One man, one stick, and two cops

I wasn’t going to write a commuting blog post today. But here’s something that I just felt was worth mentioning.

As the canada line pulled to Brighouse station, I looked out the window and saw my 401 bus. I knew it would drive away before I came down. But another one was scheduled to come 11 minutes later. But it didn’t. But none of this is exciting or even what I meant to write about. Just felt that a commuting blog post isn’t a commuting blog post without me complaining about Translink.

So as I went down the escalator to leave the station and head to the bus stop, I heard a noise. Like some sort of shaking thing. Like maracas, but louder. And I wondered what was going on. Was there some sort of performance or something going on down there? I saw a lot of people, but they were just exiting and entering the station.

And then I saw it. This man was shaking some sort of weird instrument thing. And he was singing. Singing about Jesus. I couldn’t quite make out all the words, but I remember something about the lord, and “only in Jesus”. Standing over him were two police officers. One of them was holding the long tribal looking stick, which I presume belonged to the man.

It looked like they were trying to question him or arrest him or something. But he wasn’t phased at all and just continued to shake his instrument and sing. I, among others, was fascinated by this display. Even the cops were amused, as I’m pretty sure I saw them smirk a bit due to disbelief that this man was just continuing what he was doing.

I was disappointed that my bus stop was across the street and further down, so I could not continue to bear witness to this event. At one point I think I saw the cop give the man back his stick. I have no idea what happened prior to this or how the cops became involved, nor do I know what became of this man afterwards. All I know is this display was random and unexpected and funny and that I felt the need to share it with you.


4 thoughts on “One man, one stick, and two cops

  1. Today,while waiting for my train I saw a guy try to break into a vending machine.He got frustrated and eventually gave up, but before leaving he tried to give it a karate style flying side kick,only to limp away in pain.I really wish I had recorded the whole ordeal.


    • Hahah yeah, there are so many times I wish I could record things, as I often forget about them later. I wonder what he was trying to get from the vending machine that he wanted so badly.


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