Bloggers in Sin City 2013

Last year, I came across a post on Laura’s blog Red Lips and Academics.  I had never met Laura, but I enjoyed reading her blog.  In this particular post, she had mentioned going to Vegas for a blogging conference.  I thought that sounded pretty cool, so I decided to look into it further.  And then I forgot about it.  And then months went by and I saw stuff about it again popping up on my Twitter feed.  And I began to debate as to whether or not I should sign up.

The event was called Bloggers in Sin City.  Essentially, 68 strangers meet up in Vegas for three days.  Did I want to be one of them?  I did.  I really did.  But then I thought about my finances and whether or not it was for me.  I’ve never been the type of person to be all social and join things.  I hate being forced to bond with people.  Whenever it happens, I always tend to rebel.  But this would be different.  No one was forcing me to go.  If I decided to go, it would be my own decision.  I looked through the registration page to see who the attendees were.  And they all seemed pretty cool. They blogged, they loved social media, they seemed to share my sense of humour, and they just all sounded like really nice people.  Why would I not go?  I love Vegas, so why not?

badge-2013And so I registered.  Well, I tried to register.  And somehow failed.  So I emailed Nicole, who’s been organizing the event for five years, and we figured out my payment method and it was done.  I wrote up my bio, looked through the itinerary, and then spent several months in eager anticipation.  And then freaked out trying to figure out my flight and all those fun details.  This was my first time trip traveling alone.  As an adult, anyway.  When I was like 11 or something, I went to visit my aunt and uncle in Halifax, and I had to wear a sign around my neck that said “unaccompanied minor” so that people would help me out.  But this time, I was going it alone.

It was a mix of excitement and confusion when I told people that I was going.  Some people would be like “Wow, that’s so brave of you to go to this on your own.” and others would be like “Wait, you don’t know anyone there?  Why are you going?”  I don’t really expect most people to understand.  And that’s okay.  It’s not like I went because I’m so Vegas obsessed and couldn’t find anyone to go with me.  There are people I could have gone with.  But this was more than just a Vegas trip.  It was an experience and I got to meet a bunch of cool people who I wouldn’t otherwise know existed.  And I’m really glad I did.

vegaI spent five nights in Vegas on this trip.  Which seems like a lot.  For Vegas.  I mean I suppose there’s only so much day drinking, overeating, and partying that a person can take.  But the time just went by and I enjoyed every minute of it.  It was filled with all sorts of epic things that I will never forget.  We spent the first day drinking at the Flamingo and meeting people as they arrived.  The next day, we got VIP bags and lanyards and played an awesome game of Cards Against Humanity.  We had a welcome mixer at Serendipity 3, complete with food, drinks, 8 second hugs, and the most intense staring contest I have ever participated in.  We drank and danced at Margaritaville to a band playing 80’s music.  One of the best Thursday nights I’ve had.

On Friday, we had a pool party at the Flamingo.  I don’t even know how to describe it other than it was awesome.  For dinner, we went to the Spice Market Buffet at Planet Hollywood, where there was so much food I could hardly contain myself.  Then we went to see “O” by Cirque du Soleil, which had a lot of crazy diving stunts by amazingly talented performers.  After that, some of us went out and danced at a shitty club but at least it was a shitty club in Vegas.

viewOn Saturday, we had a breakfast buffet at the Flamingo, and then I went to Minus 5 Ice Bar at the Monte Carlo.  We had another buffet that night at Paris and the night ended with a rooftop party on top of Pure nightclub.  Actually the night didn’t end there, it ended after following that up with clubbing at Act at the Venetian, and then getting lost trying to find our way out of the Venetian.

On Sunday, we had our fourth and final buffet and started saying our goodbyes.  There were strong bonds and friendships made that weekend and no one wanted it to end.  I went to In-N-Out Burger for the first time.  I had a cheese plate at Otto at the Venetian.  That day was filled with a lot of food and a lot of feelings.

wigsI’m really glad I went and that I got to meet so many great people.  This was the fifth and final year of the event, which I’m really sad about.  I should have found out about it sooner.  But some of us were talking about how there’s no reason we can’t just all end up in Vegas together at the same time next year, even if it’s not officially for Bloggers in Sin City.  I will post more later about specific things that happened in Vegas.  Because I can.  Because I want to relive them.  Because what happens in Vegas ends up getting blogged about.  And now I’m sitting here in my post-Vegas depression.  I’m not sure how long it will last but I’m beginning to think that the only cure is to go back to Vegas.

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Fan Expo Vancouver 2013

I really wanted to go to Comic Con this year but those plans didn’t happen.  But Fan Expo Vancouver was the next best thing.  This event took place at the Vancouver Convenstion Centre from April 18th – 20th.  I’m not really a nerd or obsessed with any of the stuff as much as some people.  But I consider myself a fan.  I love comic books and super heroes and science fiction.  I’m not sure if my friend invited me to come with her, or if I invited myself to come with her.  But either way, I went.

There were photo ops and autographs but they were crazy expensive.  Stan Lee was there, but only on the Saturday and I went on the Sunday.  My friend got a photo with Nichelle Nichols, as well as her autograph.


Defining moment in history

There was a bunch of random stuff and plenty of booths everywhere.  I’m not a fan of crowds.  So it was kind of overwhelming at first but then I got used to it.



I didn’t dress up.  Because I didn’t have a costume or time to find one.  My friend pointed out that since I had a red dress, I could have been Uhura or someone from Star Trek.  All I needed was the Starfleet symbol to put on it.  Oh well.  I decided it was best to leave the costumes to the experts.

One of my favourite costumes was this couple who went as Pam and Dr. Krieger from Archer.  I only started watching the show this year and I kind of hate myself for not having done so sooner.  Their costumes were awesome, right down to the dolphin hand puppet.


Pam & Dr. Krieger

Along with the likes of Stan Lee and Nichelle Nichols, there were Elvira, Tia Carrere, James Marsters, Amanda Tapping, Juliet Landau, and others.


Autograph booths

There were also a bunch of giant lego characters.  So naturally I had to go take pictures next to them.  I never really got into lego that much as a child.  But these were awesome.  There was a lego Yoda.


Lego Yoda

And there were Lego Super Heroes.  Looking at this photo, it kind of looks like Batman is giving the finger.


Lego Super Heroes

And I couldn’t not take a photo with the Lego Incredible Hulk.  He’s my favourite.


Lego Incredible Hulk

And then there were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


Lego Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Does anyone remember Reboot?  It totally reminds me of my childhood.  I remember coming home from school and watching it on YTV.  We met one of the animators and Michael Benyaer, the voice of Bob.  I was so excited about meeting the voice of Bob.



And then we got to my favourite part of the convention.  At the far end, there was an area with a few stations set up for pictures.  You make donations to charity and in return you get to take awesome photos.  The first of these was with Ghostbusters in a proton pack and flight suit.


BC Children’s Hospital Foundation

My friend had already gone the day before, but I told her I would pay another $5 to have her in my photo.  The money goes to the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.  I realize I don’t look all that excited about being a ghostbuster.  But believe me, I was.  I think I was just annoyed because the guy taking the picture with my blackberry was complaining about how it took a long time to save a photo.



As awesome the ghostbusters were, that was not the best photo op.  There was a Back to the Future booth where you could take your picture with the DeLorean.  It was $20 and donations went to the Michael J. Fox Foundation.  I was so excited, I knew this had to happen but we decided to come back later.


Back to the Future

My friend bought all sorts of cool things like Star Trek Catan.  I’m supposed to go over and play it at a game night at some point, but it hasn’t happened yet.  She also bought some Tardis jewellery.  I never usually buy the jewellery at these places because I’m usually allergic.  But the lady told me the earrings were nickel free.  In which case I obviously had to buy myself some Mario & Luigi earrings.


Mario & Luigi earrings

After a brief bit of shopping, it was time to go back… to the future.  It had to happen.


Michael J. Fox Foundation

I got to sit in the driver’s seat.  Which is super ironic since I don’t drive.  But whatever.  I just had to sit inside that car.  My friend opted for the hover board because she’s cool like that.


Best photo ever

I look good in the DeLorean.  I kind of never wanted to get out of it.


The DeLorean

Another costume I loved was Where’s Waldo.  It made things fun because throughout the day, we would spot him in the crowd and be like “Found him!”.


Where’s Waldo?

Along with the Ghostbusters and Back to the Future booths, there was also a Star Wars one.  We decided to wait until later, when Darth Vader was there.  We had to wait a bit because they were all taking a large group photo.


Star Wars

With a $3.00 minimum donation to Variety Children’s Charity, you get a Star Wars pin, as well as the opportunity to take your picture with the characters.


Variety Children’s Charity

Sadly, Darth Vader never came back.  Leia asked if we wanted her in our photo, because some people wanted just the droids.  Of course we wanted Leia in our photo.  One of the droids had a dirty uniform.  So naturally I stood by him.


Leia & the droids

Before leaving, I wanted to go back and see the voice of Bob again.  Because I just really wanted a picture with him and forget to ask the first time.  Michael Benyaer was really cool about it.


Michael Benyaer

Even though I don’t actually watch Doctor Who, I thought I should get a picture in the tardis.  My friend told me it was best that I don’t let anyone there know that I don’t watch Doctor Who.  I guess all the hardcore fans would not approve.


Doctor Who

I thought I should get a couple comic books for my brothers before leaving.  Because I’m such a nice person.  And because some of them were really cheap.


Comic books

Also candy.  Because who doesn’t love candy?  Especially when it comes in a Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario Coin box containers.


Awesome candy

Fan Expo was a lot of fun and I’m glad I went.  My biggest complaint was the complete and utter lack of food.  They totally needed at least one food booth in there.  But other than that, it was good times.  I mean where else can you go ghost busting AND time travelling?

Goodbye BlackBerry, hello iPhone

So yeah, I finally did it. This is my first blog post from my iPhone. I fear it will be filled with typos since I hate touch screens and the words I want just aren’t being properly typed. I miss buttons. I love buttons. Why can’t they all have buttons? Can they please make an iPhone with buttons?

Now I find myself riddled with questions. Like should I get insurance on my phone? Or AppleCare? What apps should I get? Should I use iMessage or just turn it off? How do I preserve the battery life on my phone? How do I type better with this stupid touch screen?

It’s been less than 24 hours since I got this phone. How long does it take the average person to get used to it? And is there such a thing as blackberry withdrawal? Because I believe that may be what I am now experiencing. Is it weird that I’m using a picture of my blackberry as my wallpaper for my iPhone?


Roses are red…

The other day, I was looking through old junk in my room. It still looks like a bad episode of Hoarders in there. But at least I tried. I also found some really old journals. I haven’t kept a diary since high school. So naturally I began to read through some of them. There’s a lot of dumb shit in there, as I’m sure you can imagine. Was I really as stupid as those pages would indicate? Apparently so.

I also used to write poems. I thought of myself as somewhat of a poet. But I guess lost that at some point along the way. What a tragedy to the world. I could have been as epic as Keats or Wordsworth or Shelley or Browning. Or Shakespeare or Byron or Burns or Tennyson. And yes, I’m totally just naming poets whose names I remember from my English Literature 12 class. And you know what, some of them wrote random odes to things too. Robert Burns wrote “To a Louse“. I kind of think my odes to my umbrella and my phone are more meaningful that that.

But the poems that caught my eye in this old journal were the simple ones. I had a few pages where I had come up with my own versions of the “Roses are red” poem. Because why wouldn’t I? I think at some point everyone has come up with their own versions of this poem, whether they be good or bad. Side note, did no one ever realize that violets are actually violet, and not in fact blue? I mean it’s right there in the name of the flower. I’ve always had a problem with that. But anyway, I won’t share all of the versions that I came up with. They weren’t all that great. But I will share with you the one that I’ve now deemed as my favourite:

Roses are red.
Water is clear.
You’re still ugly.
I need some more beer.

Yeah. I should really get a job writing for Hallmark.