Phone conversations with my brother

I called home after work yesterday to talk to my mom and my brother answered the phone.

Brother: Hi Dominique, did you buy some Lucky Charms?

Me: No. Didn’t I just buy a family size box on Saturday?

Brother: Maybe.

Me: And you finished it already.

Brother: Yeah, it’s a small box.

Me: It’s family size, it’s supposed to last.

Brother: Not when two people are eating it.

Me: Who are the two people?

Brother: Me and Nicholas.

Me: But it’s supposed to be enough for a whole family, not just two people.

Brother: Oh well. It’s a small box. Anyways, what do you want?

Me: Is mom there?

Brother: I don’t know.

Me: What do you mean you don’t know?

Brother: (starts singing the Corner Gas them song “I don’t know, I just don’t know…”) Hey Nicholas, where’s mom?

Me: Is she there?

Brother: Not at the moment.

Me: Where is she?

Brother: I don’t know.

Me, Okay, can you ask her to call me?

Brother: Okay. (Starts singing The Littlest Hobo theme song “Maybe tomorrow…”)

Me: Okay, bye.

Later when my mom called me back, my brother picked up the other receiver and we could hear him whispering something as we talked. He was saying “Lucky Charms” repeatedly.

lucky charms

Apparently family size isn’t big enough for our family

6 thoughts on “Phone conversations with my brother

        • Haha that is a more fitting saying. Lucky charms are much better than worms. Unless they’re gummy worms.

          Don’t feel bad, I noticed you started blogging again, good job! If it makes you feel any better, I probably won’t blog this weekend. At least not well.


          • Haha indeed! Gummy worms are good as well :).

            Thanks 🙂 It’s a struggle trying to get the motivation at times to finish posts… especially when I write so much. I doubt most get read but it doesn’t matter too much. To be honest you could probably turn your Tweets into blog posts :p, always interesting to read your adventures :-).


            • I know it’s really hard to stay motivated, especially with longer posts. I’ve actually thought about turning my tweets into blog posts, but then I feel the need to expand upon them as opposed to just posting them again on here. But good idea! And I’m glad you find them interesting.


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