Goodbye BlackBerry, hello iPhone

So yeah, I finally did it. This is my first blog post from my iPhone. I fear it will be filled with typos since I hate touch screens and the words I want just aren’t being properly typed. I miss buttons. I love buttons. Why can’t they all have buttons? Can they please make an iPhone with buttons?

Now I find myself riddled with questions. Like should I get insurance on my phone? Or AppleCare? What apps should I get? Should I use iMessage or just turn it off? How do I preserve the battery life on my phone? How do I type better with this stupid touch screen?

It’s been less than 24 hours since I got this phone. How long does it take the average person to get used to it? And is there such a thing as blackberry withdrawal? Because I believe that may be what I am now experiencing. Is it weird that I’m using a picture of my blackberry as my wallpaper for my iPhone?


What kind of phone should I get?

It’s getting to that point.  Well that point was here like a year ago.  It’s way past that point now.  But I have to get a new phone.  It’s ridiculous the amount of times I attempt to do something and that little clock icon is in the middle of my screen and everything is frozen.  It’s finally time.  I don’t have to put up with this anymore.

But because I’m so indecisive and clueless about technology, I still have no idea what phone to get.  I was thinking an iPhone.  But then there’s also the Samsung Galaxy.  And I’ve even heard good things about the new Blackberry Z10.  Although the only reason I like Blackberry is because I like the keypad.  But the new Blackberry is a touch screen phone.  So what’s the point?  Take away the one thing I love about it?  No thank you.

But what the hell should I get?  What’s the easiest one to use?  I need something very user friendly.  What phone will I bitch about the least?  That’s the phone I want.  One that will cause me to never again write another blog post about how much I hate my phone.  Does such a phone exist?  Or will I just never be happy?

My phone is dying

After the last time my blackberry refused to charge, it eventually worked after being rebooted several times. But now it’s happened again and it still won’t charge, even after rebooting. It may be that the battery’s just beyond the point where its chargeable. So to make matters worse, I thought I’d go ahead and use up more of its battery life by writing this blog post. Counterintuitive, I know. But I may as well use it while I can.

My phone won’t charge

When I came home last night, I plugged in my phone to charge overnight, as I often do.  The battery life sucks and so I usually have to charge it everyday.  When I woke up this morning, I checked it and the battery life was still exactly where it had been last night.  Sometimes this happens because the outlet in my room suck and it becomes unplugged, and therefore does not charge.  But that was not the case this time.  It was still plugged in and still indicated that it was charging.  But it wasn’t.  What the fuck?

I’m worried now.  The battery life is more than half gone already.  I’ve turned off my phone for now in order to preserve it.  What’s annoying is that today I would have actually made a few calls and such but now I won’t because I don’t want to phone to die.  I also have a lot of pictures on my phone that I’ve yet to post or do anything with and I do not want to lose them.  Blogging from my phone is out of the question at this point.

What’s going to happen?  When the battery life finally dies, which will most probably definitely happen later today, will it just never turn back on?  Why won’t it charge?  It’s always charged in the past.  Very slowly, but eventually.  Why not now?  Is the battery just dead?  Or unchargeable somehow?  What do I do?  I’m sort of internally freaking out about it.  My phone and I have always had our differences, but this is just an all new low.  I haven’t even dropped it recently so what’s the deal?

I suppose I’ll take it to Rogers later and complain.  And most likely they will do nothing or try to sell me a battery that’s almost the price of a phone.  Is this a sign that I should just give up the blackberry?  But I’ve stuck with for so long, despite all its problems.  I don’t want to conform to the masses.  I hate touch screens.  I like being able to push actual buttons.  I could never have that with an iPhone.  Why is my blackberry such a bitch?

Reunited and it feels so good

I am very please to inform you that my phone has made a full recovery.  This morning before I left for work, in an extremely cautious and panic ridden state, I removed my blackberry and battery from the container of rice in which they rested.  I then carefully inserted the battery.  And attached the back of the phone.  And then I waited as it rebooted.  And after waiting, I saw that oh so familiar flash of red light once again.  And I tested it, checked my new texts, bbm, and facebook messages.  All seemed to work fine.  And so I did what I do best.  I updated my facebook status and tweeted using my phone.

It was a very painstaking two and a half days that we spent apart, neither of us knowing our fate.  I’m glad that I waited, to be sure that it would recover.  Had I been too eager, things may not have worked out so well.  The time apart has been good for us.  I used to just focus on how horrible it had been to me and blamed it for everything.  But I do realize now that I may have been too needy.  I rely on it to do its job, yes.  But I don’t need it every second and I don’t need to be tweeting and texting constantly, at a pace that it may not be able to keep up with.

People have said that I could do a lot better than this phone.  And I know they’re probably right.  But I’ve made my decision.  When it was buried in the rice and I was waiting for it to recover, I wanted it to get better.  Having it not recover would have been the perfect excuse to finally trade up and be done with it once and for all.  But that was not what I had hoped for.  I knew I needed more time with it before I could move on.

As an exercise in trust, I took it with me into the bathroom.  Into the very same stall in which it fell in the toilet.  But I made sure to transfer it carefully from my pocket to my purse right away, in order to avoid disaster.  This allowed for me to prove that I will no longer be as careless as I once was.  It would have been very sad had I made the same mistake yet again.  But I didn’t.  Because I’m better now.  We’re better now.

I’ve decided to keep the phone out of its case for now.  I know this seems counterintuitive, as the case is there in order to protect it.  But this is not necessary.  Because I’m here to protect it.  And I like it better without the case.  It’s lighter and more sleek and easier to handle.  The case was only weighing it down, not allowing it to reach its full potential.  Also I think I may have lost the case.

The strange thing is that I can’t recall it freezing on me today.  It’s almost as if it’s working better after what its been through.  Maybe it’s afraid that if it doesn’t shape up, it might meet the same fate once more.  I can imagine that falling in a toilet and then being completely buried in rice for an undetermined amount of time would be highly traumatic.  Or maybe that time away from me has just allowed it time to reflect on its actions and make the decision to be better for me.  Whatever the reason, I appreciate it and I hope it lasts.  At least until I can get credit for an upgrade.

My blackberry is out of the rice and back in my hand where it belongs.

I don’t need a phone

This is the stage I like to refer to as denial.  I have now gone without my phone for two days.  After having the misfortune of falling in the toilet on Wednesday, it is now still sitting in a container of rice trying to recuperate.  Spending two days without my phone gave me the sense that I am able to survive without it, hence the title of this post.  I don’t actually need it in order to get through the day.  But more than likely, I’m just telling myself this in order to feel better about the fact that I can’t use it right now.

I miss it though.  Not when it freezes.  Or when the apps don’t work.  Or when I can’t connect to the internet.  Or when it won’t let me access a message.  Or when it takes fucking forever to respond to what I’ve clicked on.  But I miss it.  When it flashes and vibrates to indicate a new message, and then actually allows me to go and check said message.  And then allows me to respond to said message.  And use my apps.  And browse.  And let me know what time it is.  And just be there for me.  I miss it.

But maybe this happened for a reason?  Maybe we needed some time apart.  We have been going through a bit of a rough patch lately, so perhaps this was for the best.  It’s allowed me to see what life is like without it.  And allowed it to have some time away from me as well.  Maybe at the end of all this our relationship will be stronger and we’ll be able to look past the flaws and make the best of things.

The question now is how much longer should I wait?  Also, how much longer CAN I wait?  Apparently I have more willpower than expected.  But who knows how long that will last?  Is two days enough time?  Should I wait another day?  Maybe if I wait longer, it will be more special when I finally get to use it again.  I don’t want to rush into things.  We should probably take it slow if we want to make this work.

I just want this back.

Can I take my phone out of the rice yet?

It's not the best phone in the world. But I still want it back.

If you read my last post, you know that my phone fell in the toilet yesterday.  I’ve always had a bad relationship with my phone but I really want it to be okay.  I am not ready to move on.  We’ve been through a lot together and it’s too soon to say goodbye.  If I do get a new phone, I want to it to be out of choice, not out of necessity.

I left my blackberry in the rice overnight.  It’s still in there.  And I am suffering.  I think my phone being out of commission is affecting my mental state.  This morning I forgot to bring a towel to the bathroom with me when I had a shower.  Consequently, I had nothing to dry off with.  Not even a bag of rice.  Maybe I subconsciously wanted to connect with my phone in a way?

I am now debating whether I should take it out and test it soon or whether I should leave it longer still.  I googled what to do and some places say that you should leave it overnight, while others say that you should leave it for 5 days.  Which is it?!?  I need to know!  Now!  If I could just have a clear answer, it would put my mind at ease at least a little bit.  At this point I have no idea when I will finally cave and this is upsetting me.

I’ve been surviving without it and trying not to think about it too much.  But then I get the urge to check my messages and then the realization hits me that I can’t.  I’m sure some people would be surprised that I’ve already gone this long without testing it out.  Perhaps I should take bets with people as to how long I can wait for.  Then maybe I could win enough money to buy a new phone if this one doesn’t pull through.

Does anyone have any advice or happen to know how long exactly I should wait?

I put a lid on the container of rice and let it sit there. I am now resisting the urge to take it out.

My phone fell in the toilet

My blackberry is currently on life support. I'm hoping it will pull through.

Yeah.  It finally happened.  Not that I was expecting it to happen.  At all.  It never even crossed my mind that such a thing would happen.  But it did.  And of course it would happen to me.  And I feel lost and hopeless without it and worried about what will happen next.

Everyone who knows me knows that I hate my phone.  But that I also depend on it and rely on it and may even love it sometimes.  It’s probably a very unhealthy relationship.  But that’s the way it is.  But I never wanted this to happen.  This can’t be how it ends.  That would be just be too devastating.

I made the unfortunate mistake of putting my blackberry in my sweater pocket.  My tiny sweater pocket, in which it barely fit, and part of it was left peaking out.  It should never have been in there.  It was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  It should have been in my bag at that moment, safe and sound.  And most importantly, dry.

When I heard it fall in I thought oh, crap!  No, not literally.  I suppose crap is a very unfortunate word choice given the circumstances.  But yeah.  I panicked.  I immediately took it out and then I didn’t know what to do.  I dried it off with paper towel and then just stared at it in despair.

I was told to remove the battery and then put it in rice for 3 days.  3 days?  I can’t go without my phone for 3 days!  That’s madness!  I was then told that maybe I didn’t have to wait 3 days.  I would have googled what to do, but alas, I couldn’t.  Because obviously the phone was unusable.  This happened first thing after work, so I had to wait an hour and a half commuting home before I could even do anything proactive about this.

Everyone who knows me also knows that I like to tweet and update my Facebook status.  All the time.  Especially when commuting.  It’s how I pass this time.  But not this time.  This time I had to go without.  I would have tweeted about what happened to my phone right after it happened, but that would have required use of the phone.  Not only did my phone undergo this accident, but I couldn’t even let people know about it.

To add insult to injury, I was surrounded by people on the Canada Line who were using their phones.  To text, to talk, to look up random stuff on the internet.  I think I went through withdrawal.  It was bad.  And then I wondered if we had rice at home.  I was pretty sure we did, but I thought maybe I should call my mom to check and make sure.  And then I remembered I couldn’t call her.  And then I wondered if it mattered what kind of rice you used.  And that maybe I should message a friend to ask them.  And then I remembered that I couldn’t.

It’s been over 2 hours since the incident.  My phone is now sitting in a container of rice.  This better cure it.  It’s only been sitting in there for less than an hour.  And already I long to take it out and try to use it.  But I know that I shouldn’t.  Some websites said to leave it overnight.  I can do that.  Others said to leave it for 5 days.  I can’t do that.  There’s no way.  Not gonna happen.  How the hell do you go 5 days without a phone?  Not knowing whether or not it will even come out alive after those 5 days have passed?

I don’t want it to end like this.  I may hate my phone but I also love it and the accident was my fault for leaving it carelessly in my pocket.  I need it to make a full recovery.  It was already in bad shape to begin with, so that can’t be good.  I just ate some rice, so that I could have a connection with it.  I’m constantly talking about how crappy my phone is and how it’s a piece of shit.  But I never wanted it to end up in the toilet.

I submerged it in the rice. Maybe that will give it more of a fighting chance.

I hate my phone

I’ve been saying this a lot lately.  I think I’ve probably said this about every phone I’ve ever had.  I don’t know why but they all seem to hate me.  Maybe it’s not the phones.  Maybe it’s me?  Am I the problem?  I never like to admit that I’m the problem.  But I will allow that it may be a possibility, however slight.  It’s not just phones that hate me, it’s pretty much all technology.  I think I’m fairly competent, as much as the average person more or less.  Although the world has become very tech savvy, so maybe a little less competent than the average person?  Yeah, that sounds about right.

I have a blackberry.  Yeah, that pretty much says it all, right?  It’s all about iPhones now, or so I’ve heard.  But it took a while for me to even get a blackberry.  I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t even get it until a few months ago.  Prior to that, I had a flip phone.  With no internet access.  I honestly don’t know how I survived.  Then my dad got a new blackberry through work and gave me his old one.  And then my life went to hell.  Well not really, but I became a little obsessed shall we say?

The blackberry gave me, for the first time ever, internet access from anywhere I happened to be.  I remember one time I was at Oakridge waiting in line for my mexi fries at Taco Luis.  When I came back to my table my friend said “Did you just tweet about it while you were waiting in line?”.  I did.  Because I could.  In the past, I would have had to wait until I got home that evening, sat in front of my computer, and then tweeted about the fact that I didn’t know that Taco Luis had opened up a second location at Oakridge.  Thank God I had the blackberry to allow me to do it right away.

The greatest thing about it is that it allows me to pass the time while commuting.  I take public transit.  Everywhere.  All the time.  It’s about an hour and a half commute each way for me to and from work.  In the past all I could do was text people, but a lot of people are asleep or at work or school in the morning.  And so now I can opt to post on Facebook and Twitter an obnoxious amount of times instead, therefore not disturbing anyone at such an early hour (I have had a couple people complain that I send them texts at too early an hour).

So why do I hate my phone?  Did I not mention that it’s a blackberry?  It freezes.  All the time.  And I mean ALL the time.  I went to Rogers last week and told the guy about the many problems I was having with my phone.  His response was “Yeah, blackberries are like that”.  He was extremely unhelpful and wouldn’t even look up my account until I bothered him to, and when I expressed interest in maybe getting a new phone he didn’t even bother to show me anything they had and just made me feel stupid instead.  I had similar problems when I was with Bell.  Is it me?  Why are technology and the people who represent it so against me?

There was once a day when I did not receive any text messages from anyone.  Even though I had sent a fair amount.  Not only was no one texting me first, they were not even replying to my messages.  I thought everyone was ignoring me.  But I realized some people were still responding to my facebook messages.  It took me a while, but the next day I finally realized that they weren’t ignoring me, my phone was just not receiving messages for some reason.  And it made me realize just how much I rely on my phone for updates and important information from people.  But after that I also became paranoid.  If I didn’t receive any new texts for a certain period of time I wondered, is my phone broken?  Or are people actually ignoring me this time?  But I didn’t want to seem like a sad, desperate person, calling people and asking them to text me just to make sure it was working.

But the worst thing so far, was the blackberry outage last week.  Or should I say blackberry outrage?  I know I was outraged.  My internet and apps were out of service.  No more facebook and twitter updates while on the bus.  No more being able to quickly Google something that I think of while away from a computer.  Okay, so it doesn’t actually sound like that big of a deal.  But it was still frustrating.  I mean we pay for the luxury of this service, and thus have a right to complain.  I remember overhearing another girl on the skytrain last week while she was on the phone.  I heard her say “Oh my God this bbm thing is killing me!”.  I was glad to know I was not alone.  But then I saw a man with a blackberry checking the News1130 website without any issues.  And that made me angry.  Why was his working while mine wasn’t?  Was News1130 more important to him than Facebook was to me?  I think not.

The problem has now been fixed, but my phone still craps out on me, freezes, gives me late notifications, and randomly shuts down.  I’m not going to deny that I may have dropped it once or twice, but it was giving me problems long before then.  But I’m trying to stick it out and make things work between us.  It’s sort of a love hate relationship.  I hate it but I rely on it and we do have our moments.  According to the Rogers guy it’s another 15 more months until I can get credit for a new one.  It’s likely I will not last that long but it will have to do for now.  They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend.  But my blackberry is mine.  Even if it is a backstabbing bitch at times.