Another blog post from my blackberry about my morning commute

Is it too soon for another blog post from my blackberry? Probably. But I’ll do it anyway. If not now, it’ll be later, so why not now?

Okay so I got on the Canada Line, and there are always people who run up the escalator & onto the train because there’s less than a minute left. Usually I’m one of them. But this time I got to walk because there was still time. There are always people in my way who are moving slowly.

The reason I mention this, is because today there was this one guy who ran onto the train. And then he stood there next to me, panting for like five minutes. Okay, maybe it wasn’t five minutes. But it was a prolonged period of heavy breathing that seemed unnecessary. It was as if he’d just run a marathon. Okay, I’m exaggerating. A half marathon maybe. But really I shouldn’t be judging, because if I’d had to run for the train I would probably be doing the same thing. But I would try to hide it.

An old lady just pushed me out of the way so she could get off the train. She could have said excuse me. And then had I refused to move, by all means, push me. I wasn’t even in her way really. What is wrong with people?

As I was getting on the train, there were several people in front of me. I always tend to choose the wrong lineup. The slow moving one. I knew I probably wouldn’t get a seat. But then I saw a few available. But people were in my way so someone who entered from a different door got it. But I was standing beside an empty seat. But it was a priority seat for seniorsย and handicapped people. So I left it. Although the guy who ended up sitting there was neither handicapped nor a senior. But whatever. It’s not like I have to stand all day or anything… Oh wait, yes I do.

I want to eat some of my lunch. I packed extra food today. Because there was a small piece of Dr. Oetker pizza from last night that wasn’t enough. I ate most of it when I came home from dinner last night. It was kind of like my second dinner. Even though I’d already eaten a lot at The Red Pagoda, the vietnamese place I went to since I had an online voucher for it. I liked my food, but my friend wasn’t so impressed. The waitress spilled something on this other customer. I think they got a free dessert for it? I would’ve just comped their meal. I kind of wish she’d spilled it on me so that our dessert would have been free.

So the piece of pizza wasn’t enough so I also have a sandwich and a smaller sandwich in a bun. And I had breakfast this morning. Because I had a few extra minutes, even after spending time looking for socks. Why? Because I took a shorter shower. Why? Because I looked up and I saw a spider in there and I freaked out. Because when I looked again it wasn’t there anymore and I was like oh shit, it could be anywhere oh my God where is it?! And so I hurried and got the hell out of there. Who knows where it is now…

I made the risky move of getting on the 41 bus instead of the 43. Because of course the 43 left before I could cross the street. And the 41 came next. So I got on it. And it was slow. And I was worried. But as we got from Cambie to Granville, I saw the 43 behind us. So I made the even riskier move of getting off the 41 in attempt to switch to the 43. And I succeeded. I’d have been pissed if I’d inadvertently missed them both in the process. This 43 is quite empty too. I was pleasantly surprised. (The 43 is an express bus during peak hours that makes less stops and travels faster than the 41)

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to eat part of my lunch. I’ll call it brunch, since it’s occurring in between breakfast and lunch.

23 thoughts on “Another blog post from my blackberry about my morning commute

  1. Granville! good old vancouver:))….hehe, I’m sorry between the spider the heavy breathing man, and the pushing old woman, i laughed like crazy over this


  2. I think that one has to have the mindset of a zombie
    on those trains as finding a seat is like gold dust ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    Of course there is always the cattle prod but then
    one would be annoying the hell out of everyone sooo
    perhaps just the usual method of entering the train is
    best for now. The heavy breather was probably on a
    mission to find someone to chat to, but as he was so
    out of breath and as unfit as a Coot on Weed I think it
    would be better if he arrived a lot earlier, of course his
    chat up skills would still be lacking but at least he could
    board the train without being such a jerk. The old lady
    was auditioning for Miss. Marple but had forgotten her
    lines, actually she had lost her manners too, maybe the
    ‘Trip the Old Gal Up’ execute could have been fun? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yes I’m only joking my friend but the thought was purely
    exquisite nonetheless ๐Ÿ™‚ Okay another long comment
    and sooooo I will return to My Gothic Realm where you
    can call into (Being That It’s A Private Space) if you are
    daring enough, or daft enough, or puzzled enough to
    want to venture further into the dark without the use of
    a working torch a match for thy candle, or the will to
    live after this lengthy offering ๐Ÿ™‚ lol Okay I am sending
    you an invite or I will attempt to, this WordPress has
    a glitch or ten sometimes but if you don’t receive one,
    an invite that is, then don’t hesitate to ask permission
    to view my Space, it is not the best in town but it will be
    an eye opener for you, well maybe? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a fun day today and be good, if you like? ๐Ÿ˜‰



    • Yeah, it’s hard to get there earlier though, as the bus often brings you to the station just as the train is about to leave, or just as it’s already left. Which is unfortunate for both me and the heavy breather.


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  4. People are getting ruder each day! I once saw a woman screaming at an old lady who was getting on a bus because the woman’s kid almost knocked the old lady over when he pushed her out of the way to get on. She told the woman what he had done and the woman managed to turn it on the old lady saying it was her fault as children should get on before the elderly. Bizarre really.

    As for the empty seat, you should sit there until you see someone that might need it then offer it, that way you get to sit down and some inconsiderate person doesn’t sit there! ๐Ÿ™‚


    • I know, it saddens me how rude and inconsiderate people are nowadays. That woman’s probably one of those parents who thinks her kid is precious and can do no wrong. That’s gonna backfire one day. Why should children get on before the elderly? Just get on the bus in the order you came to the stop, what’s the hurry?
      And yes, perhaps I should just go ahead and take the seat next time, and then determine if there’s anyone who might need it more than I do. Good thinking!


      • Same, there’s just no need for it and I’m sure they wouldn’t appreciate it if someone else was as rude to them as they are to others.

        Exactly, children have legs, they can stand a few moments before getting on the bus, some people really baffle me.Personally I’ll always let an elderly person on the bus before me just out of courtesy and because I’m nice like that haha.

        Haha thanks! I think it’s an idea that will change the way the world works ;-).


        • Yeah, people really don’t treat others the way they’re like to be treated. I wish there was a way to reduce the amount of rudeness in society.

          How old was the kid? If he’s old enough to walk and push people, then I think he’s old enough to stand and wait a moment.

          Hopefully we can change the world, one bus seat at a time.


          • If only. I don’t think it’ll get better any time soon. They keep multiplying with parents passing it onto their kids.

            He looked about 6 or 7… I’m not sure to be honest. His mother should have told him off.

            Haha that should be coined as a slogan for a charity – Changing the world, one bus seat at a time.


              • I’m not sure to be honest… it could be a direct meaning in that we’ll save you by giving you a bus seat or they could do as cologne and perfume adverts do and have a slogan that is absolutely in no way related to what it’s a slogan for.

                A charity for people with no friends perhaps… maybe the bus seat is referring to them being sat on the bus on their own whilst others have people sat next to them. Lol I don’t know… my brain is pretty fried from a test I had today.


                • Haha awesome ideas! I feel like pursuing at least one of them now, just so the slogan gets put to use. Wouldn’t want to waste it, right? Or maybe we could graffiti the bus seats, then we’d literally be causing change, one bus seat at a time. Lol.


                  • Haha no of course we wouldn’t want to waste it… personally I think the idea is going to take off in a big way. Soon we might be able to float it on the stock market like Facebook however instead of losing value on the stock within a few hours, it will sky rocket.

                    I think that last idea might get us arrested for vandalism though haha. Meh lets go for it! Spread the word.


                    • I like the sound of that! Except I have no knowledge of the stock market or how any of that works so I’ll leave that to you.
                      And yes, your ideas are better, as we won’t end up in jail for attempting them. At least I don’t think we will.


                    • Haha, me either, I’ve never invested in stocks. It’s all greek to me! Lol if the risk of jail for those ideas becomes too great I’ll just blame it all on you muahaha.


                    • Haha darn it, something I’ve said seems to have made you lose your trust in me and question my intentions. I’ve no idea what I’ve said haha.


                    • You said if the risk of jail becomes too great, then you’d blame everything on me. While the risk is probably extremely low, I still find this slightly disconcerting.


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