The guy beside me

I’m on the canada line. Yes, what else is new. It is where I spend most of my life. This guy got on, and there were other seats available closer to him, but he passed by them and chose the one next to me instead. Which is fine, I know that having an empty seat beside me is a rare and fleeting moment that will not last. Things were going fine, he reached down and fumbled through his backpack for a bit. And then he took out an apple. And had the audacity to eat it.

Okay, so a normal person would not be bothered by this. But it irks me so much when people eat apples in public. It’s just the way they crunch it. It’s one of the loudest foods you can eat. And the crunching doesn’t stop until they’re down to the core. Really it shouldn’t annoy me, I eat in public all the time. But not apples. Maybe it’s partly due to the fact that I don’t like skin on apples. I’d rather eat it in slices, with the skin peeled off. But to each their own I guess. Maybe I’m the weird one.

He finished that apple rather quickly though. Which I appreciated. There’s nothing worse than a prolonged period of crunching. And then he put the core into a little plastic bag so he could dispose of it later. At least he cared enough to do that. Maybe he wasn’t just an apple crunching douchebag.

Then he fumbled through his backpack some more, and pulled out some papers. They looked like some sort of court documents. Was he in trouble with the law? Should I be afraid? Or maybe he’s a law student reviewing a case? But they looked pretty legit. Not that I would know. But either way, it intrigued me. Not because he might be a criminal. And not because he might be a lawyer. It’s just that there was more to him than crunching apples.

My stop came up, and I had to get off the train, leaving him behind. Which is a shame, because I feel like if I had stayed, he would have pulled something else out of that backpack that may have been even more interesting. I guess I’ll never know.


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