This post does not have a title.  Because I wanted to see whether or not it was possible to write a blog post without a title.  As opposed to that other time when I wrote a blog post with a title but no actual content.  I suppose this is the reverse of that.  Content without a title.  Not good content, but content nevertheless.

I suppose I could have titled it “Content without a title”.  I kind of like the way that sounds.  But by doing so, I would be giving it a title.  And then it would no longer actually be content without a title.  It would be content with a title.  And there would be nothing special about that.  I want it to be special.

Sometimes I have trouble thinking of a good title.  Not just for blog posts, but for anything.  Stories, papers, projects, essays.  A title always seems so important and not having one that’s good enough can often prevent you from even starting with the actual work.  I put off starting a blog for a while because I couldn’t come up with a good title for it.  Think of all the awesome blog posts I could have written in the time I spent trying to come up with a title.

Why should a title be mandatory?  I don’t think it is.  This post is proof that it’s not mandatory, seeing as it exists without one.  Because I feel like defying convention and refusing to name my work.  What’s the purpose of a title anyway?  To indicate to the reader what the post will be about?  Well seeing as this post has no title, it would then be indicative that this post is about nothing.  Which I guess it kind of is.  So leaving it untitled makes perfect sense.


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