I don’t feel like blogging

But I will anyway.  Because I can.  You may have noticed that it’s gone from everyday to every two days now.  That’s probably for the best.  Don’t want to overdo it, right?  I tend to overdo a lot of things.  Shopping, eating, drinking, blogging, complaining, thinking.  Maybe I ought to tone it down a little?

I would just blog forever all the time if I could.  I mean, I have countless ideas.  There’s never a problem for me with a shortage of things to write about.  I could write about literally anything.  And I do.  If you ask me what my genre is or what I write about, I couldn’t tell you.  Because I don’t have one.  I suppose I’m good at writing about what I know best.  Myself.  And my life.  Some may say that I’m pretty self absorbed in that regard.  Maybe I should change my blog title to “My random and unnewsworthy life”.  Would that be better?

It sucks that I have more ideas than I have the time or energy to write down.  I mean, I had a topic that I was going to write about today but then just didn’t feel like it.  I’ll write about it some other time.  Or maybe I won’t.  Who knows?  And then because I’m so indecisive and I have so many ideas, I can’t figure out which one of them to write about first.  And then after deliberating and not coming to any sort of conclusion, I end up not writing about any of them.  And instead I write a post like this one about how I couldn’t figure out what to write about.

I guess maybe I lied when I said I didn’t feel like blogging.  Because I’m blogging right now and it’s going okay.  For me, anyway.  I don’t know how it’s going for you.  Maybe you hate it.  Maybe you wish it was over.  Maybe you gave up on reading this far and so no one is actually reading this sentence right now.  I really have no way of knowing.  Maybe leave a comment if you made it this far, just so I know that you made it this far?  Or don’t.  It’s really up to you.

But anyway, I guess what I really meant was I didn’t feel like blogging about what I had originally intended to blog about.  Which is fine.  I don’t have any sort of blogging agenda that I need to abide by.  I’m open to whatever.  Maybe if I had more structure, I’d get more views.  But oh well.  Take it or leave it.  This is my style.  No style.  I blog when I want to.

3 thoughts on “I don’t feel like blogging

  1. Yes blogging when you’re in the mood for it works very well
    and if not then who knows what you will be getting up to instead? 🙂
    Actually even when one is not blogging on a given subject matter
    it can be exquisitely exciting, and terribly boring too so watch out
    for those blogging gremlins that sometimes take a blogger by the
    nostrils and leads them off into the distance… No that’s not where
    your writing is taking us, oh nooooo there are some extraordinary
    blogs and Spaces that simply astound everyone with their ghoul,
    I mean cool set ups, their awe inspiring scripts, graphics that push
    the boundaries on the fantastical energies, and tantalise even the
    most wicked of readers, are you still reading this by any chance? 🙂

    Okay to cut a long story short, just blog whenever you feel like it
    and enjoy the comments, don’t worry not all comments will be as
    lacklustre as this one is but hey at least I called in for a bit, I mean
    I called in for some, I mean, oh you know what I mean, the reading
    of your Random and Unnewsworthy Space that just happens to be
    rather interesting 🙂 Have a fun afternoon my friend and if you wish
    call by sometime then just rattle the gates and I will let you in 🙂

    Just be careful though as there are Vampires and
    Zombies just itching to taste some new blood 🙂 lol



    • Wow, your comment was almost as long as my blog post. I’m glad my writing isn’t taking people off into the distance. Unless that’s where they want to go.


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