I think Winston from New Girl might be my spirit animal

After watching the season finale of New Gir this week, I couldn’t help but feel like I could totally relate to Winston.  I know everyone in the cast has their moments, but Winston is definitely my favourite.  In most sitcoms, where there’s a group of friends, there’s usually one who’s perpetually single.  I pretty almost always relate to that character.  The rest of the New Girl cast is awkward in their own way, but Winston’s style of awkwardness definitely resonates with me, especially in this episode.  I mean forget about Schmidt and Cece, Jess and Nick, or Coach and May.  The best relationship on the show is hands down, Winston and his cat, Furguson.


Winston’s love for his cat is even funnier when you consider the fact that he ended up taking the cat from his ex-girlfriend, Daisy, after they broke up.  More importantly, the fact that he considered killing the cat when he found out she was cheating on him.  And now that cat is the most important part of his life.  The moment when I was like “Oh my God that’s totally something I would do!” was when Winston says that he takes weekly selfies with his cat.  That’s so me, or at least it would be if I had a cat.  I already take daily selfies at work, and I can see myself maybe getting a cat sometime in the future.  So the weekly cat selfie thing is pretty much inevitable.

Another part of this episode that I could relate to, is when Coach said that Winston always hits the info button on the remote by mistake, and Winston informs him that it’s not by mistake, and that he wants to know more about the cast and crew.  That’s definitely me.  Whenever I watch TV with my family, my mom always asks me why I need to see the info every time.  When you truly love TV, you care more about just sitting and watching the show.  If you’re going to invest the time, you want to know more about it first.

And finally, I loved it when Jess and Nick both went back to the garbage to see if their sex mug (the mug they used to leave out when they were together and one of them wanted sex) was still in there, only to discover it gone.  I thought it was hilarious that Winston took it because it was a perfectly good mug and he let his cat use it to drink water from.  I would totally want to be resourceful like that and not wasteful.  And though I’m not overly emotional, I do like keeping things for sentimental value, as does Winston, when he tries to convince Coach not to just get rid of things when he moves.

So yeah.  Winston is the best.  Even though I’ve never had a pet, I think I want to get a cat, just so I can take weekly cat selfies.


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