Can you hear me now?

It happens all the time. You’re on the phone with someone and something disrupts the connection and you can no longer hear them clearly. This especially sucks when you’re already hard of hearing and the person on the other end is already difficult to understand. These conversations can be embarrassing in public. But at some point, wouldn’t you just admit defeat, maybe try the call again, or move to a different area if possible? I would. But other people are apparently way more optimistic.

I always tend to witness someone having this problem. But they don’t give up. They say hello like a hundred times before finally realizing the call has dropped or that this isn’t going to work. Yesterday, I overheard a guy on the phone. It went something like this…

“Hello? Hello? Can you hear me? Hello? Can you hear me? Can you hear me? Hello? Can you hear me? Hello? Hello? Hello? Can you hear me? Can you hear me? Hello? Press the button. Press the button. Okay.”

Yeah. But imagine it with some pauses in between the hellos and can you hear me’s. And with a few more hellos and another can you hear me? I wasn’t counting how many times he asked each thing. It reminded me of those “Can you hear me now?” commercials. Except this guy was obviously not using Verizon Wireless. It also reminded me of the “Mom! Mom! Mom! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Momma! Momma!” thing from Family Guy where Stewie’s trying to get Lois’ attention. Because of it’s annoyingly repetitive nature.

I’m assuming he eventually got through to the guy though, because he stopped saying hello and said something about a button. Maybe the guy on the other end was an idiot and didn’t know what button adjusted the volume level on his phone and that’s why he couldn’t hear him. Who knows? But I guess it all worked out. Unless he was trying to diffuse a bomb which required the push of a button and didn’t make it cause he didn’t hear the guy tell him to push it? But the guy didn’t seem at all perturbed by the phone call so maybe not. Unless he’s just dead inside and didn’t care. But if he had to diffuse a bomb, that would probably involve cutting wires as opposed to pushing buttons right?

In any case, I’m glad he eventually got through. If he got through. I’m still not sure what happened exactly. But when you overhear those conversations, at some point you really just feel like getting up and grabbing their phone and throwing it and then yelling “No, he can’t hear you!” Because that would put an end to the ordeal and also force them to go and purchase a cell phone with better reception. So really, you’d be doing them a favour.

Loud phone conversations & lint

I know I’ve already written a blog post about a guy sitting beside me on public transit. But you knew there would be more where that came from. Because there is never a shortage of annoying people on public transit, especially the ones who sit beside me. Although in this case, I sat beside him, so I guess it was my own fault. But in my defense, it was the only seat left. Also this time I was on a bus, not a sky train. Big difference.

So apparently, believe it or not, there are worse things than crunching apples. Who knew? Well I did actually. But yeah. What was it this time? Well I got on the bus and sat down in the only seat available because I was definitely not in the mood to stand. And as luck would have it, the guy beside me was in a middle of a conversation. On his cell phone. Loudly. And obnoxiously. I myself had a really quick call that I was hoping to make, but there was no hope in hell I would have had hearing anything over this guy talking.

No matter. I could just sit there. Check for new Facebook notifications and tweets, send some text messages, what have you. Update my facebook status and tweet about the fact that the guy beside me was obnoxious, secretly hoping he would see it out of the corner of his eye and realize how annoying he was (he didn’t). But oh my God, it was like he was yelling. WHY DID HE HAVE TO YELL? Not angrily or anything. Just talking obnoxiously loud. For no good reason. I mean I suppose the person he was talking to may have a hearing problem or something. But it’s likely that the reason for his hearing loss was because he spent so much time around this guy.

It wasn’t as if the things he was talking about required a whole lot of enthusiasm or need to yell. He was going to Alberta for a wedding. Okay, I suppose that’s exciting enough, sure. But then he was also talking about how his voicemail wasn’t working so he didn’t know if this guy called him or not or something. And about his job and how he was doing data entry and stuff. Seriously, talk louder, I’d love to hear more, the whole bus would. No one cares about your data entry job, probably not even the guy on the other end of that call.

The worst part was, since it was a relatively happy call, he laughed a lot. And he had one of those really annoying and obnoxious laughs (yes I’m fully aware of my obnoxious overuse of the word obnoxious in this post but it’s the only word I can think of to describe it). I almost wished his friend had some depressing news for him, to make him stop laughing, and maybe lower his voice or even take a moment of silence. But not such luck. Apparently going home to do some of his readings was just such a good conversation topic and so hilarious that it requireed both laughter and yelling.

The talking wasn’t the only thing. He was also simultaneously picking lint off of his sweater. Profusely so. It reminded me of monkeys picking stuff off each other to clean themselves. Like why the hell is there so much lint and whatnot on your damn sweater? Is that lint? Should I be worried? Will whatever it is you’re so desperately trying to remove from your clothing harm me if I come into contact with it? Why am I sitting here?

At one point, I thought it was finally over. He actually ended his call. Thank God. But oh, it was far from over. Because he went and made another call. Of course he did. Why wouldn’t he? Perhaps he has unlimited minutes after 5pm? Mine don’t start until 6pm. Not that I would abuse them like that in public either way. But in any case, I had to endure another equally irritating phone call. I hope his minutes weren’t unlimited and that the extra call put him over his usage limit. Serves him right.

The call did end before my bus ride did and for that I am grateful. He spent the time remaining using his phone to play solitaire. I feel like if he’d had a second phone, he would have used it to continue the phone call and talk to the guy about his solitaire game and then laugh about what fun it was. Thank God he was only able to use it for one thing at a time. I think what bothers me most now though is the lint picking. Why wear the sweater if it’s clearly not ready for public exposure? It’s too bad his iPhone didn’t double as a lint brush.

I witnessed a theft

So I’m on the Canada Line, frustrated because my bus was cancelled this morning and I had to wait longer. While waiting at the bus stop, I began to eat my lumberjack sandwich from Safeway. Not the whole thing, just part of it. I did get a seat on the bus and the train, so it’s not so bad.

As I’m sitting on the train, everyone seems to be minding their own business. There are people standing, but it’s not too crowded. There is lots of empty standing room, at least at the first few stops. This young Asian guy who I didn’t really get a good look at was standing by the seats. When the train stopped at Aberdeen, he suddenly froze, crouched down and grabbed the bag that was next to the seats, and ran off the train. The doors nearly closed on him, but he made it.

I looked at the lady who was sitting closest to the bag, but she didn’t seem phased. Then the guy in front of her turned and looked at the floor where the bag once was. It had been his. He looked down and then up and asked “Did he just steal my bag?” And I told him yeah. No one else seemed bothered by it. I’m sure a lot of them didn’t even realize it happened. The guy told me there was nothing in it. Alright, so he made off with an empty bag? I guess that’s not as bad as it could have been. But then he said there were some books and stuff in it. Okay, that’s worse. I wondered why he wasn’t angrier. I think maybe he was in shock.

“Does this happen often?” He asked me. I told him no. I mean maybe it does, but I’d never seen it happen before. And I’d like to think I’m not as ignorant as most people. I told him he should report it, but he said that he didn’t think reporting it would help. He did get off at the next station though. Not sure what he planned on doing. Meanwhile, everyone else continued about their business.

I’m annoyed that no one seems to know what to do in that situation. Or I guess it’s just that no one really cares. If only there had been someone by the doors who could have apprehended the guy. Instead of the obsession with police checking fares all the time, maybe they should be concerned about issues of theft as well. I mean I know not paying your fare is considered theft, but you know what I mean. If the train had been more crowded, he may not have been able to run off like that. Although maybe if it were more crowded, he wouldn’t have had to run, and could have snuck through the crowds. Maybe this does happen often? There’s always those signs about pick pocketers, but no one ever expects their entire bag to be made off with.

I’m just glad that I always, well usually, have my bag(s) on my lap. Where I can see them. And hold them. A person would need to pry them out of my hands before making off with them. This is also a good reason never to sleep on public transit, no matter how tired you are. You don’t want to risk it. I know it’s cynical, but you can’t just blindly trust the people around you. Some places have signs that say “Thieves work here”. I think public transit needs “Thieves ride this train/bus” signs. Not that it would really help. But you know. It might just warn a few people at the very least.

I don’t know what happened to that guy, if he got help or anything. It was a black bag, briefcase looking I think. It all happened so fast so I’m really not sure. Maybe karma’s a bitch and the young guy tripped as he ran out of the station? Except no one was chasing him and no one outside of the train would have known that he had stolen it. The guy who’s bag it was seemed pretty calm, albeit shocked. If it had been my bag, I’d be freaking out. Now I’m paranoid. Beware of bag thieves. And thieves in general. It’s unfortunate, but they may be riding your train or bus right now.

The beautiful blogger award

Yes, I have been nominated for another blogging award.  And in keeping with my usual timely schedule, I have once again taken an entire month to go ahead and accept it.  A month ago, I was nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award by Resa, author of the blog Queen’s End.  I’m not sure if this means that I’m beautiful, or that my blog is beautiful.  Or maybe she just thinks that my shoes are beautiful.  But either way, I’ll take it.

I want to thank Resa for her comments and support of my blog.  I really appreciate it.  It seems that we both share of love of shoes, shopping, and humour.  She works as a costume designer and I feel like she lives this glamorous life that I wish I had.  Check out her blog to read about it.

I also wanted to post this picture of my shoe.  Random, I know.  But I feel like it’s similar to the shoe picture that she posted on her blog.  Although her shoe was nicer than this one.  But I still like my black Converse.  But I wish mine came with pink laces like her shoe did.

But enough about shoes.  There’s plenty of time for that later.  Let’s get back to what’s important.  Awards.  And receiving them.  In order for me to accept this award, I’m supposed to nominate 6 or 7 other bloggers to receive the award as well and notify them.  Here are my recipients…

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I would highly recommend checking out these blogs for their humour, ideas, style, and of course, beauty.  You won’t be disappointed.  And if you are, you can ask for your money back.  Oh wait, you’re not paying anything.  In which case you have no excuse.

All Orbed out

So I sort of went to another Orb clothing sale. I very nearly didn’t. But I did. Don’t give me that look. You knew I would. But this time it was better than last time. Did I spend considerably less money? No, of course not. In fact I think I spent more. But trust me, it really was better.

I went there during the final hour, so as not to give myself ample time to shop. When I walked in, the first thing I saw was a rack of flojos flip flops. Funny how after the shoe sale, I was like I’m done with shoes, and that’s the first thing I go for at the Orb sale. Go figure. They were 3 for $25. I considered buying 6, but felt that would be too excessive. See, better.

What was different about this sale, was that I wasn’t seeing many things I really wanted. Maybe, as my friend would say, I was all orbed out. Usually I would grab 10 different tops to try on. But I didn’t. I tried on some pants and some shorts, which I am in desperate need of right now. But they didn’t fit right. I wasn’t expecting them too. Oh well.

They did have some great jackets there though. Go figure, jackets when it’s now summer. Although it doesn’t feel like summer, so maybe jackets weren’t such a bad idea. I bought this awesome jean jacket that I absolutely love. I’ve worn it twice already. And I plan to wear it many more times.

So all I bought for myself were 2 jackets and some flip flops. Not bad, right? The other jacket is waterproof and can withstand 2000mm of rain, according to the waterproof rating. That’ll come in handy, right? So how did I spend more than the last time? Well this time, I wasn’t selfish.

It was Father’s Day. And I felt badly about buying things for myself. So I bought a couple shirts for my dad. And my brother had been complaining about how he needed a new backpack. So I bought him one, and one for my sister who needed one too. And I got her a waterproof jacket too, since I didn’t really get her anything for her birthday, although apparently it’s the wrong size. I could keep it for myself, but I don’t need another one. Hopefully my friend will buy it off me.

And I also bought some scarves for my mom since she likes scarves and I didn’t want to not get her anything. Also I can borrow the scarves. For my twin brothers, I didn’t get them anything. Because there was really nothing there for eleven year olds. And I don’t think they have that much homework that they needed big, good quality backpacks. Not yet anyway. Dakine makes good backpacks, and they were 50% off at the sale.

But here’s the part where I failed majorly. I. Forgot. My. Visa. Yeah. What the fuck, right? What kind of idiot forgets their visa when they’re going to a sale? That’s pretty much like the equivalent of forgetting my phone. Which is of course unheard of. But I had my debit card. But I didn’t have enough money in my account. Fail!

Luckily, my friend was kind enough to put it on her card & lend me the money. I am so grateful, because not everyone would do that. I can think of other people who if I’d gone shopping with them would have just been like that’s too bad or just told me off for being stupid. I am so thankful that my shopping buddy is not like that. I feel like sometimes we enable each other with our shopping addictions, but we can also be a good voice of reason for each other as well. It’s okay, the shopping habit is under control. Although Orb is having another sale next weekend in White Rock… But that’s way too far to drive to be worth it… Right?

I went to a shoe sale and didn’t go crazy

So on Friday after work, I went to the Designer Shoe Warehouse Sale by Petite Feet at the Richmond Olympic Oval.  I know, it was definitely too soon for me, as Army & Navy was only a couple months ago.  But whatever.  I had to at least check it out.  I’m sure people would think there was something wrong if hadn’t gone.

I thought the location of the sale was funny.  I mean it was right next to a basketball court.  Where a bunch of people were playing basketball.  I’m not sure who got more of a workout, the basketball players, or the shoe shoppers.

There seemed to be a lot of size 6s.  Everywhere.  I swear that was half the sale.  I guess because those are the sample sizes.  That’s always so upsetting.  I guess it was called the “Petite Feet” sale for a reason.

Flashbacks from the Army & Navy Shoe Sale hit me as I saw the racks.  But it really wasn’t as exciting at all.  I found the size 8 racks and looked through my options.  None of the shoes had prices on them.  And then I saw the signs which indicated them and I wasn’t too impressed.  The sandals were $50.  And then it was $60 for other ones, flats I think?  And then even higher prices for other heels and whatnot.  Boots were over $100.  At Army & Navy, each pair of shoes I bought was $39.99 or less.

You could get a free pair, but only if you bought 4 pairs first.  Forget that.  I was thinking maybe I could try and pool together some pairs with my friends and then get a free pair between us and then split it somehow.  But that idea was too complicated to pull off.

I saw these shoes on the rack and recognized them immediately.  I bought them at Army & Navy.  And here they were again, except this time more expensive.  This upset me, but also made me happier about my Army & Navy purchases.  It was funny seeing all these women scramble over the designer shoes at the Oval, when I had already found much better deals.

I threw a couple pairs in my basket and then walked over to a table.  A table filled with walking shoes.  I found this intriguing.  Mostly because they were only $15.  Now they were speaking my language.  They were interesting too.  They had these built in Dr. Scholl’s insoles.  They were all pretty much the same, but came in different colours.  I tried to see which ones looked the least like old people walking shoes.

I looked up from where I was and could see in the distance, a bunch of people on exercise equipment, like stationary bikes and treadmills working out.  I bet that from a distance, they could see a bunch of people trying on shoes.

I found a chair next to the table and sat down with my basket.  I looked down at it and thought it was rather sad.  I mean I barely even needed the basket.  Which is funny, since at the last shoe sale I attended, I was lugging around two full ones.  I guess this is a good thing?  This means that I’ve improved, right?

I didn’t really need anymore heels.  I needed something comfortable.  And built in insoles just seemed so cool.  I just needed to figure out what colour to get.  Normally I’d go with blue, but I already own a pair of blue running shoes.

I tried on other shoes anyway.  I mean you never until you try them, right?  I liked these Franco Sarto flats.  But they were $50.  Well, $40 with the VIP coupon.  Because you know I printed the shit out of those coupons.  Apparently I didn’t have to, because you get a $10 coupon just for checking into the sale on Facebook.  But I don’t check into places on Facebook anymore.

I also liked this pair of flats.  But again, did I want to pay $60, or more, or however much they cost?  I was also worried that the jewel part on the top might break off somehow.  Even if they seemed secure, count on me to find a way to cause them to break.  Because I tend to not take that great care of my things.  I love shoes, but I don’t always treat them very well.

These gold shoes were nice.  But not for my feet.  I think my toes are wider than the average person’s toes.  And as a result, pointy or narrow shoes don’t seem to work for me.  My toes were coming off of the shoe.  There was just not enough shoe there for them to rest on.  Such a pity.

I think these were Naturalizers.  So they were comfortable.  But they didn’t look good enough.  It’s also really awkward trying on shoes when they’re attached by that string thing that keeps them together.  I mean okay, it prevents you from misplacing one of the pair.  But it’s also quite annoying.  I often snap the string, accidentally on purpose, so that I can walk in the shoes properly to test them out.

These shoes were on a $30 table.  But they didn’t fit very well.  I was beginning to lose hope.  On one hand, I was upset that I’d chosen to come there and that the selection wasn’t as great as it could have been.  But on the other hand, I was grateful that I wouldn’t be wasting a lot of money there.

I kind of liked these flats.  But they were really flat.  Which yes, flats tend to be.  But I mean after a while of wearing them, I’m sure my feet would be sore from lack of support.  I didn’t really need another pair of black flats.  But the grey flower design sort of set these apart.

I sort of had my own little shoes trying on station set up at the end of the table.  It was quite efficient.  I’m really glad I found that chair and was able to claim it as my own before someone else was able to.

My friend tried on this crazy pair of heels with spikes on the back.  These killer shoes could do some serious damage.  I think they were one of the most expensive pairs there.  I guess because of the fact that they could easily double as a weapon?

In terms of support, walking shoes were the way to go.  I mean it made sense, I was at the Oval and next to a basketball court after all.  Not that I would be playing any sports or anything.  The problem with these was that, however comfortable, they were just too darn loose, even when I tightened the laces.

I opted for trying on a size 7.5 instead of an 8, which normally would be unheard of.  But for some reason, they did fit me better.  I decided to go with the purple ones.  There was also pink and red, but purple seemed best.  And the ones that were just plain white reminded me too much of old people walking shoes.

I tried on the flats again, this time with socks on.  Yes, I am aware of how ridiculous it looks.  But they were just so much more comfortable that way.  If I were able to pull off this look, I would.  But I guess after that it would be a slippery slope towards socks and sandals.

The socks weren’t as bad with the black flats.  But I guess it still just didn’t work.  Perhaps if I wore a different pair of socks?  Like plain black ones?  But then where’s the fun in that? I guess if I feel the need to wear sock with the flats, then it just wasn’t meant to be.

In the end, I spent $15.  Well $16 something after tax.  Unfortunately, the VIP coupon did not work towards the walking shoes.  I guess that’s because they were so cheap already.  What a waste that I printed out three coupons.  Oh well.  I like how they bag the shoes in plastic.  It’s as if they’re bagging them as evidence.  Evidence that you’ve spent money that you probably shouldn’t have.

Commuting, decision making, shoes sales, & babies

I had to run across the street this morning to make it to the bus. Well I didn’t have to. I could’ve just missed it. But that would have screwed up the rest of my commute. A small price to pay, I suppose. Although I was kind of out of breath after. But I did not pant and breathe heavily as others often do. Why am I so out of shape? Maybe I need to start going to the gym again. Or just continue to run for buses. I’m guessing they both have the same sort of effect.

It’s a nice day today. Finally, no need for a jacket. I would really love to wear sandals, but am unable to because of work. I was going to bring a pair of flip flops with me, as I may go to a shoe sale later. But of course I forgot. Oh well. I think Resa, author of the blog Queen’s End, would appreciate a picture of the shoes I am currently wearing.  Nothing fancy, but they’re comfortable and they’re hi-tops.  Although you can’t tell, as my pant legs are covering them.

I have a dilemma. Well, a first world problems dilemma. There’s an Orb clothing sale today. And there’s a designer shoe sale today. I cannot attend both, as I will be at work and will barely have enough time to stop by one. They’re both in different places in Richmond, neither one more convenient than the other. How do I decide? I know I have already attended both an Orb sale and a shoe sale within the past couple months. And so you’d probably tell me not to attend either and to exercise some self control for once. But I feel as though it’s expected of me to go. And to follow it up with a blog post filled with a confusing mix of awesomeness, excitement, and regret.

I feel like a few people were staring at me on the Canada Line. This one older lady in particular. Perhaps because of my shirt. It’s the one that says “Keep Calm and Buy Shoes” in big letters across it. I think perhaps by deciding to wear this shirt, I kind of made my decision as to which sale I’ll be attending. Or maybe not. The other day I wore my “Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake” shirt and I did not in fact eat a cupcake that day. Misleading, I know.

Oh God, the guy across from me just sneezed really loudly & disgustingly. That was out of the blue and completely uncalled for. He’s also like flapping his legs. I can’t really explain it. But he’s sitting with his legs wide apart and then moving them in and out. And it resembles wings flapping. Why is he doing that? What purpose could it possibly serve? Is this some sort of weird exercise I don’t know about? That helps with…something? Now he’s tapping each foot, one after the other, neither one at the same time. I guess he’s just sort of restless? Either way, it’s annoying.

On the Canada Line earlier, I decided to do something I’d never done before. Okay, not true. Something I rarely do, especially in the mornings. I walked to the back of the train. Not the very back, but in that area. Because I thought maybe there were seats there. But I was sadly mistaken. There was however, more standing room. I normall like to be at the very front, or wherever’s closest to the escalator so I can get the hell out of the station as fast as possible. But I had enough time this morning that it didn’t really matter.

One stop before my stop, a woman with a baby carriage got on and stood next to me. Or a stroller I guess. Does anyone call them baby carriages anymore? Is there a difference? Anyway, I’m not a baby person. Like, if you think I’m awkward around adults, it’s way worse with babies. I don’t know what to say or what to do or how to act. Sometimes I think I’m dead inside, cause when someone brings a baby somewhere, everyone else will crowd around & be all like “Hi!” “Oh my God you’re so cute!” and various random baby talk things. And I’ll just sort of be there.

Today, as this baby was looking around, it looked at me. And I looked back. I didn’t say anything. What am I supposed to say? It’s a baby. I didn’t make a funny face or sound or anything. But I decided I would smile at him and see what happens. And lo and behold it, he actually smiled back. Who would have thought? Naturally, I just expected that he would continue to stare, look confused, and then lose interest. But he smiled at me a few times and seemed to be enjoying himself. Perhaps I’m not completely dead inside after all? Or maybe he just thought I looked funny?

I think being the oldest of five kids has generally make me dislike kids. But the smile of that baby may have restored my faith for a moment. But then I went down the stairs and saw the entire station pretty much was filled with parents and small yelling children. And that just totally brought me back to reality. No idea why they were there or where they were going. And I don’t care. Not my problem. Thank God.

So that was my morning. And my thought process during it. Parts of it anyway. I think the baby smiling at me contributed to me being in a slightly better mood than normal. But you know, it was countered by all the annoying people I encountered afterwards. But it’s okay, because shopping tonight may just lift my spirits once again.

It’s annoying when you’re so close to writing an entire blog post before starting work in the morning but then you run out of time

I came so close to finishing the blog post I started writing on the bus this morning. But alas, I’ve run out of time and must now go to work. Rather than madly scramble to finish it and have it end up looking rushed and mediocre, I will wait until later today to publish it. Meanwhile, I leave you with this pointless post, the only purpose of which is to let you know that another post will likely be coming later in the day. You’re welcome.


So the other night I went out for some drinking and dancing.  But as with most nights, the most memorable part does not happen at the club, although there were a few.  Like the moment where this guy started dancing up behind me and I couldn’t see what he looked like.  So I said to my friend “What does the guy behind me look like?”.  To which she replied “He looks like he’s high or something.”  At which point I decidedly moved away from said guy.  It’s always good to have a friend you can count on in moments such as those.

There was also the moment when I was in the bathroom and Don’t Stop Believing started playing.  All the girls started singing and dancing as if that bathroom was a dance floor.  But I think a lot of people in most places treat wherever they are at the moment that song plays as a dance floor.  That’s just how it is.  But one girl did not go crazy like the rest.  Instead, she asked her friend what the song was.  Apparently she had never heard it before.

And there was the time before I got there, when I was making my way on the sky train.  There were these two drunk underage girls who decided to go and sit on the ledge at the back of the sky train.  And one of them was somewhat incoherently babbling about how she always wanted to sit up there but thought that people would judge her and how it was natural and like the circle of life.  And then she started singing The Circle of Life.  Badly.  And then they talked about how they were meeting up with some guys who I guess were foreign because they said that if they got caught drinking, they would get deported.  They were thankful that they themselves would only get thrown in the drunk tank.  I wonder what ended up happening to them.

And there was the time at the bar when we ordered a pitcher and my friend poured it badly and we laughed about how there was too much head.  And yes, I know, I’m totally jumping all over the places with these random moments and not going in any order whatsoever.  But I’m talking about a night that involved drinking, so really you can’t expect me to recollect things in the chronological order in which they occurred.

At the end of the night, we were standing outside on the corner, figuring out which way to go and seeing who was taking a cab or a night bus or whatever and making sure we knew where we were going.  While we were doing so, this guy was pushing another guy in a wheelchair across the street.  There was something wrong with this guy.  Both of them actually.  The old guy in the wheelchair was scary looking and incoherent.  We thought nothing of it, but then suddenly he reached out his hand and yelled “Bahhh!” at whoever was around.  Which happened to be us.  I don’t know what he wanted.  Money?  He didn’t say, nor did the guy who was pushing him.  But upon getting to our side of the street, they did not keep going.  They sort of hung around that area, continuing whatever it was they were trying to accomplish.  We had to move away several times, because the guy kept pushing him in our direction.  Eventually, we figured out our shit and crossed the street.

Don’t ask me why that was the most memorable moment.  I really couldn’t tell you.  I guess it’s just not everyday that someone appears out of nowhere and yells “Bahhh!” at you as if it’s supposed to mean something, let alone someone in a wheelchair in the dark in the middle of the night.

I want to go to a blogging conference

So apparently there is such a thing as a blogging conference.  Who knew?  I certainly didn’t.  But they exist.  Or at least one does.  I was reading Red Lips and Academics, one of the blogs I follow, and the author, Laura, wrote a post where she mentioned she attended the Bloggers in Sin City conference this year.  It sounds fascinating.

I’m really glad I stumbled across her blog post, because otherwise I would have no idea.  Not that I’m necessarily going to go.  But I will definitely think about it, since it seems like a great opportunity.  And a lot of people I know don’t really understand my obsession with blogging or how I can blog as much as I do.  I was talking to this guy the other day and I told him I blogged and he asked me what I blogged about.  I said I blogged about my life.  And he asked me if my life was really interesting.  And I said no.  And he was left confused and I didn’t feel like explaining myself.  It would be cool to meet people who shared that passion, who just understood and didn’t judge.

There’s a contest held by Lucky Bloke where you can win entry to the conference next year.  That would really cool, since the expenses are what would prevent me from going.  The event is capped at only 60 people, and apparently some register super early.  It’s in May, so maybe I’ll forget about it by then.  But right now, it seems like an amazing opportunity.  Lucky Bloke is a condom subscription service which donates 10% of its sales to urgent humanitarian causes, which is pretty cool.  Anyone in need of condoms should check out their site, because as your needs are met, the needs of others will be met too.  The tagline on there is “Have more sex and save the world”, which I thought was pretty clever.  They offer other things too, like aphrodisiac chocolates and massage oils.  How very fitting that the conference takes place in Vegas.  And how awesome that Lucky Bloke is giving away one of the limited spots at the conference.

I’ve been wanting to go back to Vegas, it’s been a while since the one and only time that I went.  This would be a good excuse to do so.  And then I could tell people that I was attending a conference, like it was for some important business meeting.  Or you know, I could just plan a trip there anyway.  You don’t really need an excuse for Vegas, do you?  But it would be very cool if I had one, and even cooler if I obtained it by helping to promote condoms.