An afternoon commute

I’m annoyed. Yes, I know, what else is new? But I started to write a blog post and then my stupid phone froze on me. And then when I finally got it working again, the draft wasn’t saved. And now I have to start over. Which I will. And try to remember things that happened and thoughts that I had since I was unable to write them down as they occurred.

So sometimes I do indeed end up commuting to work in the afternoon as opposed to the morning. Although I did leave the house before 12pm. But as happens every time pretty much without fail, the bus did not show up and so my commute did not begin until the afternoon. I tweeted translink to inquire about the delay, as I often tend to do, although I knew all too well that they would not get back to me until after the bus had finally shown up, at which point I would no longer be needing a response. But I did it anyway, because I could.

And so began my commute. The bus was really crowded. Why are there so many people commuting in the middle of the day? That’s annoying. There was a guy on the bus with a tattoo of a bee or some sort of insect on his neck. That would totally freak me out. I’d be afraid that it would somehow attract and draw the attention of other bees. And who would want a real bee hovering at their neck?

At the Brighouse Canada Line station, there is usually this old homeless guy asking for change. But sometimes he’s not there and it’s a woman instead. I’m used to this. One of them is always there. They don’t bother me nearly as much as the metro & 24 hours newspaper guys standing in my way shoving papers in my face. But today some lady at the station was complaining about her asking for change and saying that she had called the cops on her. She was ranting and raving about it. I thought she needed to chill out.

And it was when I got onto the train that my phone began to crap out. I got a bbm message and when I went to view it, my phone froze but continued flashing. I turned it off and on a couple times but that didn’t solve anything. I hate when it’s flashing but won’t respond to anything you press to allow you to stop it. I had no choice but to take out the battery and let it reboot. It took the entire train ride for it to reboot. Which was unfortunate because I would have like to use my phone during that time. Instead, I ate a muffin. Which people probably judged me for, as there may have been crumbs. But whatever.

The person behind me kept kicking or bumping against the seat. I hate that. But what I hated even more was when this girl walked by & totally hit me in the head with her purse. Not on purpose. At least I don’t think it was on purpose. But she just walked by & sat down as if nothing happened. How do you not realize you just hit someone in the head with your purse? Bitch. And then I judged her for the rest of the train ride. She had this stupid headband around her head as if she was going for a 60s look but failing. The look on her face was a mixture of sadness and entitlement, if that makes any sense. She probably thought I was jealous of her boyfriend. I was not. I mean he wasn’t bad looking, but at some point he started to bite his nails in a gross fashion and it was not attractive.

He was holding an H&M bag and I thought oh look she’s making him carry her stuff. And then I remembered H&M has guys clothes too, maybe it’s his. And then I remembered there was no H&M in Richmond, so maybe they were just using it to hold something else. Or maybe they were going to the H&M downtown to return something. I don’t know why I cared so much. I didn’t really, I just needed some way to pass the time. I could make small talk with the people around me, but it would have been small talk about how I was annoyed. And what was annoying me was the people around me, so no, that would not have worked out well at all.

At one point the lady who complained about the lady asking for change walked by & mumbled something at this guy & then said “no, I don’t smoke” or something like that. I was confused. There was a guy on the train with a sweatshirt that said Coldstream fire dept. I wondered if he was really a firefighter, because to me he looked more like a crackhead. And I wouldn’t want to rely on a crackhead to save me from a fire.

At the end of the train ride, my phone finally rebooted. It is now functioning again. I cursed bbm, as I believed that to be the source of the problem. And then I noticed that not only did I receive a bbm message, someone had tried to send me a picture in a file that was so large it had not yet downloaded. I’m pretty sure that’s what caused it. How annoying.

When I got off the sky train, I could have ran across the street. Before the light changed. But I didn’t feel like dying today. Then I noticed my bus was coming. But I did not commence running until it was safe to walk. I ran faster than the guy beside me. Shocking, I know. Maybe it’s the insoles I’m wearing in my hi tops today that gave me that extra something. I sat in the aisle seat next to someone who was getting off before me. And so I turned in my seat to let her out. But then she said she would be able to get past and made me get out of the seat to give her ample room. I felt that was unnecessary.

Well I’ve run out of time now and must maneuver around some fences to get to work. The guy behind me is beat boxing. I must walk faster to get away. The sun is shining. Crows are cawing. I must avoid getting hit by bicycles. Enjoy your day.

4 thoughts on “An afternoon commute

  1. Thank you for a most entertaing blog. I always look forward to your writing and although I’m sorry you had phone problems, I think not having your phone, for a while,might have turned out for the best. Keep up the good work.


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