Meeting strangers in Vegas

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Bloggers in Sin City, Day 1

Upon my arrival at The Flamingo, I proceeded to spend the remainder of the day meeting more people and drinking.  Because those two things go hand in hand, do they not?  This was probably the first time I have ever hung out with a large group of people, none of whom I knew previously, and actually felt comfortable.  We talked as if we were old friends.  I’m not saying that I wasn’t awkward, because it’s safe to say that I probably definitely was.  But I’m always awkward so that’s nothing new.  I was already friends with a lot of them on Facebook, and some of them recognized me from updating my status all the time everyday.  But since they’re all social media fanatics as well, no one was judging me for it.  A couple people also recognized me as the girl who loved shoes.  Apparently when I posted about Army & Navy, some of them thought I was actually buying army boots at some sort of military store.  I had to clarify and explain what Army & Navy really was.


Carlo & Charlie’s


Mango margaritas

It was happy hour at Carlos and Charlie’s when I arrived, so perfect timing.  New friendships were made and margaritas were drank.  Larissa pretended it was Tom‘s birthday so that the waitress with the big boobs would come over and pour shots in his mouth.  And she did.  And it was awesome.


New friends


Happy hour

When it was time to check in, I met Megan, who I would be rooming with for the first and last day of our stay.  Being the awesome person that I am, I used my Total Rewards card in order to get ahead in line.  We went back down to Carlos & Charlie’s and had some awesome quesadillas.


Quesadilla Charlie’s

At one point, we all seemed very depleted and worn out and we weren’t sure why.  We were also all very on edge and upset about the fact that our phones were all dying.  It would appear that when you’re a social media buff and your phone battery is drained, your energy level may also become drained.  The solution?  A phone charging party, naturally.  And so a bunch of us got together in the hotel room to charge our phones, and as we did, we too slowly regained our energy.

My original plan was to go see strippers that night.  Because why would I not go see strippers that night?  But I wasn’t feeling it.  Shocking, I know.  There were only a few people who had originally wanted to go and the strippers we wanted to see were all the way on the opposite side of the strip.  I mean maybe if I had more energy at the time I would have been all for it, but I decided my first night would be better spent wandering around our side of the strip and meeting more awesome new people.  Besides, I had already seen Thunder From Down Under last year in Vegas and again this year in Vancouver.  I’m thinking once a year should be what I aim for.

Instead, a few of us wandered around the strip and walked down to The Venetian where we contemplated taking a gondola ride but decided against it.  We walked past Madame Tusseauds wax museum, where we took pictures with The Rock and Justin Timberlake.  Next time I’m in Vegas, I want to actually go inside and take pictures with all the celebrities.


The Venetian


The Rock


Group shot with JT


Obviously I needed a solo shot too

We later met up with others at Centre Cut Steakhouse in the Flamingo for martinis and bacon.  Because who doesn’t love martinis and bacon?  Especially when there’s three different kinds of bacon.


Pomegranate lemon martini


Trio Bacon Satay

More people showed up as the hours went by.  The group from DC took a limo from the airport, which somehow may have ended up being cheaper than the shuttle I took.  I was jealous.  Eventually I met Kitty and another Megan, who were my other roommates for the night.  I think I ended my night watching TV and eagerly anticipating what the rest of the trip had in store for me.


Interterminal Issues

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So I’ve decided to sporadically write my posts about Vegas whenever I feel like it, in between posts about various other things.  At this rate, I’ll still be writing them in the winter.  But whatever.  That works for me.  Bloggers in Sin City was just full of so much stuff that I feel like I need to write like ten posts about it at least.

When I arrived at the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas in May, I was supposed to meet up with Jessica, a fellow blogger who I had never met, because our flights arrived ten minutes apart.  So it made sense that we could just meet up, and make our way to the Flamingo together.  Simple, right?  Or so we thought.

I picked up my luggage at baggage claim 26.  Jessica was at baggage claim 10.  This is where the confusion began, because wherever Jessica was, the numbers only went up to 16.  How was this possible?  I was clearly at baggage claim 26.  Had I entered some magical world like how Harry Potter goes to platform 1 and 3/4?  I didn’t recall having ran through any walls or anything, so that couldn’t be it.

photoAnd that’s when we realized that we were at different terminals.  Curse the Las Vegas airport for being so damn big.  So we brilliantly decided to take the interterminal shuttles to meet each other.  So we both went to the shuttles and got on them.  At the same time.  Going in opposite directions.  It was too late to turn back.  So I believe Jessica simply stayed on her shuttle and took a round trip to meet me back at terminal 1.  Or was it 3?  I don’t even know anymore.  And yes, this was all as confusing as it sounds, possibly more so.

We wandered a bit and eventually had to go ask someone where the hell the hotel shuttles were.  Upon finding them, we patiently waited until it came time to board.  And then patiently waited while it drove oh so very slowly around the strip, proceeding to drop off every other passenger but us.  Not only were we the last to get to our hotel, the driver even stopped to pick up people to take back to the airport before finally dropping us off at The Flamingo.  Actually, she dropped us off a block away from the Flamingo because of “construction” or whatever.  We hoped that this experience would not be indicative of the rest of our time in Vegas.  It was unfortunate that our shuttle ride took so long, but if I was going to have to spend a ridiculous amount of time getting from the airport to the hotel, I’m sure as hell glad that time spent was with Jessica because she made it awesome.

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I think the Monday after Daylight Savings should be a statutory holiday

Seriously.  Wouldn’t that be an awesome idea to implement?  I’m pretty sure everyone would totally be on board with it.  I’ve never liked daylight savings anyway.  Is it really necessary?  We’re not actually “saving” daylight, we’re just adjusting so that we can experience that daylight at a different time.  It’s always such a hassle.  And seems to suddenly just creep up on you.  When I realized last week that the time change would be happening on the weekend, it upset me and I was not prepared.  I had already scheduled a late night on Saturday and an early morning on Sunday.  The loss of an hour made this all the more unbearable.  Apparently there are more car accidents after daylight savings as well.  Because people are tired and still adjusting.  Even though it’s only one hour, it really throws you off.

In the fall, it’s all good and well when we gain an hour.  But in the spring, it’s always painful.  People already complain that there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish what they need to.  No one wants to lose an hour.  I know it occurs at 2am in efforts to not be disruptive, but I always wonder about those who work night shifts.  Do they get paid for that hour that technically doesn’t exist?  And when we gain an hour in the fall, do they have to work overtime?  And I’m never sure what time the bars actually plan on closing.  If they normally close at 3am, do they close at 2am which is really 3am, or at 3am which is really 4am?  And the buses.  What time does service actually end?  It’s always so confusing.  It’s also annoying trying to figure out which clocks in your house you need to change manually and which ones will automatically adjust themselves.

But that’s just the way it is and we have to live with it.  I mean I suppose we could boycott it, but then we’d be spending half a year being an hour late for everything.  I imagine it would be difficult to function properly in society that way.  I don’t suppose employers would accept “I’m boycotting daylight savings” as an excuse for tardiness.  I guess if you really hate it that much, you could always move to a place that doesn’t use daylight savings.  One day, maybe I will.

So I don’t have a solution to this problem.  But I think that making the Monday after daylight savings a statutory holiday would be highly beneficial.  I know that we all had Sunday to recover, but Sunday is generally a lazy day anyway.  And it really wasn’t enough.  I’m pretty sure a lot of you were tired today, and therefore much less productive at work.  Imagine if we just had this extra day off.  I for one, would have greatly appreciated it.  I mean I made it through the day, yes, but at what cost?  We deserve another holiday.  And today should have been the day.  I recommend this be implemented for the future.  Who’s with me?

daylight savings

The best part about Valentine’s Day

The best part about Valentine’s Day does not actually occur on February 14th.  Rather, it begins on February 15th and continues for a couple days after that.  Of course, I’m talking about discounted candy.  For those who may not receive all the heart shaped chocolates and candy that they had hoped for, they can take solace in the fact that they can purchase these for themselves for fairly cheap once the holiday is over.

If anyone is still interested in buying discounted Valentine’s Day candy, there is still plenty of it out there.  At Dollarama, most of the Valentine’s candy is now 3 for $1.  These include heart shaped chocolates, cinnamon hearts, lollipops, and cookies.  There are also some nice gourmet cookies on sale at Winners.  London Drugs, Save On Foods, Safeway, and Shoppers Drug Mart are also worth checking out for their discounts.

Now that Valentine’s day is over, the stores have stocked their shelves with Easter candy. Full price Easter candy.  So naturally, I plan to wait until the day after Easter before I buy any.  Which will be April 1st.  Which is April Fool’s Day.  But discounted candy is certainly no joke.


Discounted Valentine’s Day goodies

This is my first blog post of 2013

Sorry it took so long.  I hope the quality of this post is not indicative of the type of year I’m going to have.  I’ll just leave you with a picture of me ringing in the new year with my sparkles and champagne at Celebrities.


I hope I get another opportunity to wear an outfit this shiny again some time.

Happy New Year!

Stripping with Santa

The other day I was walking down East Mall at UBC on my lunch break.  I walked past the Abdul Ladha Science Student Centre, where I saw a sign in the middle of the street that said “Sipping with Santa.”  Some student organization was selling hot chocolate for charity.  I, of course, misread the sign.  I thought what it said was “Stripping with Santa.”  This resulted in a combination of confusion and excitement until I looked at it again and realized my mistake.  Which then resulted in a combination of embarrassment and disappointment.

It’s really too bad that it wasn’t actually “Stripping with Santa.”  That could have been way more fun.  They could have had a North Pole candy cane stripper pole, Santa Baby as the main theme song, and lots of tinsel everywhere.  And I think they may have raised a lot more money that way.  Perhaps I should make that suggestion to them for next year?


Mrs. Claus is so lucky

I was talking to my friend yesterday about Christmas and how Santa was already in the mall for photos. During our conversation, she said, “I want to be Mrs. Claus, cause then I’d know where all the bad boys live.” I’d never thought of that before. But it’s true, why should Santa be the only one with access to the naughty list? I bet after Santa checks his list twice, Mrs. Claus checks it a third time and makes a mental note about it. I mean, what else is she supposed to do while her husband is visiting all the good kids? She’s got needs and it can’t be easy living with someone who’s overweight and has more facial hair than a hipster during movember. Thank God for the naughty list. What a lucky lady.  There must be a reason that Santa is constantly saying “Ho, Ho, Ho.”

Happy Easter

So I don’t actually know if this post will end up being about Easter or not.  I don’t really know what it’s going to be about, didn’t plan it really.  But it’s rare that I ever had a set out plan as to how anything will go.  But it happens to be Easter Sunday today, so I figured “Happy Easter” would be an appropriate title.

People don’t really write Easter cards or Easter letters to people, do they?  That’s never been a thing, right?  Not like Christmas.  But then I never send Christmas cards or Christmas letters to people either.  In the past I’ve expressed my dislike of those generic Christmas letters that people send out to friends and family.  Imagine if they sent those out for Easter as well, detailing how the first three months of the new year have been for them so far.

I kind of set a goal for myself, that I would stop putting off certain things I’ve been neglecting and try to be more decisive about things once Easter came around.  Easter seemed like a good time, spring is here, the sun is shining.  Actually I don’t know what that has to do with anything really.  But oh well.  I know people usually set these sort of goals for the new year, but clearly that didn’t happen.  This year didn’t exactly start out as great as it could have.

And then I watched that 30 Rock episode about leap day, where they said “real life is for March”.  And I thought, yeah, real life is for March, come March, I will get my shit together, pursue things, stop being so lazy.  But that didn’t happen either.  So I thought maybe I’d wait for April.  But that would mean starting April 1st.  And clearly that would just be a joke.  So Easter it was.

On another note, I just watched a commercial where a guy in it sort of had a mullet.  And I feel I need to share with you the fact that there was a guy at church with a mullet.  It wasn’t a full on mullet, it was fairly weak.  But it was a mullet nevertheless.  He was there on Good Friday and then again today.  I think that may have been one of the highlights of my Easter.  Because how often do you see a guy with a mullet nowadays?  Not that you’d want to.  I don’t think he’s a regular church goer.  But maybe he’ll be back next Easter?  Or maybe Christmas.  But who knows what hairstyle he’ll be rocking then.

I think I just diverged from the whole point of my post.  But actually I didn’t have a point to this post.  Except to wish everyone Happy Easter I guess.  Maybe I should have just written a blog post about mullets.  That might have been more entertaining.  But there’s no turning back now.  Though I guess I could just delete this and start over.  But then I would have wasted my time.  And that’s something I’m trying to do less of right now.  I’m also trying to stop second guessing myself so much.  But then I wonder if that’s really a good idea.

Anyway, if you celebrate Easter, then I wish you a Happy Easter!  And if you don’t, then I wish you a good day off tomorrow.  And if you have to work tomorrow, then I wish you happy time and a half.  Wait, do you get time and a half tomorrow?  You should.  If you don’t, then I’m sorry.  Have some Easter candy to make yourself feel better.  It should be on sale by tomorrow.

Doesn't this bunny look like it's humping the egg?