Hello 2012

It’s a new year.  Are things supposed to be different now?  Do we start it off with a clean slate?  Can we forget about all the horrible things that may have happened in 2011 and pretend they never happened?  That would be nice.  Some people say they have no regrets.  That’s a lie.  No one is completely happy with every decision they’ve made in their life.  I definitely have regrets.  But now that it’s 2012, maybe things will be better?

It is rather odd though, that the start of a new year is such a big deal.  The calendar year basically allows us to keep track of time.  Why does the fact that a year has gone by make anything different?  The only thing different is that now when we write down the date we end it with a 2 instead of a 1.

But people treat it as a big deal, and are always hopeful that the new year will be better than the last.  Many come up with new year’s resolutions that they will try and stick to.  I didn’t really come up with any this year.  It’s not really something I do, probably because I know that I will not be able to keep them.  I’m honest with myself about these things.  I could say that I will attempt to go to the gym more often, eat less junk food, or do less online shopping.  But then I’d just be a liar.

Does anyone really make a resolution and actually stick to it?  I mean in the long run.  I know some people are pretty persistent and will persevere for as long as they can, determined to stick to their resolutions.  I admire these people.  But I also don’t really have that much faith in them.  I’m sure they can do it, for months if they stick to it.  But not for the whole year.  365 days is a long time.  And this year is a leap year so it’s actually 366 days.  That one extra day is probably what put me off.

Maybe instead of being hopeful for this year, I should start it off with no expectations whatsoever.  That way if things don’t go well, I won’t be disappointed.  And if the year is good, I’ll be pleasantly surprised?  But if the predictions are finally right this time, the world will end this year, so it won’t matter anyway.