Hello, my name is Dominique and it’s been 9 days since my last blog post

Not that it’s an addiction or anything.  Are there any bloggers’ anonymous support groups?  There must be.  They have support groups for everything nowadays.  I’m pretty sure I’d qualify.  Although right now I do not wish to deal with my blogging addiction.  I wish to deal with my inability to keep up with the frequency of my blog posts.  And feed the addiction, if you will.  In my last post, I mentioned how it was difficult to blog in the summer.  But right now I’m looking at how busy fall is going to be an I’m not sure how often I’ll be posting then either.  But I’ll try to make it often.

I was in Vegas for five days.  And while I was there I did not have internet access, which meant I did not check Facebook or Twitter or WordPress.  Which normally is awful, but when you’re in Vegas, you hardly miss it.  It was really nice actually not having to tweet about everything I was doing at any given time.  No responsibilities or worries.  I got back yesterday and now I’m kind of depressed that life here just isn’t as awesome as it was there.  But at least I can blog again.  If I have time.

There are so many awesome blog ideas I have at the moment and no time to write them.  At this rate, I’ll be telling you about Vegas some time next year.  I still need to blog about free birthday deals, because people have been asking about those.  It’s already been a month since my birthday and I still haven’t got around to it.  And then there are other various posts I want to write about food and shoes.  Obviously.  Because this blog tends to revolve around food and shoes.

My main problem right now is I need a computer.  I mean obviously I have one, seeing as I’m using it to write this post.  But it sucks.  A lot.  We have two laptops at home actually, one slightly more crappy than the last.  And they’re incredibly, painfully slow.  And they freeze and shut down.  It’s always such a chore to post things, espcially pictures, and so I often get frustrated and give up.  Long story short, I need a new computer.  Does anyone know where I can find a good one?  Once I have one in my possession, you can expect better blog posts.  Or more frequent ones anyway.  I guess I can’t guarantee better.  We’ll just have to cross our fingers and hope for the best.  Well I won’t, because it’s hard to type with your fingers crossed.

Blogging in the summer

It’s hard. I don’t know why. It shouldn’t require any more effort than blogging throughout the rest of the year. But it feels like it does. Which is unfortunate because there are so many blog worthy things to write about in the summer if we only had the time. I don’t think it’s just me who feels this way. There are blogs that I follow that have also been lacking in their amount of posts lately. It’s good to know I’m not alone.

It’s annoying because I’ll have all these great ideas and then by the time I go to write about them, too much time has passed and they may no longer be relevant. Not that they’re relevant to begin with. Even more irrelevant than they once were I guess? And so I wonder whether or not I should even bother posting them. And then even more time passes. And then I have a better blog post idea but I don’t want to post that one until I post about the thing that happened before that because I need to have some sense of order. And why not chronological? And then everything’s backed up. What’s a blogger to do?

There’s a reason there’s no school in the summer. I mean unless you failed something and have to take summer school. That’s just unfortunate. Or if you decide to take a course in the summer to lighten your load in the fall. Also unfortunate. But it’s just really hard to focus. More so than during the other seasons. Plus it’s hot. Okay maybe not always and maybe not overly. But a lot of the time it is. And then to have more heat emanating from your computer screen while you try to put together coherent thoughts, that’s just not ideal.

One thing that’s helped me keep up with my blogging is my phone and the ability to blog from it. But it’s not the same. Posts from my phone are sometimes lacking. In pictures, in quality, in depth. But sometimes it’s the only way. I think it’ll probably be another week until I write another blog post. Or maybe a week and a day? I know that probably doesn’t seem long but for me it is. There are still things that happened last month or even two months ago that I haven’t got around to writing about. There’s also stuff from years ago, but in my defense, I didn’t have a blog back then.

Perhaps in the fall, I shall resume a more frequent blogging schedule. Or perhaps not. No one knows really. I just know that right now, it’s not happening. And why should it? People are on vacation, going places, doing things, and then feeling exhausted after having done them. Who even has time to read a blog post, let alone write one? In that sense, my lack of frequent posts is probably in the best interest of my readers. You deserve a break. It’s nice to get a break from me every so often. Not that I would know. I’m with myself 24/7. Consider yourselves lucky.

Happy 25th Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Today is my parents’ 25th Anniversary. I don’t have anything particular to say about it on here, but I figured I should dedicate a post to them, even if they won’t read it or know it exists. They do know I have a blog. My mom’s never read it because she doesn’t spend much time on the computer. She describes herself as computer illiterate. Which is a shame since she really ought to have her own blog because she’s really good at writing. Maybe one day I can convince her to start one.

My dad has read my blog before, but as far as I know, he’s only read posts from last year. One time this year he asked me if I was still blogging. I’m not sure if he’s read any of my newer posts or not. He probably doesn’t have time. But he has read some of my tweets and Facebook statuses from time to time. And while I never post anything bad, I still won’t add him as a friend, because I don’t want his entire news feed to be filled with all the dumb stuff that I have to say. It’s far better that I spare him from that.

Even if they never read this, I want to take this opportunity to congratulate them on 25 years of marriage and thank them for all that they’ve done for me. I’m really lucky to have such great parents. 25 years is a long time. Especially considering they’ve had to put up with me for 24 of those years. Can you imagine? Not to mention the years spent with my siblings as well. All four of them. Being married for 25 years and raising five kids. I do think that deserves some sort of acknowledgement and praise.

In the past, I’ve never bothered about their anniversary, or even known when the date was. Because I’ve always thought that anniversaries should be about the two people who are celebrating it. Why should other people be involved or care? That being said, if my parents hadn’t decided to get married and have kids, I wouldn’t be here. What a gift to the world that was, right? So really, you should all be thanking them, because if not for them, there would be no me. And without me, there’d be no blog. And if that were the case, then what would you be reading right now?

The worst cough I’ve ever heard

So Translink upset me today. What else is new? I missed three buses due to a stop being rerouted. And then there were like ten transit cops at the sky train station checking fares. Cause you know, that’s completely necessary. Not to mention there’s track maintenance tonight so trains are delayed. And then there’s those annoying people sitting in the aisle seats when the window seat is empty, not leaving room for people to sit. I went and asked a guy if I could sit there and he moved for me. But really, I shouldn’t have to ask.

Now that I’ve said my piece about that, I can get to the real issue at hand. There’s this guy on the Canada Line right now who has the worst cough I’ve ever heard. And I’ve heard some bad ones, let me tell you. I’m actually scared. He sounds like he might cough up a lung. Or worse. I’m not sure what would be worse than coughing up a lung. I don’t really want to think about it. I’m guessing it’s smoker’s cough, but I mean it must be more than that. I’ve never heard a cough before that made me afraid for my own safety.

I can’t describe in words what it sounds like. Even if you could hear me, I wouldn’t be able to properly emulate it. I would say it sounds like a dog barking, but then that would be an insult to dogs and their barking. What I wouldn’t give to hear dogs barking right now instead. It’s just this nasty, loud, throat clearing, hacking sound. Sort of cavemanish. Like grunting almost. Sometimes it’ll stop for a moment but then I’ll hear him again. I’m scared to look over at him. I’m just grateful that he’s not sitting beside me. And I really hope that whatever problem he has clears up soon. And that it’s not contagious, since the Canada Line is a rather confined space.

It’s annoying when you have countless ideas for potential blog posts but no time to actually write them

And then you end up with pointless posts like this in their place because that’s all you have time for and you figure something is better than nothing.

I went back to the night market

You may recall a while ago I wrote a post about going to the Richmond Night Market.  Well you knew I couldn’t stay away for too long and that I’d be back sooner than later.  This time, it wasn’t just about the food.  I went earlier and spent more time in the non food area as well before indulging in the goodness prepared by the food vendors.

They spelled stationary wrong at this booth.  Stationary with an a refers to something standing still, like a stationary bike.  Stationery with an e is what they really meant, as it refers to various writing supplies and whatnot.

I seem to have this newfound obsession with sunglasses.  Night market sunglasses mostly.  I like this style but I wasn’t sure if I could pull off wearing them because of how red they were.

I can, however, pull these ones off, right?  I don’t really understand them but at the same time I kind of do.  They’re kind of like those shutter sunglasses but better.  I would have bought them except for the fact that I couldn’t exactly see properly while wearing them.  That and the fact that they do nothing whatsoever to protect my eyes from the sun.

I didn’t buy these either but I do like them.  They kind of have a unique shape.  Maybe I’ll buy them next time I go?  Or maybe they’re too big?

I’m very indecisive, especially with sunglasses, as I find it extremely difficult to find a pair that do me justice.

They had lots of booths selling clothes.  I like how the sign said “Feminine”.  You know, as opposed to all the masculine dresses and skirts they had?

I had a mishap with my phone while trying to take a picture and ended up with this randomness.  But my left shoe managed to make its way into the shot.  It’s such a camera whore.

It’s really smart that they were selling $2 flip flops, as you do a lot of walking at the Night Market.  I’m pretty sure some people mistakenly wear uncomfortable shoes and later regret their footwear decision.

They have a lot of stationery booths.  I like how this one sold fans.

We couldn’t stay away from the food for too long.  Walking around works up an appetite.

Again, I was overwhelmed by the abundance of options.

But this time I had a better idea of what I wanted.

I obviously had to get a Japanese corn dog.  I mean come one, would wouldn’t want something that was coated with fries?

Rice burgers are really good too.

I don’t know why, but I always get excited when the bun isn’t actually a bun.

I was slightly disappointed by the false advertising, as I realized that the corn dogs were coated in hash browns, not fries.  But I like hash browns too, so it was okay.  But someone should really let them know that there’s a difference.

I watched as they had the rice buns on the grill.

Rice burgers are probably a lot healthier than regular burgers.

When I got my corn dog, my name was spelled wrong.

Dominic is the guy version of my name.

But all in all, the corn dog was pretty satisfying.

I was so disappointed that the mini-chicken teriyaki burgers sold out.  I mean they have yam fries in them.  That sounds so good!  I am definitely getting one next time.  This booth will have to be my first stop.

Apparently Cookie Monster’s version of YOLO is “You obviously love oreos”.  I kind of liked that.

There’s still so much more food I want to try.

Bubble waffles sound really good.

These things were so unbelievable good.

I decided on the strawberry mango icy.  A lot of fruit, a lot of slushy, and vanilla ice cream on top.  It was amazing.  You don’t need to buy a drink if you get this because the slushy part is pretty much a drink in itself.  Perfect for a hot day.

And the ice cream doesn’t melt because it’s sitting on top of the slushy.  So naturally I saved some ice cream for the very end.  Because I could.

I was very confused by the drink specials at this place.  Whatever doesn’t really mean whatever?  Well what does it mean then?  What’s in the drink?  That tells me nothing about it whatsoever.

Loving someone who used to love you?  What the hell is that supposed to taste like?  And is it a good taste?  It sounds like it might not be.

Why would you want bitter bubble tea?  And I guess you have to wait longer for the patience one?  But what does it taste like?

What does the blueness of the sky taste like?  Or the 6th night?  What does that even mean?  I guess these drinks are appealing for people who are adventurous and like to be surprised.

I’m really glad they had indoor plumbing.  I was expecting porta potties or something, which would have been highly unpleasant.  Thank God for these bathrooms.  Although the floors were dirty.  But there were running toilets, so I can’t complain.

They had a booth with leggings and fishnet stockings.  I obviously had to buy a pair.  While we were debating, they gave us a deal so we could buy three pairs and each get one, for cheaper than if we bought them separately.  Sometimes it pays to be indecisive.

I found a booth that had a whole wall of nickel free earrings.  I’m allergic to a lot of jewellery and I love earrings, so it’s like this booth was made for me.

There were necklaces too but only some of them were nickel free.  But there were quite a few nice ones that were.

I think there should be more places like this one so that I don’t feel left out when it comes to jewellery.  It’s always nice having options.

I bought a chain with a pendant and matching earrings.  I had to go with purple since it would match a lot of my outfits.

There was some sort of dancing happening on the stage for entertainment.

These back supports things that you put on chairs are supposed to make you sit up straighter or something.  They’re pretty comfortable but didn’t seem like an essential thing to buy.

I took home the bowl from the icy because I could.  My mom asked why and told me to throw it away.  But I refused because it’s good enough to reuse.  Although I’m not sure where it is at this point.

My first non food related purchase was sunglasses again.  This time they were $4.  I remember Sunglasses At Night was playing when I entered the night market.  Which of course was very fitting, seeing as I was in fact wearing them.

I love my silver chain and purple flower pendant.  It’s probably my favourite night market purchase so far.

I thought I’d buy some earrings that were sort of flashy and sort of classy at the same time.

And of course a pair of purple earrings to match my necklace.

And I’m excited to wear my fishnets as well, though I’ve yet to open up the package.  I’m hoping I can find a special occasion where I can wear my fishnets with my jewellery and my sunglasses.  Or maybe I’ll just wear them all next time I go to the night market.