Tales from the microwave station

I was in the student union building at UBC and I needed to use the microwave to heat up my lunch. It was one of those Michelina’s frozen dinner things. Because I’m healthy and classy like that. And because they were only $1 at Superstore. Don’t judge me.

My point is, I couldn’t just eat it cold. It was frozen. I required a microwave. But alas, they were all being used. And so I waited. This one girl had heated up her food and gone to sit down but there was still something being heated up in the microwave. I assumed it was hers. There was this other guy standing by the other microwave, waiting for his food. Just when I thought the timer was about to go off, he would increase it again. This happened a few times, so I had no indication as to when he would actually be done.

When the timer finally stopped on the other microwave, the girl didn’t get up. And then I saw the guy move over from his microwave to open the other one and stir whatever was in it. It wasn’t the girl’s food, it was his. He had been using both microwaves. Seriously, who the fuck uses two different microwaves when there are other people waiting? It wasn’t just me, there was a guy behind me as well and possibly others. What the hell? It was a small container too, like gravy or something? Two microwaves at once was so unnecessary. I hope his food was overheated and burned him when he took a bite. Microwave karma’s a thing, right?


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