My phone won’t charge

When I came home last night, I plugged in my phone to charge overnight, as I often do.  The battery life sucks and so I usually have to charge it everyday.  When I woke up this morning, I checked it and the battery life was still exactly where it had been last night.  Sometimes this happens because the outlet in my room suck and it becomes unplugged, and therefore does not charge.  But that was not the case this time.  It was still plugged in and still indicated that it was charging.  But it wasn’t.  What the fuck?

I’m worried now.  The battery life is more than half gone already.  I’ve turned off my phone for now in order to preserve it.  What’s annoying is that today I would have actually made a few calls and such but now I won’t because I don’t want to phone to die.  I also have a lot of pictures on my phone that I’ve yet to post or do anything with and I do not want to lose them.  Blogging from my phone is out of the question at this point.

What’s going to happen?  When the battery life finally dies, which will most probably definitely happen later today, will it just never turn back on?  Why won’t it charge?  It’s always charged in the past.  Very slowly, but eventually.  Why not now?  Is the battery just dead?  Or unchargeable somehow?  What do I do?  I’m sort of internally freaking out about it.  My phone and I have always had our differences, but this is just an all new low.  I haven’t even dropped it recently so what’s the deal?

I suppose I’ll take it to Rogers later and complain.  And most likely they will do nothing or try to sell me a battery that’s almost the price of a phone.  Is this a sign that I should just give up the blackberry?  But I’ve stuck with for so long, despite all its problems.  I don’t want to conform to the masses.  I hate touch screens.  I like being able to push actual buttons.  I could never have that with an iPhone.  Why is my blackberry such a bitch?

10 thoughts on “My phone won’t charge

  1. Try taking the battery out of your phone, holding the power button for 30secs, plugging the battery back in and trying to charge again. If it doesnt work the only thing I can think of trying is to drain the battery flat, hold the power button until it runs completely flat and the trying to charge again. Works with a lot of electrical devices when there’s a charge problem.


  2. how old is it? my Blackberry is a couple of years old now and has been driving me crazy by running so slowly, not allowing me to browse on the web etc and my contract is nearly up but i too am just so unsure about touch screens and am debating just upgrading to a newer Blackberry. I like to actually push buttons too 🙂


  3. It sounds like a Blackbattery. I just got squeezed into buying the IPhone. I HATE the touch screen. I think I phoned China once , The USA at least 10 times and maybe Serbia…. or Hawaiii. I just look at it and something that costs money happens. I will admit that the camera is awesome.


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