I ate my lunch on the bus

In effort to save money and trouble, I try as often as I possibly can to bring a lunch from home. That way I don’t have to figure out a place to go to buy it and then waste time going to said establishment and lining up and having to choose between options that I don’t really want.

The last couple days I neglected to make a lunch, as there was really nothing much at home I felt like having. A grocery shopping trip is definitely in order. As a result, I ended up with lunches I wasn’t happy with. I went to the Pita Pit, where the turkey pita I got was good. But I should have bought a larger size, as it wasn’t actually that filling. And the next day I went to The Moon, where I got lemon chicken and chow mein. Which wasn’t that great. It’s really not the place to go if you want good Chinese food. But it was there. So I went.

So last night I decided not to be lazy and I made myself a wrap before I went to bed. Tuna, olives, mushrooms, rice, and cheese. I would have liked to add lettuce as well, but alas, we had none. I know rice seems like an odd addition. But whatever.

Herein lies the problem. In the morning, I often don’t have time for breakfast. Sometimes I have just enough time to grab a muffin or a bun before heading out the door, other times not so much. And other times there are no muffins nor buns. So all I have time to do is retrieve my lunch from the fridge and make a mad dash for the bus stop. Such was the case this morning.

And so as I sit here on the bus, I’ve already eaten half the wrap. But I’ve stopped myself in effort to save the remainder for when it’s actually time for lunch. I guess this is at least better than the times when I’ve forgotten my lunch at home. But either way, I’m left without food in the middle of the day. It’s still early, and with each passing minute, the chance that my half a lunch will still be here at lunchtime gets slimmer and slimmer. Which is the opposite of what I’ll get if I keep eating so much.

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