A bad case of the sniffles

This guy on the bus keeps sniffling. He’s not directly beside me, there’s an empty seat between us. So it could be worse. But still. That’s so annoying. I hate when people do that. Seriously, just blow your fucking nose already.

I updated my facebook status and tweeted to complain about it. And as soon as I did, he actually took out a tissue and blew his nose. Thank God, I thought. But after that he continued sniffling. What the fuck. And then I guess he ran out of tissues so he took out a piece of paper and ripped it and used that. I kind of felt bad for him at that point. But still the sniffling persisted.

Thank God I’m getting off the bus soon. I really need to invest in a new iPod so that I can avoid these sorts of annoyances in the future.

A guy with a large arm tattoo just stared at me. He did it again. I know this is unrelated to my original topic, but for some reason I felt that it was worth noting.

I am finally off the bus now. Thank God. I almost walked into a little kid. Her fault, not mine. She was lagging behind the rest of her family and not paying attention to where she was going.

I hear a baby crying. That’s unfortunate. There are also birds chirping. Loudly. That’s annoying too. A lot of noises tend to get on my nerves.

There is a man walking a dog. There are 2 men in hard hats sitting outside on lawn chairs with a glass of white wine. Classy.

Oh good, I have reached my destination. I can now happily enjoy the rest of my evening. Until tonight when I have to take public transit back home. Oh joy.


4 thoughts on “A bad case of the sniffles

  1. At least he didn’t start spitting. When I was at Glasgow Transport Museum (Scotland) there were signs on the old trams and buses telling people not to spit.TB was a major problem in the city in the early 20th Century before the National Health Service was established and people had to pay for their healthcare.

    Spitting was common with working-class men (and some women) causing the spread of TD. It was particularly rife in the slums, such as the Gorbals and the East End of the city where the majority of poor Irish Catholic and Italian immigrants lived.

    The Scots had better paid jobs that the immigrant labourers and could afford to live in the better parts of the city where TD was not so bad.


    • Agreed, I hate spitting. When I’m waiting at the bus stop, I’m often unfortunate enough to be standing near someone who makes it a point to spit on the ground.


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