Free birthday pasta at Boston Pizza

Two days after my birthday, I decided to use my Boston Pizza birthday deal.  If you sign up for the Boston Pizza email club, you get a coupon for either a free pasta or a free dessert.  Since the pastas cost more than the desserts, it seemed only logical to redeem the coupon for a free pasta.

I met my friends at the Boston Pizza on Broadway after work.  Unlike the Red Robin on Broadway, the Boston Pizza does still exist.  I’m glad I avoided having two fails in a row.  That would have been embarrassing.

I chose spaghetti and meatballs for my dinner.  Simple, yet delicious.  And it came with garlic bread.  The portions are huge, so I still had some leftover as well.  And it’s very rare for me to have any leftovers.


Spaghetti and meatballs

Stella Artois happened to be on special that day.  When I went to Red Robin, I didn’t get asked for my ID.  I was surprised, since I get ID’d everywhere.  I thought maybe now that I was 24, that was it.  But I was mistaken.  I got ID’d at Boston Pizza.  I’m pretty sure my waiter was younger than me too.  Oh well.  He brought me my beer and that’s all that matters.


Stella Artois

When you sign up for the Boston Pizza newsletter, not only do they send you a coupon on your birthday, you also get a coupon for a free starter, just for signing up.  I didn’t want to use two coupons in one day.  I’m not sure if you’re allowed.  So the following week, I went to the Boston Pizza on No. 3 Road in Richmond and got my free Boston Pizza bread with bolognese dip.


Boston Pizza bread

There was no Stella on special that day, so I opted for a cocktail.  I don’t remember what it was exactly.  It was sweet.  And I loved how it came with a gummy worm.  That’s true class and maturity right there.


Cocktail with a gummy worm

The Boston Pizza deal is pretty awesome, since you get an entire pasta and they give you over a week to redeem it.  And the starter is a nice bonus.  The only way it could be better is if they offered free birthday drinks as well.  But that’s probably asking for too much.  I’m more than happy with free pasta and bread.  I love my carbs.

16 thoughts on “Free birthday pasta at Boston Pizza

  1. Getting ID’d by someone younger, that’s quite flattering :P. I can’t believe you’re 24, you do look younger! I turned 24 on the 24th of Sept and so many people are say omg, I thought you were older, so enjoy it whilst you can :-p :-).


    • Yeah, I get ID’d all the time. A lot of people think I look younger. My avatar is a couple years old though. But I suppose I haven’t changed much. Happy belated birthday! You have the same birthday as my mom. Yes, everyone says I should enjoy it while it lasts. I feel like one day, age will just hit me all at once or something.


      • Fair enough, I need to find an avatar where I actually have some hair, then I may look my age haha.

        Thank you very much 🙂 ahh that’s cool, wish her a Happy belated Birthday from me and congratulate her for having been born on the best day of the best month of the year :-P.

        Hmm I think the day you stop getting ID’d it’ll hit you but I doubt age will hit you dramatically in any other way other than you realising it!

        How’s it feeling not having to blog every day?


        • Haha oh, you do have hair? I thought maybe you were prematurely balding lol. I feel like I’ll be getting ID’d for a long time yet. It’s nice to not have to blog everyday. But I’m falling even more behind on the things I want to write about. Oh well.


          • Haha, I used to have a lot of hair a few years ago. Sad times. Yeah something tells me you will as well, lucky person :p. Ah yeah I know what you mean, I have about 3 or 4 drafts of things I felt an urge to write about at one point but then lost interest. It’s especially difficult thinking of things to write about whilst I’m sat around doing nothing. On a side note, I’m so jealous that where you live, you get free birthday meal vouchers for places. You’d never get that in England.


            • Haha if you call that lucky. Yeah I have a bunch of titles and topics. And I’m trying to go chronologically but then for some reason I’m not motivated to write the older stuff. Sigh. Haha well the birthday meals are only once a year. But still, it is pretty sweet. I’m just jealous that you live in England.


              • Haha it’s difficult to get back into that frame mind or bring back the emotion that compelled you to begin writing a post in the first place. It’s difficult to find that motivation! Haha, id assume they were cause you don’t have two birthdays, unless you’re the Queen?? :P. Haha really? Why are you jealous of that? You live in such a beautiful location!


                • It’s so difficult! I’ve been having trouble lately. Oh well. Keeping them short and sweet for now. No, I don’t have 2 birthdays. Does the queen have 2 birthdays? Cause if she does, that’s just another reason I have to envy her. Vancouver’s nice. I’ve just always wanted to go to England for some reason.


                  • I know what you mean but I’m sure you’ll get the flow back soon :-). I’ve been trying to keep mine short as well, I tend to ramble a little bit.
                    Haha yeah she has 2 birthdays :-P, some people were just born lucky eh?!
                    Yeah I’ve wanted to go to Vancouver for a long time, I want to rent an aeroplane and fly around the area landing at small grass strips :-).
                    Come to England! Save up and come visit, I’ll take you around places I’ve never been either but have always wanted to go. Haven’t even been to London!


                    • Yeah, I have all these ideas but no time. Oh well. It’s either one extreme or the other, too much rambling or incredibly short. I want 2 birthdays! What if I got a fake ID and instead of changing the year, change the day and the month, so that I can use the deals again. Lol. I wonder if anyone’s ever done that before.
                      I just assumed you’d been to London. How long have you been in England for?


                    • Too much time spent on the public transport you’re always tweeting about :-P. It’s difficult to get a post a length you’re happy with, when you’ve got something you feel is worth posting it tends to be long and then when you post for the sake of it, you feel it’s too short. Can’t win!

                      I think you should, it sounds like a great idea! Only problem is if the person serving you remembers you :P.

                      Since I was born :-P. I’ve wanted to go but just haven’t gotten around to going yet, it’s such an expensive place :-(. Are you from Vancouver?


                    • Definitely, I think I spend half my life on public transit. Or waiting for public transit. And yes, it’s near impossible to get the length to be just right.
                      No, I’m not going to do it, sounds like too much trouble. Also I’m a very honest person. And a bad liar. So the end result would not be good.
                      It is expensive, that’s probably why I haven’t been there yet. Yes, from Richmond actually.


                    • Haha, I try and avoid it at all costs. Especially in England, it’s way too expensive!

                      Yeah, two birthdays could be confusing, plus you’d have to convince people to get you two sets of presents. Haha you have an honest face to be honest, I can see you struggling with the easiest of lie! You’d just weave a web of confusion and get lost lol.

                      It is, I’m sure when you visit in the future you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about lol. Ah cool :-). Have you always lived there or have you lived away from home?


                    • Yes, I imagine it would be. Haha yeah, I’d probably end up confusing myself, let alone the people I’m trying to convince. Always been here. Unless you count the first two years of my life when I was in Scarborough, Ontario. Which I don’t since I don’t remember any of it.


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