Hello, my name is Dominique and it’s been 9 days since my last blog post

Not that it’s an addiction or anything.  Are there any bloggers’ anonymous support groups?  There must be.  They have support groups for everything nowadays.  I’m pretty sure I’d qualify.  Although right now I do not wish to deal with my blogging addiction.  I wish to deal with my inability to keep up with the frequency of my blog posts.  And feed the addiction, if you will.  In my last post, I mentioned how it was difficult to blog in the summer.  But right now I’m looking at how busy fall is going to be an I’m not sure how often I’ll be posting then either.  But I’ll try to make it often.

I was in Vegas for five days.  And while I was there I did not have internet access, which meant I did not check Facebook or Twitter or WordPress.  Which normally is awful, but when you’re in Vegas, you hardly miss it.  It was really nice actually not having to tweet about everything I was doing at any given time.  No responsibilities or worries.  I got back yesterday and now I’m kind of depressed that life here just isn’t as awesome as it was there.  But at least I can blog again.  If I have time.

There are so many awesome blog ideas I have at the moment and no time to write them.  At this rate, I’ll be telling you about Vegas some time next year.  I still need to blog about free birthday deals, because people have been asking about those.  It’s already been a month since my birthday and I still haven’t got around to it.  And then there are other various posts I want to write about food and shoes.  Obviously.  Because this blog tends to revolve around food and shoes.

My main problem right now is I need a computer.  I mean obviously I have one, seeing as I’m using it to write this post.  But it sucks.  A lot.  We have two laptops at home actually, one slightly more crappy than the last.  And they’re incredibly, painfully slow.  And they freeze and shut down.  It’s always such a chore to post things, espcially pictures, and so I often get frustrated and give up.  Long story short, I need a new computer.  Does anyone know where I can find a good one?  Once I have one in my possession, you can expect better blog posts.  Or more frequent ones anyway.  I guess I can’t guarantee better.  We’ll just have to cross our fingers and hope for the best.  Well I won’t, because it’s hard to type with your fingers crossed.

4 thoughts on “Hello, my name is Dominique and it’s been 9 days since my last blog post

  1. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I feel like I have written nine blog posts in the last two days. Oh, wait. I have. Carry on. 🙂


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