Today Is Friday

*Note: I originally posted this on my What are we watching? blog.  But I figure it’s random enough that I should post it here as well.*

That probably makes you think of Rebecca Black doesn’t it?  And now you hate me for getting that song stuck in your head?  Well, that was actually not my intention.  If I wanted to make you think of Rebecca Black, I would have called this post “Friday” or “It’s Friday” or “Gotta Get Down on Friday”.  Or something like that.  Everyone associates Friday with Rebecca Black.  But am I the only one who remembers the song Today is Friday by Nuclear Donkey?  Don’t have a clue what I’m talking about?  Here…

Now do you remember?  Or am I the only one?  Sadly I couldn’t find an actual video of them singing it.  But at least I was able to find the song.  I used to love watching YTV.  It was great when I was a kid.  YTV provided classic after school entertainment for kids.  I remember watching it when they had Treehouse with PJ Phil.  And PJ Katie’s farm.  And the Hit List.  I remember watching Camp Cariboo and Rupert and Wishbone and Reboot.  And Pinky and the Brain and Sailor Moon and Dexter’s Laboratory.  I think YTV had much better taste back in the 90s.

Nuclear Donkey was a band formed by Jenny and Pat on the Zone on YTV.  I specifically remember watching it when they sang the song Today Is Friday (Donkey Sneakers).  I remember thinking how completely random it was.  “Today is Friday, I hope you put your shoes on” and “Today is Friday, I hope you got your pants on” were random but also brilliant lyrics in my mind.  Thinking about it kind of makes me want to go out and buy the YTV Big Fun Party Mix CD.  So I can remember the awesomeness once again.

If you still don’t know what I’m talking about, then I feel bad for you.  It would be upsetting to know that Rebecca Black’s song is the only Friday song that you’re familiar with.  I’m so glad I was exposed to one long before it.  I mean technically there’s also Friday I’m in Love by the Cure and Just Got Paid (Friday Night) by Johnny Kemp (yes, the N’sync version was a cover).  And now there’s Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night as well.  But I’ll always remember the one by Nuclear Donkey because it makes me feel nostalgic and reminds me of my YTV watching days as a kid.

I just thought I would share that since today is Friday.  And I’m tired of people quoting and singing Rebecca Black when this day rolls around.  I mean sure people love “partying” and I know that “everybody’s looking forward to the weekend”.  But more importantly, I do “hope you got your pants on”.  Please, for the sake of those around you.  And “I hope you put your shoes on” if you’re going outside.  Pat and Jenny really knew what they were talking about.  “Today is Friday, thanks for putting your clothes on.”

Baby it’s cold outside

It’s a popular Christmas song.  A lovely duet.  So romantic.  A true Christmas love song.  Not.  There’s much more to to this song than meets the eye.  Or the ears, I guess.  But yeah.  If you really think about it and listen to the lyrics, it’s pretty obvious what’s going on here.  Date rape.

Okay, I know that seems rather extreme.  But really, that’s what it is.  I mean it’s not happening yet, but the events leading up to it are.  The girl clearly wants to go home to her family, as it’s getting late and is cold outside.  If she stays any longer, the snow will continue to pile up and she’ll be snowed in, unable to make it back safely.  If the man in the song was truly a gentleman, he would respect her wishes and call her a cab.  Instead he makes the excuse that there are “no cabs to be had out there”.  Well maybe that’s because you haven’t called for one yet?

The argument could be made that she wants it as much as he does.  She beats around the bush trying to make excuses, but ultimately doesn’t leave.  Her biggest concern seems to be her reputation.  She’s worried about what her family will think if she spends the night and that rumours will go around.  She says that she “oughta say no”, as if it’s what would be expected of a lady, as opposed to what she really wants to say.

But then she does say “the answer is no”.  Which he promptly ignores and continues on about the weather, how happy he is that she dropped by, and how delicious her lips look.  He makes her feel guilty for wanting to leave him, saying that she is “hurting his pride” and saying “how can you do this thing to me?”.  He’s clearly hoping to get her drunk enough so she’ll spend the night, and is successful in having her agree to another “half a drink more”, probably followed by the other half a drink and who knows how many more after that.  It probably wouldn’t take that many more.  She seems like a cheap drunk.

Not only does he make her feel guilty as a means of making her stay, he then tries to pretend that his main concern is for her and for her safety.  He’d be upset if she “caught pneumonia and died”.  That’s just extreme.  Clearly he’s not a doctor or a medical professional, because being in cold weather does not give you pneumonia.  Yes, it can lower your immune system and worsen conditions, but being in the cold for a bit isn’t going to kill you.  Then he just keeps reminding her of how damn cold it is outside and that he’s concerned for her, as her hands are “cold as ice”.  He lures her in with promises of a warm fireplace to escape from the storm.

How does all this make him a rapist, you ask?  Maybe he genuinely is concerned for her.  Maybe he does care about her safety and has no intention of making any moves on her.  In fact, he has a pull out couch, which he will go sleep on, offering her his bed to have a good night’s sleep until the storm has passed.  And the drink he’s going to give her is some hot chocolate or herbal tea to help her sleep.  Not.  She specifically asks him at one point “say, what’s in this drink?”.  That’s right, he’s roofied her.  At this point it doesn’t matter whether she wants to stay or if she’s worried about her family, because she’s not going to remember.

I’ve heard this song a lot this Christmas, as is the case every year.  And every time I do, I want to yell at the girl to get the hell away while she still can.  Call yourself a cab, this man will lie and say he can’t get one.  Walk if you have to, the storm can’t be that bad.  Just make it to the door before he starts with all this crap.  Call a reliable friend to pick you up maybe.  And for the love of God, don’t drink whatever the hell he’s given you!