Too much meat

Despite doing groceries over the weekend, we somehow neglected to buy deli meat for sandwiches for lunch throughout the week. So on my way home last night, I stopped at Save-On- Foods to buy some. Oh wait, that’s a lie. I stopped at PriceSmart to buy some. Yeah, they changed the one in Richmond to a PriceSmart instead. Not sure why. It’s a lot uglier than the Save-On used to be. And now half the store feels like some sort of Asian market instead of a grocery store. But whatever.

I headed straight for the deli, walking quickly and purposefully, as I needed to get in, get out, and to my bus stop in a limited amount of time. It’s always so frustrating when you’re waiting at the deli counter and there’s someone ahead of you and for some reason the meat isn’t sliced already so they have to take their sweet time slicing it before they can package it. Why not have some sliced already to save us all some time?

When it was finally my turn, I asked 200 grams of black forest ham and 150 grams of chicken breast. Except I guess she misheard me and gave me 250 grams instead. But at that point I was already walking to the checkout, wasn’t sure if I had time to go back, and felt it pointless to make her unpackage and repackage it so she could remove some. So I thought okay whatever, I’ll just use a little more in my sandwich. I may have eaten a little of it while waiting at the bus stop, since it was more than I needed, after all.

When I got home, I told me mom that I bought deli meat, thinking she’d be happy since there had been complaints about there being none. And my family is always happy when I bring home food. But when I told her she said “So did I.” And I checked the fridge and saw that she’d also bought some ham. Well that was a fail. Apparently we can either have none, or way too much. The thing about meat is that it expires quicker than most things. I tried putting extra in my sandwich for today. But I still feel like we’ll be left with too much. I guess tomorrow I’ll just have to make two sandwiches, just to be sure.

And for those of you sitting there thinking “Did she actually just write an entire blog post about buying deli meat?” Yes. Yes I did.


6 thoughts on “Too much meat

  1. hmmmm…it’s bad when you cross that line to where you have too many leftovers and eating them becomes a chore…orrr when you have just a little bit too much pizza 🙂


    • I thought you were going to be like it’s bad when you cross that line to where you’re blogging about things as mundane as this. Lol. But yeah, I’m the type of person who, if there’s food in front of me, I’ll eat it, whether or not I’m hungry. And I think I did have a little too much pizza last night.


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