The beautiful blogger award

Yes, I have been nominated for another blogging award.  And in keeping with my usual timely schedule, I have once again taken an entire month to go ahead and accept it.  A month ago, I was nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award by Resa, author of the blog Queen’s End.  I’m not sure if this means that I’m beautiful, or that my blog is beautiful.  Or maybe she just thinks that my shoes are beautiful.  But either way, I’ll take it.

I want to thank Resa for her comments and support of my blog.  I really appreciate it.  It seems that we both share of love of shoes, shopping, and humour.  She works as a costume designer and I feel like she lives this glamorous life that I wish I had.  Check out her blog to read about it.

I also wanted to post this picture of my shoe.  Random, I know.  But I feel like it’s similar to the shoe picture that she posted on her blog.  Although her shoe was nicer than this one.  But I still like my black Converse.  But I wish mine came with pink laces like her shoe did.

But enough about shoes.  There’s plenty of time for that later.  Let’s get back to what’s important.  Awards.  And receiving them.  In order for me to accept this award, I’m supposed to nominate 6 or 7 other bloggers to receive the award as well and notify them.  Here are my recipients…

Family Haikus

Childhood Relived

Looking for the Sweet Spot

Go Jules Go


Sadie & Dasie

Mixed Gems

I would highly recommend checking out these blogs for their humour, ideas, style, and of course, beauty.  You won’t be disappointed.  And if you are, you can ask for your money back.  Oh wait, you’re not paying anything.  In which case you have no excuse.