What can I say?

On this blog I mean.  Are there limits?  Should i censor myself?  I’m new at this and I’m not sure what boundaries I should have or if it’s just anything goes.  I’ve always been hesitant to start a blog and somewhat critical of those who did.  I thought, it’s pretty much like keeping a journal.  But instead of writing it in a notebook with a lock and key & keeping it in the privacy of your own bedroom, for you and you alone, you somehow feel the need to tell the whole social world.  I found that rather obnoxious.  And eventually it hit me that I’m not at all above being obnoxious.  And so here we have my blog.

But I don’t know how much I should disclose.  Maybe I should just keep things nice and superficial?  Like when you’re talking to that friend of yours who’s always a riot and fun to be around, but not at all reliable or trustworthy.  Should I treat this blog like that?  Or should I risk it and pour my heart and soul into it, not holding back for a second?  Like when you think you’ve found your soul mate, someone who really gets you, only to discover that they’re a backstabbing liar who will go tell everyone the things you’ve told them in confidence.  How do I make this decision?

Is it permissible to write about the bad date, the difficult coworker, the annoying family member, or the bitchy friend?  Or would they generally be off limits?  I don’t know if I’m most hesitant because I feel it wouldn’t be right, or if it’s because I’m just worried that the aforementioned individuals would somehow read the blog post and be offended.  Probably the latter.  My paranoia on the subject is well founded, as these people would actually have a pretty good chance of stumbling across my posts.  Or more likely a mutual acquaintance would stumble across my posts and be quick to inform them about it.  You can’t trust anyone nowadays.

I guess I still have a lot of time to make the decision as to what I will and will not be blogging about.  Perhaps a fun mix of superficial and personal?  A post about the weather here, another post about a friendship ending there.  I will figure it out.  Until then, maybe I should just buy one of those lock and key diaries and pour my heart out in there like a 13 year old girl.