternoon. He seemed like a hard worker, who wouldn’t mind a long shift. But chances are the next time I go by there, it’ll be some fat old guy with a pot belly. Such is my luck.

So yes. Those are the three guys who stood out to me this morning and kind of made it better. I know not where any of them are at this moment. Although I assume the guy with the big shovel is still over there digging. But for how much longer, I don’t know. But yes. Crutches, cowboy hats, and shovels. I have weird taste.

Relying on public transit at night

So I would very much like to go home right now. But apparently the canada line is delayed and less frequent tonight. I don’t even know what time it’s coming. The screen that usually tells you how many more minutes until your train comes currently just says “Trains to Watferfront, Richmond and YVR every 30 minutes.” Does that mean the Richmond train could have come 2 minutes before I got here, and now I have to wait another half an hour before it comes? Because that just fucking sucks.

I’m at Broadway and Cambie. Normally, I’d walk across and down the stairs to the other side of the platform where the trains to Richmond are. But tonight, they are blocked off. And everyone has to be on the side of the platform where the trains to Waterfront go. And I have no idea when the Richmond train will finally show up.

A train just arrived, but it’s going to YVR Airport. Which doesn’t help me at all. I could have gotten on it and then got off at Bridgeport and then waited there for the Richmond train. But there were no seats on it anyway so there was no point. And in the past, there were a couple times when I got on the YVR train and forgotten to get off at Bridgeport, because I wasn’t paying attention, and then ended up at Templeton, almost at the airport. And then I had to get off and turn back, and transfer again, and just ended up wasting a lot of time. So not worth it.

Oh good, the Richmond train finally showed up. How nice of it to do so. I don’t know what the hell is going on with the blocked off areas and the delays. There was no explanation for it. The guy didn’t explain anything or inform me of the times, he just pointed to the platform where I should wait, since the other platform was blocked off and inaccessible. Good to see how efficiently he’s doing his job.

Alright, so commuting tonight isn’t so bad after all. At least not as bad as if I had missed it by 2 minutes and had to wait and extra 30. But still. Wait to freak me out with the delayed and limited services. And it’s still a major inconvenience. I feel bad for people who did miss the train by 2 minutes and had to wait another 30. Because I’ve totally been there. At night, my local buses come every hour. So if you miss one, you’re screwed. And more often than not, the canada line will get you to your final station, right when your bus is driving away. Oh, the joys of public transit at night.

People who annoy me on public transit

Well, a lot of people annoy me on public transit. Most people annoy me on public transit. It’s way too much to fit into one blog post. There’s really enough material there for me to dedicate an entire blog to. But I won’t. Because that would be overkill. And possibly annoying. And the last thing I want is to be like the people I’m about to complain about.

Instead of just listing off the types of people who annoy me, I’ll just provide you with some recent examples. The first, being the old lady who pushed me yesterday morning. I was standing on the crowded Canada Line, as we pulled up to a stop. And people got on. And then I felt this woman pushing me. And I thought what the fuck? And then I saw that it was this old lady trying to push me out of the way so that she could get to the priority seating, where the person gave up the seat for her. But why should the fact that she was old offend me any less than if it were a person of a younger age? She was old, but not mute. The least she could have done was to say excuse me. And then I would have happily moved out of her way. The fact that she so rudely felt the need to push me made me not even want to get out of her way. You always hear old people saying that young people these days have no respect for their elders. Well if you want respect, maybe don’t push people. Respect goes both ways.

Another person who annoyed me yesterday morning was the guy sitting beside me on the bus. No, he didn’t push me. He didn’t even fall asleep on me, as people often tend to do. He didn’t actually do anything to me. But he annoyed me nevertheless. At some point, he started scratching his arm. Profusely. He kept going. Even if I looked away, I could hear it happening. And then he switched arms. Okay, I’m not saying don’t scratch if you’re itchy, but the way he kept going at it bothered me. I just wanted it to stop. And I hoped he didn’t have something that I might catch. The last thing I need is a skin disease. And then when he stopped, he started scratching and rubbing his nose and his chin. And later went back to scratching his arm. I really think he should invest in some calamine lotion. Or maybe see a doctor.

The other guy who annoyed me that morning, was sitting across from me. Well, not directly across from me, more like across and a seat over. Not that it matters. The point is, I was able to see him. He didn’t do anything. Maybe I wasn’t so much annoyed as judgemental in this case. I’m not one to judge people based on their looks. But this guy sort of pretty much had a mullet. So yeah. Enough said.

Not to be outdone by yesterday morning, this morning had it’s share of annoying commuters as well. As I stood on the train, there was this girl who got on at a later stop and stood by the door. And she kept on sniffling and snorting. Okay maybe not actually snorting, but you get the idea. She kept this up the whole time. As I’ve stated in the past, I hate when people do this. It’s gross and could easily be remedied by blowing your nose. I think maybe I should start carrying a pack of tissues with me to offer to people in these situations, but I feel like maybe they might get offended.

At an later stop, more people got on. One of those people was this fat, mean looking man, who just happened to stand beside me. Awesome. Maybe he wasn’t overly mean looking. It was more a combination of meanness and confusion, if that makes any sense. I cringed as his sausage like hands reached for the pole. So he stood next to me, fine. Except that he was a heavy breather. Like unnecessarily so. He sighed and breathed loudly and heavily. And continued to do so. And I could feel his breath on me as he did so. It was not pleasant. I stood there, praying for it to finally be over.

Those were just some recent examples. Obviously there are many more types of people who annoy me on public transit. The list is endless. I mean there are people on the bus annoying me as I’m writing this. But I won’t go there. Not right now, anyway.

I got a gelish nail treatment

So after a prolonged period of time where my nails were disgusting, I finally got them done.  Obviously because I bought an online voucher.  That was going to expire soon.  Cause you know I always wait until the last possible moment with these things.  It was a voucher from  The Red Pocket for a gelish nail treatment & paraffin wax treatment at Shi Nail in Richmond.  It’s literally right across the street from where my bus stop used to be.  Now it’s literally right across the street of the street that’s across from where my bus stop has currently been moved to.  If that makes any sense.

My appointment was the first of the morning, and so I got there a little before they actually opened.  And there happened to be a bench outside, where I decided to sit while I waited.  But then this stupid bee decided that this would be a good place to buzz around.  Very close to me.  They say if you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you, but I was clearly minding my own business and it bothered me nevertheless.  And so I was forced to get up off that bench and stand outside the place in my heels instead.  Yes, I’ve been wearing heels lately in order to prove that they were a good purchase and that I will make good use of them.

And then the place opened and I was let inside.  The lady gave me a form to fill out, showed me where to sit, got me a glass of water, and informed me the technician would be right with me.  Right, she was the receptionist, someone else would be doing my nails.  How do land a job like that?  Receptionist at a salon or spa.  With perks of getting free treatments.  That’s the dream right there.  I liked her outfit.  It was loose and black and comfortable looking.  And she got to wear flip flops.  I envied her.

What I didn’t realize when I bought the voucher, was that it wasn’t for a manicure.  It was just for the gel polish.  The technician asked me if I wanted a manicure, which would cost extra.  I decided against it.  I would just go with what the voucher would cover.  They always try to upsell & add on things when you buy vouchers.  I always try to resist.

I didn’t need a manicure.  What is a manicure anyway?  I thought that was a manicure.  I thought it was all included.  I guess it just meant that she wasn’t going to use her various nail tools to dig underneath my nails or get rid of excess skin or what have you.  That was fine by me.  She did file them for me though.  Which was good, since they hadn’t been filed in a while, due to me misplacing my nail file and also being too lazy.  They always ask how I want them shaped, if I want them square or round.  It doesn’t bother me that they ask, it’s just that when they do they say it as if square nails are the obvious choice.  But I don’t want them square.  I want them round.  And then afterwards I feel as though I’m being judged for making that decision.

I chose a light blue colour, because it was the one that most closely resembled the colour on my toenails.  And I like blue.  She applied a couple coats, and then went over those with the clear top coat or whatever it was.  And then you put your hands under the lights to dry.  I’m always worried that I’ll touch my nails to something before they dry which will ultimately result in them being smudged.  But this time I somehow managed to avoid that.  Good for me.

After my nails had dried, I was told to wash my hands so I could get the paraffin hand wax.  No, this has nothing to do with hair removal, they do not wax your hands.  I imagine that would be awful and painful.  Paraffin wax treatment is meant to help soften your skin.  It came with my voucher, so why not.  I was led over to the container of wax and she took my hand and submerged it, removed it, and then submerged it again.  It was as if she was trying to drown my hand.  For my other hand, I dipped it in myself.  Probably too many times, she wasn’t monitoring it.  And then they put plastic over your hands and put them in these giant oven mitt things for ten mintues.  I felt like someone who had the chicken pox and was forced to wear oven mitts so I wouldn’t scratch myself.  Actually I don’t really know if anyone does that in real life, but I’ve seen it on TV shows.  At least I remember them doing it on Full House.

Even though I didn’t get a full manicure, I am very happy with the results.  Gel polish is amazing.  I feel like I should only ever get my nails done with that from now on.  I feel like the colour is more shiny and vibrant than normal polish.  And more importantly, it lasts.  It’s been about a week now, and my nails are still in good shape.  Normally by this time, they would be chipped, and probably badly.  But not this time.  And it’s not like I’ve been extra careful either.  I’ve been quite careless actually.  But it doesn’t matter.  I feel as though nothing will destroy the gel polish.  It’s like it’s indestructible.  Other polishes should cower in its presence.  I would go and purchase a bottle myself, if only I wasn’t so bad at applying it.

I don’t remember writing 100 blog posts

Apparently this is my 100th blog post. How did that happen? When did that happen? I didn’t realize I’d written THAT many. I feel like maybe the 100th one should be special. Because who knew this blog would live long enough to see its 100th post?

Alas, I have nothing special prepared. I’m not very good at celebrating milestones such as these. Speaking of milestones, there used to be on in Richmond next to the London Drugs but I few years ago they got rid of it. That sucks, because now if I want a Tuesday bellini or a Monday girl’s night out, I have to go to a Vancouver location. Which actually doesn’t suck, since I’m always in Vancouver anyway. Okay I guess it’s not that great of a loss. But if they ever get rid of the London Drugs in Richmond, I will be pissed.

I am about to embark on another successful bus switch. Success! I think getting on the 41 because it comes first and I’m worried the 43 might not come but then it does and I get upset but then bravely get off a few stops later to make the switch, hoping I don’t miss both buses in the process and ultimately succeeding is what I was born to do. Yeah, okay, it’s not much I’m gonna just go ahead and consider it a talent. My parents must be very proud.

Oh no, this is turning into another commuting blog post. There’s nothing special about that. Or is there? I don’t know. What constitutes as special? Maybe I should think on that for a bit before going ahead an publishing this post. Or maybe not. You would think after 100 posts, I wouldn’t be so indecisive. But apparently I am.

You know what, who cares if it’s not special? 100 is just a number anyway. Why should it be any more important than the rest? And if I make it too epic, the 101st post will look bad by comparison. I can’t be setting my standards too high, because then there would be no room for improvement. So I’m just going to go ahead and hit send in efforts to keep things mediocre for the time being.