I went to a yoga class

Yeah. For the first time ever. Why? Well I bought this online voucher from Buytopia, $20 for 20 yoga classes at Robson Street Yoga. It seemed like a good idea at the time. People had suggested I try yoga and eventually I reluctantly thought okay, why not? And then the voucher just sat there for several months, collecting dust.

But today I finally worked up the nerve to go. I called to tell them I was coming. They have a 24 hour cancellation policy, so there was no backing out now. I brought my yoga pants and my quick dry t-shirt, looking completely awkward. They have mats there that you can use, which is good, seeing as I’d rather not carry around a yoga mat with me all day. I do not want to be one of those people. Although now that I think about it, using the public mats is kind of gross, since your whole body is on it, your feet are bare, and you spend some time lying on it. But we spray and wipe them down afterwards. I’ll try not to think about it.

So yeah, first time. It was a hatha yoga class. I have no idea what hatha means. But sure. I went into it knowing full well I would suck and probably hate it. Because it’s exercise. Which is something I suck at and hate. I got a little confused trying to follow along with some of the various poses. And then upset when I couldn’t do them properly. I think I did the downward facing dog pose wrong. Yeah I know, how the hell do you screw up the downward facing dog? Trust me to find a way.

The instructor said to listen to my body before listening to her. So I guess do what I’m comfortable with before trying to keep up with her. I tried listening, but I think my body may have been giving me the silent treatment because it was so angry at me for making it be there and forcing it to attempt various stretches and poses. At certain points, the instructor would say do this only if it feels good or something along those lines. And I thought um, none of this feels good. Should I just lie down on the mat until it’s over?

Lying down on the mat was my favourite part actually. At the end, we just lie there and breathe and let go. Although it’s hard letting go. I think you’re not supposed to think at that point, and just clear your mind. But my mind is constantly racing, and near impossible to clear. So I guess that part was hard too. None of it was easy. Except maybe the child pose. I like the child pose. At one point we were doing some sort of stretches and then went to the child pose and then she said we could stay like that or try this other thing. Obviously I stayed like that.

I don’t remember what all the positions were. There’s downward facing dog, and I think you can turn that into a table? There’s the child pose. There’s a half moon pose, some sort of warrior pose, a sun salutation, a frog pose. Actually I don’t know if there’s a frog pose, I think I just made that up. But whatever. There’s lots of stretching and lots of being uncomfortable. But apparently in the end, it’s all supposed to be good for your body? Apparently?

At one point during the class, the instructor said we were halfway through the class. And I thought only? Seriously? At that point I thought maybe it was almost over. But no. Apparently not. I’m glad she informed us about the halfway mark though, otherwise I’d have no sense of time whatsoever. And I hate that. During one pose that required balance, she said she saw a lot of peaceful faces, so she wasn’t going to get us to switch positions just yet. I’m pretty sure mine was not one of the peaceful faces. I began to think that perhaps hell was a never ending yoga class.

Okay, I exaggerate. It wasn’t that bad. Just some of it was a little advanced for me. But I could do it again. And I will do it again. Because I hate myself. And because I still have 19 more visits to go from that voucher I bought. That’s 19 more hours of stretches and poses. Perhaps at the end of it I’ll be super flexible and fit. Or maybe I’ll pull a muscle or break something from falling over while trying to maintain balance during one of the poses. Who knows? Only time will tell.

I want a convertible dress

I love outfits that are convertible.  Versatility and convertibility are amazing qualities for a garment to have.  I remember when I watched Fashion Star, one of my favourite pieces was the convertible skirt that Orly made.  The model walked down the runway, and then undid the zipper around the waist to remove the top part of the skirt, creating a whole different look.  Unfortunately that was the first thing she made, and everything she made thereafter just wasn’t as good.  But the skirt was awesome.

I remember watching an episode of Dragons’ Den where this woman had created a convertible dress.  It was a while ago, so I don’t remember exactly what the styles looked like, but I remember that I thought it was a brilliant idea.  To be able to buy one dress and wear it multiple ways to achieve multiple different looks, who wouldn’t want one of those?

There is also a company called Wrap Magic Skirts which does the same thing.  They have various skirts and dresses which can be worn over 100 different ways.  Their newest creation is the convertible dress, which is the same idea as what I saw on Dragons’ Den, except it’s a different company.  The convertible dress looks amazing.  The website has videos which demonstrate the various ways you can change the look.  They retail for $250.

But as luck would have it, there’s an online deal.  Two actually, one on SwarmJam and one on Deal Getters.  The deal lets you order one for $49.  Taxes and shipping are not included though.  But it’s still a significant reduction from the full retail price.  I am so tempted to buy one.  I can justify it by saying that I’m not paying a lot for just one dress, I’m paying a lot essentially to get multiple dresses.  And a skirt.  Yes, it can also be transformed to be worn as a skirt.

But I’m still debating as to whether I should get it.  I mean I don’t really have an event or occasion that I need it for.  I never really NEED these things.  But I’m sure I’d make good use of it somehow.  Chances are I’d probably find one way of wearing it that I like the most and then constantly wear it that way, defeating the purpose of its versatility.  Or even more likely, I would screw it up somehow, trying desperately to follow the steps from the video but ultimately being unable to achieve the desired look.  Then maybe I’d end up just wearing it as a skirt, unable to figure out the dress styles.  Because I tend to fail at fashion.  But it’s worth a try, right?


My main problem is I’m indecisive.  If I do in fact buy one, I have no idea which colour to get.  How do I decide?  If they had a convertible dress that also changes colour, now that would really be something.  That would be the ultimate in versatility.  But alas, there is no such thing.  It would make sense to get black, since a little black dress is an essential part of any wardrobe.  But I think I should get something colourful.  I think I look good in purple.  But I have a couple purple dresses already.  Though none like this.  The blue is really nice too.  Maybe the blue?  But what about the red?  Or the other shade of blue?  Or the green even?  I want them all!

Also, there are two different styles of the dress you can choose from to order.  The first one is really nice, but a lot of the styles are backless, which poses the problem of finding the right bra.  So perhaps the second style would be better.  But I like them both.  Chances are, by the time I make up my mind as to whether to buy it and which one to buy, the deal will have expired or sold out.  And then I will be left with non-buyer’s remorse, which is really an awful feeling.  Because I’m only going to buy one with the deal.  I can’t afford a $250 dress.

What do you think?  Should I get one?  And if so, which colour?

Sour cream & bacon chips

I did not know these existed. But I happened across them when I popped into Shoppers Drug Mart to kill time while waiting for my bus. Ruffles chips are 2 for $4 at the moment. I love Ruffles. There’s something about the ridges that make the chips that much better. My favourite is probably all dressed, but I’m excited to try sour cream & bacon. You can’t go wrong with bacon, right?

My favourite kind of old person

Sometimes I complain about old people. When they shove me, or walk too slowly right in front of me. But I don’t generalize. They’re not all bad. Just a few that give the rest a bad name. But there are some old people who I admire.

This one time I was on the Canada Line and this old man was standing. Sometimes people who are neither old nor handicapped will sit in the priority seating seats when there are others around who need them more. That pisses me off. But the girl did offer her seat to the old man. But he turned it down and continued to stand. That’s my favourite kind of old person, one who doesn’t let age slow him down. I had to stand that day too, and I liked that we could both stand together in solidarity. If he was happy to stand without complaining, then so was I.

This morning, I had to stand again, as I often do. This time, an old woman got on at the next stop. She was also offered a seat. Actually I think someone might have told the person in the seat they should offer her their seat. The person in the priority seating area is often oblivious. But the old woman refused the seat as well and continued to stand. I like when that happens. She was also very good at standing. I mean, she was standing near me, but didn’t crowd or have an annoying habit as most people who stand near me often do. I greatly appreciated this. I also liked her shoes. They weren’t your typical old lady walking shoes. Needless to say, she’s my new idol. That’s the kind of old person that I want to be, if I ever make it to that age.

I almost gave a middle aged Asian lady a lap dance

No, not intentionally. I don’t mean that I thought about doing it but couldn’t work up the nerve to. Do you honestly think that would be something I would want to do? It was never my intention. It’s just something that could have potentially occurred due to a combination of my poor sense of balance and Translink conspiring against me.

This morning, I got on the bus, walked down the aisle, and chose a seat. I was about to sit down when the bus jerked forward and I moved to the side slightly before I sat down. But I’m proud to say I did not fall on anyone. But I came dangerously close to falling on the middle aged Asian lady beside me before maneuvering away. Hence the almost lap dance. That would’ve been awkward.

Translink hates me

I’m not paranoid. Translink really does hate me. Seriously. Every time I go out and require the use of the Canada Line to get back home at a late hour, they happen to be doing some sort of track maintenance. Which results in delays. Which results in me not being able to catch my connecting bus. Which results in me not know when or how I will get home. And the train that eventually does show up is not for Richmond Brighouse, but for YVR Airport. Which does not help me at all. Why can’t public transit be more frequent at night? Is that really too much to ask for?

A bad omen

I’m not actually superstitious. I see crows all the time and think nothing of it (except for “Ew, crows I wish they would go away”). But I don’t usually see them perched on top of the sign at my bus stop, as if with some sort of sense of entitlement. What the hell is that about? Most people know all about the beef I have with Translink. Now they’ve got the crows involved? How dare they. Translink and crows, two things I despise, conspiring together. I don’t stand a chance, do I? If seeing a black crow is a bad omen, then seeing a black crow sitting atop the sign at your bus stop must be a really bad omen.