Commuting, decision making, shoes sales, & babies

I had to run across the street this morning to make it to the bus. Well I didn’t have to. I could’ve just missed it. But that would have screwed up the rest of my commute. A small price to pay, I suppose. Although I was kind of out of breath after. But I did not pant and breathe heavily as others often do. Why am I so out of shape? Maybe I need to start going to the gym again. Or just continue to run for buses. I’m guessing they both have the same sort of effect.

It’s a nice day today. Finally, no need for a jacket. I would really love to wear sandals, but am unable to because of work. I was going to bring a pair of flip flops with me, as I may go to a shoe sale later. But of course I forgot. Oh well. I think Resa, author of the blog Queen’s End, would appreciate a picture of the shoes I am currently wearing.  Nothing fancy, but they’re comfortable and they’re hi-tops.  Although you can’t tell, as my pant legs are covering them.

I have a dilemma. Well, a first world problems dilemma. There’s an Orb clothing sale today. And there’s a designer shoe sale today. I cannot attend both, as I will be at work and will barely have enough time to stop by one. They’re both in different places in Richmond, neither one more convenient than the other. How do I decide? I know I have already attended both an Orb sale and a shoe sale within the past couple months. And so you’d probably tell me not to attend either and to exercise some self control for once. But I feel as though it’s expected of me to go. And to follow it up with a blog post filled with a confusing mix of awesomeness, excitement, and regret.

I feel like a few people were staring at me on the Canada Line. This one older lady in particular. Perhaps because of my shirt. It’s the one that says “Keep Calm and Buy Shoes” in big letters across it. I think perhaps by deciding to wear this shirt, I kind of made my decision as to which sale I’ll be attending. Or maybe not. The other day I wore my “Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake” shirt and I did not in fact eat a cupcake that day. Misleading, I know.

Oh God, the guy across from me just sneezed really loudly & disgustingly. That was out of the blue and completely uncalled for. He’s also like flapping his legs. I can’t really explain it. But he’s sitting with his legs wide apart and then moving them in and out. And it resembles wings flapping. Why is he doing that? What purpose could it possibly serve? Is this some sort of weird exercise I don’t know about? That helps with…something? Now he’s tapping each foot, one after the other, neither one at the same time. I guess he’s just sort of restless? Either way, it’s annoying.

On the Canada Line earlier, I decided to do something I’d never done before. Okay, not true. Something I rarely do, especially in the mornings. I walked to the back of the train. Not the very back, but in that area. Because I thought maybe there were seats there. But I was sadly mistaken. There was however, more standing room. I normall like to be at the very front, or wherever’s closest to the escalator so I can get the hell out of the station as fast as possible. But I had enough time this morning that it didn’t really matter.

One stop before my stop, a woman with a baby carriage got on and stood next to me. Or a stroller I guess. Does anyone call them baby carriages anymore? Is there a difference? Anyway, I’m not a baby person. Like, if you think I’m awkward around adults, it’s way worse with babies. I don’t know what to say or what to do or how to act. Sometimes I think I’m dead inside, cause when someone brings a baby somewhere, everyone else will crowd around & be all like “Hi!” “Oh my God you’re so cute!” and various random baby talk things. And I’ll just sort of be there.

Today, as this baby was looking around, it looked at me. And I looked back. I didn’t say anything. What am I supposed to say? It’s a baby. I didn’t make a funny face or sound or anything. But I decided I would smile at him and see what happens. And lo and behold it, he actually smiled back. Who would have thought? Naturally, I just expected that he would continue to stare, look confused, and then lose interest. But he smiled at me a few times and seemed to be enjoying himself. Perhaps I’m not completely dead inside after all? Or maybe he just thought I looked funny?

I think being the oldest of five kids has generally make me dislike kids. But the smile of that baby may have restored my faith for a moment. But then I went down the stairs and saw the entire station pretty much was filled with parents and small yelling children. And that just totally brought me back to reality. No idea why they were there or where they were going. And I don’t care. Not my problem. Thank God.

So that was my morning. And my thought process during it. Parts of it anyway. I think the baby smiling at me contributed to me being in a slightly better mood than normal. But you know, it was countered by all the annoying people I encountered afterwards. But it’s okay, because shopping tonight may just lift my spirits once again.

7 thoughts on “Commuting, decision making, shoes sales, & babies

  1. I think we’re hard wired to like babies and I’ve known a few tough people that would kill you as soon as look at you who’ve melted at a baby’s smile. The species must go on.


  2. Hmmmmm…that baby did the hard work and then the toddlers messed it up outside….I’m a kindergarten teacher and this soooo doesn’t surprise me…lol


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