My favourite kind of old person

Sometimes I complain about old people. When they shove me, or walk too slowly right in front of me. But I don’t generalize. They’re not all bad. Just a few that give the rest a bad name. But there are some old people who I admire.

This one time I was on the Canada Line and this old man was standing. Sometimes people who are neither old nor handicapped will sit in the priority seating seats when there are others around who need them more. That pisses me off. But the girl did offer her seat to the old man. But he turned it down and continued to stand. That’s my favourite kind of old person, one who doesn’t let age slow him down. I had to stand that day too, and I liked that we could both stand together in solidarity. If he was happy to stand without complaining, then so was I.

This morning, I had to stand again, as I often do. This time, an old woman got on at the next stop. She was also offered a seat. Actually I think someone might have told the person in the seat they should offer her their seat. The person in the priority seating area is often oblivious. But the old woman refused the seat as well and continued to stand. I like when that happens. She was also very good at standing. I mean, she was standing near me, but didn’t crowd or have an annoying habit as most people who stand near me often do. I greatly appreciated this. I also liked her shoes. They weren’t your typical old lady walking shoes. Needless to say, she’s my new idol. That’s the kind of old person that I want to be, if I ever make it to that age.

I almost gave a middle aged Asian lady a lap dance

No, not intentionally. I don’t mean that I thought about doing it but couldn’t work up the nerve to. Do you honestly think that would be something I would want to do? It was never my intention. It’s just something that could have potentially occurred due to a combination of my poor sense of balance and Translink conspiring against me.

This morning, I got on the bus, walked down the aisle, and chose a seat. I was about to sit down when the bus jerked forward and I moved to the side slightly before I sat down. But I’m proud to say I did not fall on anyone. But I came dangerously close to falling on the middle aged Asian lady beside me before maneuvering away. Hence the almost lap dance. That would’ve been awkward.

Translink hates me

I’m not paranoid. Translink really does hate me. Seriously. Every time I go out and require the use of the Canada Line to get back home at a late hour, they happen to be doing some sort of track maintenance. Which results in delays. Which results in me not being able to catch my connecting bus. Which results in me not know when or how I will get home. And the train that eventually does show up is not for Richmond Brighouse, but for YVR Airport. Which does not help me at all. Why can’t public transit be more frequent at night? Is that really too much to ask for?

A bad omen

I’m not actually superstitious. I see crows all the time and think nothing of it (except for “Ew, crows I wish they would go away”). But I don’t usually see them perched on top of the sign at my bus stop, as if with some sort of sense of entitlement. What the hell is that about? Most people know all about the beef I have with Translink. Now they’ve got the crows involved? How dare they. Translink and crows, two things I despise, conspiring together. I don’t stand a chance, do I? If seeing a black crow is a bad omen, then seeing a black crow sitting atop the sign at your bus stop must be a really bad omen.

Because it’s my birthday month

Apparently if you go to the casino during the month of your birthday, you get a free gift of a pen and a $5 slot play credit. Unfortunately $5 does not last very long at all. Nor does $20. I suck at gambling. I tend to be unlucky in life in general, so naturally my luck in casinos would not be any different. But at least I was able to leave the casino with a free pen.

I bought a new pair of sandals

The purple flojos I got at the Orb sale have little peace signs on them that actually end up cutting you between the toes. And so I bought these new Clarks Bendables sandals at Winners. Had my feet not been hurting me at the time, I probably wouldn’t have bought them, or even noticed them. But I’m glad I did.

I ate my lunch on the bus

In effort to save money and trouble, I try as often as I possibly can to bring a lunch from home. That way I don’t have to figure out a place to go to buy it and then waste time going to said establishment and lining up and having to choose between options that I don’t really want.

The last couple days I neglected to make a lunch, as there was really nothing much at home I felt like having. A grocery shopping trip is definitely in order. As a result, I ended up with lunches I wasn’t happy with. I went to the Pita Pit, where the turkey pita I got was good. But I should have bought a larger size, as it wasn’t actually that filling. And the next day I went to The Moon, where I got lemon chicken and chow mein. Which wasn’t that great. It’s really not the place to go if you want good Chinese food. But it was there. So I went.

So last night I decided not to be lazy and I made myself a wrap before I went to bed. Tuna, olives, mushrooms, rice, and cheese. I would have liked to add lettuce as well, but alas, we had none. I know rice seems like an odd addition. But whatever.

Herein lies the problem. In the morning, I often don’t have time for breakfast. Sometimes I have just enough time to grab a muffin or a bun before heading out the door, other times not so much. And other times there are no muffins nor buns. So all I have time to do is retrieve my lunch from the fridge and make a mad dash for the bus stop. Such was the case this morning.

And so as I sit here on the bus, I’ve already eaten half the wrap. But I’ve stopped myself in effort to save the remainder for when it’s actually time for lunch. I guess this is at least better than the times when I’ve forgotten my lunch at home. But either way, I’m left without food in the middle of the day. It’s still early, and with each passing minute, the chance that my half a lunch will still be here at lunchtime gets slimmer and slimmer. Which is the opposite of what I’ll get if I keep eating so much.

It’s all about the food

So I went to the new Richmond Night Market a few weekends ago.  You know, when it wasn’t raining excessively.  The weather wasn’t overly great, but it was a lot better than it’s been lately.  After leaving the Petite Feet Shoe Sale at the Richmond Olympic Oval in disappointment, the night market was a much better experience.

I was kind of annoyed to discover that the price of admission had gone up by 50 cents.  I mean $1.50 isn’t a lot, but they must make a bundle since crap loads of people attend every weekend, many of them going back several times.  And it’s upsetting because the other night market has always been free to get into.

But nevertheless, we went in.  I, stupidly, did not have a lot of cash with me.  I never do.  Unless I plan ahead.  But this was sort of a spontaneous outing.  But luckily I had enough to cover the cost of food.  Which is the whole reason for going really.  And luckily I had some change, so I didn’t have to break a twenty right away just to pay for admission.

I was so overwhelmed by all the food options.  I really did not know how I was going to decide.  How do people decide these things?  There are way too many choices.  I wanted to try everything.  Well, not everything.  There are certain things that aren’t necessarily that appealing to me.  But a lot of it was.

The potato on a stick things, or rotatos, as they call them, were all the rage.  The lineup for those things was massive.  I wasn’t sure if I should get one, but I do love potatoes, so I thought, why not?

And I couldn’t not have meat.  Meat on a stick to be more specific.  There were different kinds to choose from.  All I knew was that I was definitely going to get something that was wrapped in bacon.

I think the meat skewers were definitely a good choice.  I mean I know there are other things that are more out of the ordinary that I could have tried, but you can never go wrong with a cup filled with meat on stick.

The bacon wrapped sausage was really good.  It reminded me of those little cocktail weenies that come in a tin can.  But with bacon.  And everything’s better with bacon.

Apparently the rotato vendors decided to take it upon themselves to display a bunch of random things that you can do with a rotato.  I personally am perfectly fine with just eating it.

The garlic chicken skewer was good too.  It didn’t come with any bacon though.  But I guess not everything needs bacon.  But it couldn’t hurt.

The potato on a stick thing was good.  I got mine ketchup flavoured.  I thought they’d be like  chips because of the way they looked, but they’re thicker than that.

Yam fries are always good.  Pretty much any carbs are good really.  These came with honey garlic mayo.  Next time I want to try the corn dog that’s covered with them.

And I definitely have to try the XXXL Bratwurst.  16 inches with sauerkraut.  I have to.  It’s apparently unique and special so why wouldn’t I?  Or maybe I should start with the corn dog and work my way up?  You know, just in case I’m not ready to handle that much meat.

The annoying thing about the night market is that I hate crowds.  It’s one of those places where my love for food and my hatred of crowds have to face each other.  And as it should be, love overcomes hate.

They also have great desserts there.  Like ice cream churros.  Apparently these weren’t the greatest but were still okay.

They have bunch of things that are deep fried.  Like deep fried ice cream, which I will try next time.  But this time I opted for deep fried green onion pancakes.

I would have liked to try everything on that menu.  It all looked so good.

I liked their green fridge.  It seemed really retro looking.

Green onion pancakes are so crispy.  I was very happy I decided to get them.

I decided the last thing I would get was juice.  This was my effort to be healthy.

I got a giant cup of strawberry mango juice.  It was very refreshing.  I feel like this is what people have when they go one juice fasts.  Not that I ever would.  Clearly.

They also had strawberry Nutella crepes.  Which I believe were better than the churros.  But I decided to pass on those.

After the food, we eventually went over to the non-food booths.  The one non-food related thing I was looking to buy was a pair of sunglasses.  So I tried some on.  I liked these, but the little bow on the side made me feel like I was eight years old.

We made our way over to the wishing trees.  Where people seemed to be taking pictures amidst the bright lights.

And so naturally we did the same.  The night market is all about the food.  But this blog is all about me.

This is probably the closest I will come to climbing a tree.  Is that sad?  Actually wait, I’m pretty sure I actually did climb a few trees several years ago.  Not sure when or if I’ll ever be doing that again.

I actually finished my entire cup of juice.  Not that I doubted I would.  I just downed it pretty quickly.

As we continued walking, we noticed they had a booth there promoting the shoe sale.  You know, the one we had gone to earlier that day.  The one where all I bought was a pair of walking shoes.  And now they were trying to entice me to go back?  I don’t think so.

I wore my sunglasses after I purchased them.  Because I didn’t have a case with me at the time and didn’t want to wreck them right away.  Going back home, my friend asked “Are you wearing your sunglasses at night?”.  To which I replied “Yes.  Yes I am.” and then I proceeded to sing some Corey Hart.

All in all, I am very happy with my one non-food related purchase.  I sort of ran out of cash to be able to buy anything else.  I kind of want to go back to get one of those gel pack heating pad things that heat up automatically with the push of a button.  But more importantly, I want to go back to try more food.  Because that’s what it’s all about.

But I think I’ll wait until the weather’s better.  So I can wear my sunglasses again.