Apparently I’ve yet to write a blog post during the month of February

It seems as though this may possibly end up being a shitty year for blogging for me.  Or at least a shitty start of the year for blogging for me.  I can recall times last year when I tried to write a new blog post everyday.  And a bunch of times I actually succeeded.  How the hell did I manage that?  I’m sure I had a life?  I think?  Because I can recall blogging about that life.  So where did that extra time and motivation come from?  I’m honestly so confused right now.

I feel like I literally have no time.  And it saddens me greatly.  When I do have a spare moment, I’m tired.  It’s even a tremendous effort to log into WordPress sometimes.  Is this an all new low of laziness for me?  Maybe.  In terms of blogging.  But I’ve hit many lower lows than this in terms of laziness in life in general.  It’s definitely not that I don’t have anything to blog about.  I’m actually at a point where I have more topics to blog about than I’ve ever had before.  I just don’t have the time to blog about them.  And then there’s also the fact that I’m one of the most indecisive people on earth.  So how do I decide which of my many topics I should blog about?  I don’t.  And they remain unblogged about.  Which really is a shame.

Is it worth it to devote more time to blogging?  There are so many other things I can occupy my time with.  Maybe it is time that I get a new computer.  And a new phone.  That would probably motivate me to want to write more.  If you’re constantly dealing with technology that continues to fail you, then why would you want to devote your time to something that requires its use?  Sometimes I think about starting a blog post and then decide that it isn’t worth the effort and frustration of dealing with my computer.  And my phone.  Well, you know about my phone.  Good luck getting a blog post out of that thing anytime soon.

Since we’re over a week into February, I just figured it was about time for a new blog post.  And I wanted to let you know that I haven’t given up or anything.  I’m still here.  Sadly, I’m nowhere near on schedule with my writing.  Actually, I never really had a schedule.  But I mean there are still a bunch of things from last summer that I thought I would have blogged about but never did.  Should I start with those?  Or just skip to the now and write about more current occurrences?  Or switch back and forth between old and new?  Or would that be too confusing?  Chronological order is usually a good thing, right?  But then this is a random blog, so do I even need any sort of order?

If you have a blog, how do you stay motivated to keep on writing?  Any tips or suggestions?

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