The worst cough I’ve ever heard

So Translink upset me today. What else is new? I missed three buses due to a stop being rerouted. And then there were like ten transit cops at the sky train station checking fares. Cause you know, that’s completely necessary. Not to mention there’s track maintenance tonight so trains are delayed. And then there’s those annoying people sitting in the aisle seats when the window seat is empty, not leaving room for people to sit. I went and asked a guy if I could sit there and he moved for me. But really, I shouldn’t have to ask.

Now that I’ve said my piece about that, I can get to the real issue at hand. There’s this guy on the Canada Line right now who has the worst cough I’ve ever heard. And I’ve heard some bad ones, let me tell you. I’m actually scared. He sounds like he might cough up a lung. Or worse. I’m not sure what would be worse than coughing up a lung. I don’t really want to think about it. I’m guessing it’s smoker’s cough, but I mean it must be more than that. I’ve never heard a cough before that made me afraid for my own safety.

I can’t describe in words what it sounds like. Even if you could hear me, I wouldn’t be able to properly emulate it. I would say it sounds like a dog barking, but then that would be an insult to dogs and their barking. What I wouldn’t give to hear dogs barking right now instead. It’s just this nasty, loud, throat clearing, hacking sound. Sort of cavemanish. Like grunting almost. Sometimes it’ll stop for a moment but then I’ll hear him again. I’m scared to look over at him. I’m just grateful that he’s not sitting beside me. And I really hope that whatever problem he has clears up soon. And that it’s not contagious, since the Canada Line is a rather confined space.

That one good morning

So I’m constantly complaining about Translink. And rightly so. The other day two of my buses didn’t come and they assured me that the one I asked about was running on time and was right where it was supposed to be. I informed them that it never came to my stop but they just continually said there had been no reports. Then they finally said that it had been running late and had skipped my stop to compensate.

I constantly deal with these types of problems, as well as the crowds of people that surround and annoy me during my commutes. Like the throat clearer this morning who would alternate between the throat clearing and deep breathing for no apparent reason. And the even worse guy standing between us who made noises with his mouth as if he was chewing when really he wasn’t. I don’t know how to describe the sound in words, other than that it was annoying and unnecessary.

But yesterday was a good morning. A key part of it anyway. The part when I was on the 43 bus. Why? Because not only was the bus on time, but it was almost completely empty. There were maybe five other people on it. But they sat away from me. I had pretty much the whole back of the bus to myself. It was so nice and spacious. Not that I made use of the space or anything, I only took up one seat. But it was nice to be able to look up and not have to bear witness to any annoying habits that I otherwise would have.

It was odd. It was like a miracle. I began to wonder why it was so empty. I almost felt like tweeting translink to ask them why my bus was empty and what they did with the people. Were they gone for my benefit? I remember this Twilight Zone episode where for some reason this kid has power over this small town and when people think bad thoughts about him he can wish them away. At one point he complains to his dad that there aren’t any other children there for him to play with and his dad explains to him that it’s because he had wished all the other children away. He was an annoying kid. But yeah, maybe I had somehow subconsciously wished away the annoying people on the bus, before the bus even arrived at my stop. Although why I’d want to compare myself to an evil and disturbed little kid, I don’t know.

But clearly that wasn’t the case. Because I’m on the bus this morning and there are people on it. Unless they’re still gone and now I’m just hallucinating. Maybe I’m not even on a bus right now? Am I dreaming? Whatever the case, it’s not so bad. The bus isn’t completely full and the people on this bus are far less annoying than the ones on the Canada Line. If only I could have wished away some of those people. Particularly the throat clearer and the fake chewer. But alas this is real life and not the Twilight Zone. But still, a girl can dream.

My favourite kind of old person

Sometimes I complain about old people. When they shove me, or walk too slowly right in front of me. But I don’t generalize. They’re not all bad. Just a few that give the rest a bad name. But there are some old people who I admire.

This one time I was on the Canada Line and this old man was standing. Sometimes people who are neither old nor handicapped will sit in the priority seating seats when there are others around who need them more. That pisses me off. But the girl did offer her seat to the old man. But he turned it down and continued to stand. That’s my favourite kind of old person, one who doesn’t let age slow him down. I had to stand that day too, and I liked that we could both stand together in solidarity. If he was happy to stand without complaining, then so was I.

This morning, I had to stand again, as I often do. This time, an old woman got on at the next stop. She was also offered a seat. Actually I think someone might have told the person in the seat they should offer her their seat. The person in the priority seating area is often oblivious. But the old woman refused the seat as well and continued to stand. I like when that happens. She was also very good at standing. I mean, she was standing near me, but didn’t crowd or have an annoying habit as most people who stand near me often do. I greatly appreciated this. I also liked her shoes. They weren’t your typical old lady walking shoes. Needless to say, she’s my new idol. That’s the kind of old person that I want to be, if I ever make it to that age.

I witnessed a theft

So I’m on the Canada Line, frustrated because my bus was cancelled this morning and I had to wait longer. While waiting at the bus stop, I began to eat my lumberjack sandwich from Safeway. Not the whole thing, just part of it. I did get a seat on the bus and the train, so it’s not so bad.

As I’m sitting on the train, everyone seems to be minding their own business. There are people standing, but it’s not too crowded. There is lots of empty standing room, at least at the first few stops. This young Asian guy who I didn’t really get a good look at was standing by the seats. When the train stopped at Aberdeen, he suddenly froze, crouched down and grabbed the bag that was next to the seats, and ran off the train. The doors nearly closed on him, but he made it.

I looked at the lady who was sitting closest to the bag, but she didn’t seem phased. Then the guy in front of her turned and looked at the floor where the bag once was. It had been his. He looked down and then up and asked “Did he just steal my bag?” And I told him yeah. No one else seemed bothered by it. I’m sure a lot of them didn’t even realize it happened. The guy told me there was nothing in it. Alright, so he made off with an empty bag? I guess that’s not as bad as it could have been. But then he said there were some books and stuff in it. Okay, that’s worse. I wondered why he wasn’t angrier. I think maybe he was in shock.

“Does this happen often?” He asked me. I told him no. I mean maybe it does, but I’d never seen it happen before. And I’d like to think I’m not as ignorant as most people. I told him he should report it, but he said that he didn’t think reporting it would help. He did get off at the next station though. Not sure what he planned on doing. Meanwhile, everyone else continued about their business.

I’m annoyed that no one seems to know what to do in that situation. Or I guess it’s just that no one really cares. If only there had been someone by the doors who could have apprehended the guy. Instead of the obsession with police checking fares all the time, maybe they should be concerned about issues of theft as well. I mean I know not paying your fare is considered theft, but you know what I mean. If the train had been more crowded, he may not have been able to run off like that. Although maybe if it were more crowded, he wouldn’t have had to run, and could have snuck through the crowds. Maybe this does happen often? There’s always those signs about pick pocketers, but no one ever expects their entire bag to be made off with.

I’m just glad that I always, well usually, have my bag(s) on my lap. Where I can see them. And hold them. A person would need to pry them out of my hands before making off with them. This is also a good reason never to sleep on public transit, no matter how tired you are. You don’t want to risk it. I know it’s cynical, but you can’t just blindly trust the people around you. Some places have signs that say “Thieves work here”. I think public transit needs “Thieves ride this train/bus” signs. Not that it would really help. But you know. It might just warn a few people at the very least.

I don’t know what happened to that guy, if he got help or anything. It was a black bag, briefcase looking I think. It all happened so fast so I’m really not sure. Maybe karma’s a bitch and the young guy tripped as he ran out of the station? Except no one was chasing him and no one outside of the train would have known that he had stolen it. The guy who’s bag it was seemed pretty calm, albeit shocked. If it had been my bag, I’d be freaking out. Now I’m paranoid. Beware of bag thieves. And thieves in general. It’s unfortunate, but they may be riding your train or bus right now.

Commuting, decision making, shoes sales, & babies

I had to run across the street this morning to make it to the bus. Well I didn’t have to. I could’ve just missed it. But that would have screwed up the rest of my commute. A small price to pay, I suppose. Although I was kind of out of breath after. But I did not pant and breathe heavily as others often do. Why am I so out of shape? Maybe I need to start going to the gym again. Or just continue to run for buses. I’m guessing they both have the same sort of effect.

It’s a nice day today. Finally, no need for a jacket. I would really love to wear sandals, but am unable to because of work. I was going to bring a pair of flip flops with me, as I may go to a shoe sale later. But of course I forgot. Oh well. I think Resa, author of the blog Queen’s End, would appreciate a picture of the shoes I am currently wearing.  Nothing fancy, but they’re comfortable and they’re hi-tops.  Although you can’t tell, as my pant legs are covering them.

I have a dilemma. Well, a first world problems dilemma. There’s an Orb clothing sale today. And there’s a designer shoe sale today. I cannot attend both, as I will be at work and will barely have enough time to stop by one. They’re both in different places in Richmond, neither one more convenient than the other. How do I decide? I know I have already attended both an Orb sale and a shoe sale within the past couple months. And so you’d probably tell me not to attend either and to exercise some self control for once. But I feel as though it’s expected of me to go. And to follow it up with a blog post filled with a confusing mix of awesomeness, excitement, and regret.

I feel like a few people were staring at me on the Canada Line. This one older lady in particular. Perhaps because of my shirt. It’s the one that says “Keep Calm and Buy Shoes” in big letters across it. I think perhaps by deciding to wear this shirt, I kind of made my decision as to which sale I’ll be attending. Or maybe not. The other day I wore my “Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake” shirt and I did not in fact eat a cupcake that day. Misleading, I know.

Oh God, the guy across from me just sneezed really loudly & disgustingly. That was out of the blue and completely uncalled for. He’s also like flapping his legs. I can’t really explain it. But he’s sitting with his legs wide apart and then moving them in and out. And it resembles wings flapping. Why is he doing that? What purpose could it possibly serve? Is this some sort of weird exercise I don’t know about? That helps with…something? Now he’s tapping each foot, one after the other, neither one at the same time. I guess he’s just sort of restless? Either way, it’s annoying.

On the Canada Line earlier, I decided to do something I’d never done before. Okay, not true. Something I rarely do, especially in the mornings. I walked to the back of the train. Not the very back, but in that area. Because I thought maybe there were seats there. But I was sadly mistaken. There was however, more standing room. I normall like to be at the very front, or wherever’s closest to the escalator so I can get the hell out of the station as fast as possible. But I had enough time this morning that it didn’t really matter.

One stop before my stop, a woman with a baby carriage got on and stood next to me. Or a stroller I guess. Does anyone call them baby carriages anymore? Is there a difference? Anyway, I’m not a baby person. Like, if you think I’m awkward around adults, it’s way worse with babies. I don’t know what to say or what to do or how to act. Sometimes I think I’m dead inside, cause when someone brings a baby somewhere, everyone else will crowd around & be all like “Hi!” “Oh my God you’re so cute!” and various random baby talk things. And I’ll just sort of be there.

Today, as this baby was looking around, it looked at me. And I looked back. I didn’t say anything. What am I supposed to say? It’s a baby. I didn’t make a funny face or sound or anything. But I decided I would smile at him and see what happens. And lo and behold it, he actually smiled back. Who would have thought? Naturally, I just expected that he would continue to stare, look confused, and then lose interest. But he smiled at me a few times and seemed to be enjoying himself. Perhaps I’m not completely dead inside after all? Or maybe he just thought I looked funny?

I think being the oldest of five kids has generally make me dislike kids. But the smile of that baby may have restored my faith for a moment. But then I went down the stairs and saw the entire station pretty much was filled with parents and small yelling children. And that just totally brought me back to reality. No idea why they were there or where they were going. And I don’t care. Not my problem. Thank God.

So that was my morning. And my thought process during it. Parts of it anyway. I think the baby smiling at me contributed to me being in a slightly better mood than normal. But you know, it was countered by all the annoying people I encountered afterwards. But it’s okay, because shopping tonight may just lift my spirits once again.

The guy beside me

I’m on the canada line. Yes, what else is new. It is where I spend most of my life. This guy got on, and there were other seats available closer to him, but he passed by them and chose the one next to me instead. Which is fine, I know that having an empty seat beside me is a rare and fleeting moment that will not last. Things were going fine, he reached down and fumbled through his backpack for a bit. And then he took out an apple. And had the audacity to eat it.

Okay, so a normal person would not be bothered by this. But it irks me so much when people eat apples in public. It’s just the way they crunch it. It’s one of the loudest foods you can eat. And the crunching doesn’t stop until they’re down to the core. Really it shouldn’t annoy me, I eat in public all the time. But not apples. Maybe it’s partly due to the fact that I don’t like skin on apples. I’d rather eat it in slices, with the skin peeled off. But to each their own I guess. Maybe I’m the weird one.

He finished that apple rather quickly though. Which I appreciated. There’s nothing worse than a prolonged period of crunching. And then he put the core into a little plastic bag so he could dispose of it later. At least he cared enough to do that. Maybe he wasn’t just an apple crunching douchebag.

Then he fumbled through his backpack some more, and pulled out some papers. They looked like some sort of court documents. Was he in trouble with the law? Should I be afraid? Or maybe he’s a law student reviewing a case? But they looked pretty legit. Not that I would know. But either way, it intrigued me. Not because he might be a criminal. And not because he might be a lawyer. It’s just that there was more to him than crunching apples.

My stop came up, and I had to get off the train, leaving him behind. Which is a shame, because I feel like if I had stayed, he would have pulled something else out of that backpack that may have been even more interesting. I guess I’ll never know.

Just another morning

When I get on the bus, I always hope that no one will sit beside me. At least not for a while. I know that eventually it will fill up and inevitably happen. As luck would have it, the guy who sat beside me kind of took up more than his own seat. How pleasant. At least the first bus isn’t too long of a ride. Usually. As my eyes wandered as I sat there, I made the mistake of looking directly into this old man’s ear, which had ear hair in it. That’s something that I cannot unsee. This woman across from me was reading The Hunger Games. Which reminds me I need to blog about that. The movie, not the book. I haven’t read the book. I suppose I will. Eventually. Though not on the bus. I reserve that time for blogging.

Luckily, the Canada Line didn’t drive away right as my bus stopped at the station. With a minute left, I was able to make it, despite the metro & 24 hours news guys in my way. I walked by this guy with paint on his shirt who tried to whistle, but sort of failed as it didn’t come out right. There was a group of kids at the station. But the teacher or leader or whoever had the good sense not to try and cram them on this train and told them they would wait for the next one. Thank God for that. And good luck to the people on the next train.

They really should have a tissue dispenser and a hand sanitizer dispenser on all forms of public transit. Like you get it complimentary with your fare. It’s the least they could do. But even if they did, I bet the people who really need it wouldn’t even use it. Like the woman standing beside me who keeps wiping her nose on her hand. They should also have a vending machine with breath mints, mouth wash, and deodorant. I wouldn’t mind if they charged a fee for those. I’m sure people desperate enough would buy it. They could really make a lot.

It wasn’t really raining it Richmond. Spitting at most. But of course when I got out of the station at Oakridge, it was pouring. And I’m wearing suede shoes. Because I’m that smart. I wasn’t going to, but I couldn’t wear the shoes I wanted because I didn’t have the right socks, and then I wasted time looking but to no avail. And ran out of time and didn’t get the chance to grab breakfast, so I’ve already eaten part of my lunch. I also didn’t have time to fix my hair, so it looks worse than usual right now, especially with the rain.

Suede skate shoes

As I crossed the street, there was an old couple right in front of me, walking very slowly. He had a walker and she was beside him, trying to hold an umbrella over both their heads. It was kind of sweet actually. But for a moment I felt like we were going to die because we wouldn’t make it across the street in time. I stupidly missed not one, but two 41 buses. Well not so much missed as didn’t get on. Because I went to the 43 stop. Where there is no shelter from the rain. But it’s the faster bus. Although I doubt if it will actually catch up to the 41s at this rate. But oh well. I’m safe and dry on it now and there is no one sitting beside me. Life is good.


Relying on public transit at night

So I would very much like to go home right now. But apparently the canada line is delayed and less frequent tonight. I don’t even know what time it’s coming. The screen that usually tells you how many more minutes until your train comes currently just says “Trains to Watferfront, Richmond and YVR every 30 minutes.” Does that mean the Richmond train could have come 2 minutes before I got here, and now I have to wait another half an hour before it comes? Because that just fucking sucks.

I’m at Broadway and Cambie. Normally, I’d walk across and down the stairs to the other side of the platform where the trains to Richmond are. But tonight, they are blocked off. And everyone has to be on the side of the platform where the trains to Waterfront go. And I have no idea when the Richmond train will finally show up.

A train just arrived, but it’s going to YVR Airport. Which doesn’t help me at all. I could have gotten on it and then got off at Bridgeport and then waited there for the Richmond train. But there were no seats on it anyway so there was no point. And in the past, there were a couple times when I got on the YVR train and forgotten to get off at Bridgeport, because I wasn’t paying attention, and then ended up at Templeton, almost at the airport. And then I had to get off and turn back, and transfer again, and just ended up wasting a lot of time. So not worth it.

Oh good, the Richmond train finally showed up. How nice of it to do so. I don’t know what the hell is going on with the blocked off areas and the delays. There was no explanation for it. The guy didn’t explain anything or inform me of the times, he just pointed to the platform where I should wait, since the other platform was blocked off and inaccessible. Good to see how efficiently he’s doing his job.

Alright, so commuting tonight isn’t so bad after all. At least not as bad as if I had missed it by 2 minutes and had to wait and extra 30. But still. Wait to freak me out with the delayed and limited services. And it’s still a major inconvenience. I feel bad for people who did miss the train by 2 minutes and had to wait another 30. Because I’ve totally been there. At night, my local buses come every hour. So if you miss one, you’re screwed. And more often than not, the canada line will get you to your final station, right when your bus is driving away. Oh, the joys of public transit at night.

People who annoy me on public transit

Well, a lot of people annoy me on public transit. Most people annoy me on public transit. It’s way too much to fit into one blog post. There’s really enough material there for me to dedicate an entire blog to. But I won’t. Because that would be overkill. And possibly annoying. And the last thing I want is to be like the people I’m about to complain about.

Instead of just listing off the types of people who annoy me, I’ll just provide you with some recent examples. The first, being the old lady who pushed me yesterday morning. I was standing on the crowded Canada Line, as we pulled up to a stop. And people got on. And then I felt this woman pushing me. And I thought what the fuck? And then I saw that it was this old lady trying to push me out of the way so that she could get to the priority seating, where the person gave up the seat for her. But why should the fact that she was old offend me any less than if it were a person of a younger age? She was old, but not mute. The least she could have done was to say excuse me. And then I would have happily moved out of her way. The fact that she so rudely felt the need to push me made me not even want to get out of her way. You always hear old people saying that young people these days have no respect for their elders. Well if you want respect, maybe don’t push people. Respect goes both ways.

Another person who annoyed me yesterday morning was the guy sitting beside me on the bus. No, he didn’t push me. He didn’t even fall asleep on me, as people often tend to do. He didn’t actually do anything to me. But he annoyed me nevertheless. At some point, he started scratching his arm. Profusely. He kept going. Even if I looked away, I could hear it happening. And then he switched arms. Okay, I’m not saying don’t scratch if you’re itchy, but the way he kept going at it bothered me. I just wanted it to stop. And I hoped he didn’t have something that I might catch. The last thing I need is a skin disease. And then when he stopped, he started scratching and rubbing his nose and his chin. And later went back to scratching his arm. I really think he should invest in some calamine lotion. Or maybe see a doctor.

The other guy who annoyed me that morning, was sitting across from me. Well, not directly across from me, more like across and a seat over. Not that it matters. The point is, I was able to see him. He didn’t do anything. Maybe I wasn’t so much annoyed as judgemental in this case. I’m not one to judge people based on their looks. But this guy sort of pretty much had a mullet. So yeah. Enough said.

Not to be outdone by yesterday morning, this morning had it’s share of annoying commuters as well. As I stood on the train, there was this girl who got on at a later stop and stood by the door. And she kept on sniffling and snorting. Okay maybe not actually snorting, but you get the idea. She kept this up the whole time. As I’ve stated in the past, I hate when people do this. It’s gross and could easily be remedied by blowing your nose. I think maybe I should start carrying a pack of tissues with me to offer to people in these situations, but I feel like maybe they might get offended.

At an later stop, more people got on. One of those people was this fat, mean looking man, who just happened to stand beside me. Awesome. Maybe he wasn’t overly mean looking. It was more a combination of meanness and confusion, if that makes any sense. I cringed as his sausage like hands reached for the pole. So he stood next to me, fine. Except that he was a heavy breather. Like unnecessarily so. He sighed and breathed loudly and heavily. And continued to do so. And I could feel his breath on me as he did so. It was not pleasant. I stood there, praying for it to finally be over.

Those were just some recent examples. Obviously there are many more types of people who annoy me on public transit. The list is endless. I mean there are people on the bus annoying me as I’m writing this. But I won’t go there. Not right now, anyway.

An afternoon commute

I’m annoyed. Yes, I know, what else is new? But I started to write a blog post and then my stupid phone froze on me. And then when I finally got it working again, the draft wasn’t saved. And now I have to start over. Which I will. And try to remember things that happened and thoughts that I had since I was unable to write them down as they occurred.

So sometimes I do indeed end up commuting to work in the afternoon as opposed to the morning. Although I did leave the house before 12pm. But as happens every time pretty much without fail, the bus did not show up and so my commute did not begin until the afternoon. I tweeted translink to inquire about the delay, as I often tend to do, although I knew all too well that they would not get back to me until after the bus had finally shown up, at which point I would no longer be needing a response. But I did it anyway, because I could.

And so began my commute. The bus was really crowded. Why are there so many people commuting in the middle of the day? That’s annoying. There was a guy on the bus with a tattoo of a bee or some sort of insect on his neck. That would totally freak me out. I’d be afraid that it would somehow attract and draw the attention of other bees. And who would want a real bee hovering at their neck?

At the Brighouse Canada Line station, there is usually this old homeless guy asking for change. But sometimes he’s not there and it’s a woman instead. I’m used to this. One of them is always there. They don’t bother me nearly as much as the metro & 24 hours newspaper guys standing in my way shoving papers in my face. But today some lady at the station was complaining about her asking for change and saying that she had called the cops on her. She was ranting and raving about it. I thought she needed to chill out.

And it was when I got onto the train that my phone began to crap out. I got a bbm message and when I went to view it, my phone froze but continued flashing. I turned it off and on a couple times but that didn’t solve anything. I hate when it’s flashing but won’t respond to anything you press to allow you to stop it. I had no choice but to take out the battery and let it reboot. It took the entire train ride for it to reboot. Which was unfortunate because I would have like to use my phone during that time. Instead, I ate a muffin. Which people probably judged me for, as there may have been crumbs. But whatever.

The person behind me kept kicking or bumping against the seat. I hate that. But what I hated even more was when this girl walked by & totally hit me in the head with her purse. Not on purpose. At least I don’t think it was on purpose. But she just walked by & sat down as if nothing happened. How do you not realize you just hit someone in the head with your purse? Bitch. And then I judged her for the rest of the train ride. She had this stupid headband around her head as if she was going for a 60s look but failing. The look on her face was a mixture of sadness and entitlement, if that makes any sense. She probably thought I was jealous of her boyfriend. I was not. I mean he wasn’t bad looking, but at some point he started to bite his nails in a gross fashion and it was not attractive.

He was holding an H&M bag and I thought oh look she’s making him carry her stuff. And then I remembered H&M has guys clothes too, maybe it’s his. And then I remembered there was no H&M in Richmond, so maybe they were just using it to hold something else. Or maybe they were going to the H&M downtown to return something. I don’t know why I cared so much. I didn’t really, I just needed some way to pass the time. I could make small talk with the people around me, but it would have been small talk about how I was annoyed. And what was annoying me was the people around me, so no, that would not have worked out well at all.

At one point the lady who complained about the lady asking for change walked by & mumbled something at this guy & then said “no, I don’t smoke” or something like that. I was confused. There was a guy on the train with a sweatshirt that said Coldstream fire dept. I wondered if he was really a firefighter, because to me he looked more like a crackhead. And I wouldn’t want to rely on a crackhead to save me from a fire.

At the end of the train ride, my phone finally rebooted. It is now functioning again. I cursed bbm, as I believed that to be the source of the problem. And then I noticed that not only did I receive a bbm message, someone had tried to send me a picture in a file that was so large it had not yet downloaded. I’m pretty sure that’s what caused it. How annoying.

When I got off the sky train, I could have ran across the street. Before the light changed. But I didn’t feel like dying today. Then I noticed my bus was coming. But I did not commence running until it was safe to walk. I ran faster than the guy beside me. Shocking, I know. Maybe it’s the insoles I’m wearing in my hi tops today that gave me that extra something. I sat in the aisle seat next to someone who was getting off before me. And so I turned in my seat to let her out. But then she said she would be able to get past and made me get out of the seat to give her ample room. I felt that was unnecessary.

Well I’ve run out of time now and must maneuver around some fences to get to work. The guy behind me is beat boxing. I must walk faster to get away. The sun is shining. Crows are cawing. I must avoid getting hit by bicycles. Enjoy your day.