My phone is dying

After the last time my blackberry refused to charge, it eventually worked after being rebooted several times. But now it’s happened again and it still won’t charge, even after rebooting. It may be that the battery’s just beyond the point where its chargeable. So to make matters worse, I thought I’d go ahead and use up more of its battery life by writing this blog post. Counterintuitive, I know. But I may as well use it while I can.

The broken door and the broken phone

As you know from my earlier post today, my phone refused to charge last night. I went to Rogers on my way home today and the guy said to take out the battery and do a reboot and that should fix it. He took it and did so. I’d been reluctant to do it myself all day because I knew it would drain the battery even more and I wanted it to last me throughout the day. But he’d gone and done it and there was nothing I could do. When it had rebooted, the battery was essentially dead, my phone flashing, with insufficient coverage to do anything.

We talked about new phones and whether or not I had credit and that blackberry would come out with something new next year. I’m still confused about whether or not I have any credit at the moment. But apparently I have to wait ten months to receive a full credit. Whatever that means. I feel like that’s what they told me ten months ago. What kind of game is this?

I missed a bus since I had stopped at Rogers. But it was okay, another one came. Except it wasn’t okay. Because when we got to the next stop, the front door somehow broke. It wouldn’t close. We sat there for a while, waiting as the driver fiddled with it. He then announced that we’d have to wait because it was broken. And then finally he told us we would have to get off the bus because he couldn’t go anywhere if his door wouldn’t close.

And so we all made our way off. To add insult to injury, the back door closed in front of me while I was trying to get off. We were forced to wait for the next one. The driver eventually managed to pull the door closed. And then he drove away. Wait, what? I was very confused. The reason we had to get off was because the door wouldn’t close and so he couldn’t drive. But he got it closed. And then he drove. Could we not have gotten back on it since he was now able to drive again? I don’t understand!

The thing that bothered me most about this whole ordeal was not the fact that the door broke and made me wait. It was the fact that I couldn’t use my phone while I waited. So I couldn’t facebook or tweet or text or blog about it to complain. It’s as though Translink and blackberry have both joined forces to conspire against me. Do I even stand a chance?

My phone won’t charge

When I came home last night, I plugged in my phone to charge overnight, as I often do.  The battery life sucks and so I usually have to charge it everyday.  When I woke up this morning, I checked it and the battery life was still exactly where it had been last night.  Sometimes this happens because the outlet in my room suck and it becomes unplugged, and therefore does not charge.  But that was not the case this time.  It was still plugged in and still indicated that it was charging.  But it wasn’t.  What the fuck?

I’m worried now.  The battery life is more than half gone already.  I’ve turned off my phone for now in order to preserve it.  What’s annoying is that today I would have actually made a few calls and such but now I won’t because I don’t want to phone to die.  I also have a lot of pictures on my phone that I’ve yet to post or do anything with and I do not want to lose them.  Blogging from my phone is out of the question at this point.

What’s going to happen?  When the battery life finally dies, which will most probably definitely happen later today, will it just never turn back on?  Why won’t it charge?  It’s always charged in the past.  Very slowly, but eventually.  Why not now?  Is the battery just dead?  Or unchargeable somehow?  What do I do?  I’m sort of internally freaking out about it.  My phone and I have always had our differences, but this is just an all new low.  I haven’t even dropped it recently so what’s the deal?

I suppose I’ll take it to Rogers later and complain.  And most likely they will do nothing or try to sell me a battery that’s almost the price of a phone.  Is this a sign that I should just give up the blackberry?  But I’ve stuck with for so long, despite all its problems.  I don’t want to conform to the masses.  I hate touch screens.  I like being able to push actual buttons.  I could never have that with an iPhone.  Why is my blackberry such a bitch?

Blogging in the summer

It’s hard. I don’t know why. It shouldn’t require any more effort than blogging throughout the rest of the year. But it feels like it does. Which is unfortunate because there are so many blog worthy things to write about in the summer if we only had the time. I don’t think it’s just me who feels this way. There are blogs that I follow that have also been lacking in their amount of posts lately. It’s good to know I’m not alone.

It’s annoying because I’ll have all these great ideas and then by the time I go to write about them, too much time has passed and they may no longer be relevant. Not that they’re relevant to begin with. Even more irrelevant than they once were I guess? And so I wonder whether or not I should even bother posting them. And then even more time passes. And then I have a better blog post idea but I don’t want to post that one until I post about the thing that happened before that because I need to have some sense of order. And why not chronological? And then everything’s backed up. What’s a blogger to do?

There’s a reason there’s no school in the summer. I mean unless you failed something and have to take summer school. That’s just unfortunate. Or if you decide to take a course in the summer to lighten your load in the fall. Also unfortunate. But it’s just really hard to focus. More so than during the other seasons. Plus it’s hot. Okay maybe not always and maybe not overly. But a lot of the time it is. And then to have more heat emanating from your computer screen while you try to put together coherent thoughts, that’s just not ideal.

One thing that’s helped me keep up with my blogging is my phone and the ability to blog from it. But it’s not the same. Posts from my phone are sometimes lacking. In pictures, in quality, in depth. But sometimes it’s the only way. I think it’ll probably be another week until I write another blog post. Or maybe a week and a day? I know that probably doesn’t seem long but for me it is. There are still things that happened last month or even two months ago that I haven’t got around to writing about. There’s also stuff from years ago, but in my defense, I didn’t have a blog back then.

Perhaps in the fall, I shall resume a more frequent blogging schedule. Or perhaps not. No one knows really. I just know that right now, it’s not happening. And why should it? People are on vacation, going places, doing things, and then feeling exhausted after having done them. Who even has time to read a blog post, let alone write one? In that sense, my lack of frequent posts is probably in the best interest of my readers. You deserve a break. It’s nice to get a break from me every so often. Not that I would know. I’m with myself 24/7. Consider yourselves lucky.

Can you hear me now?

It happens all the time. You’re on the phone with someone and something disrupts the connection and you can no longer hear them clearly. This especially sucks when you’re already hard of hearing and the person on the other end is already difficult to understand. These conversations can be embarrassing in public. But at some point, wouldn’t you just admit defeat, maybe try the call again, or move to a different area if possible? I would. But other people are apparently way more optimistic.

I always tend to witness someone having this problem. But they don’t give up. They say hello like a hundred times before finally realizing the call has dropped or that this isn’t going to work. Yesterday, I overheard a guy on the phone. It went something like this…

“Hello? Hello? Can you hear me? Hello? Can you hear me? Can you hear me? Hello? Can you hear me? Hello? Hello? Hello? Can you hear me? Can you hear me? Hello? Press the button. Press the button. Okay.”

Yeah. But imagine it with some pauses in between the hellos and can you hear me’s. And with a few more hellos and another can you hear me? I wasn’t counting how many times he asked each thing. It reminded me of those “Can you hear me now?” commercials. Except this guy was obviously not using Verizon Wireless. It also reminded me of the “Mom! Mom! Mom! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Momma! Momma!” thing from Family Guy where Stewie’s trying to get Lois’ attention. Because of it’s annoyingly repetitive nature.

I’m assuming he eventually got through to the guy though, because he stopped saying hello and said something about a button. Maybe the guy on the other end was an idiot and didn’t know what button adjusted the volume level on his phone and that’s why he couldn’t hear him. Who knows? But I guess it all worked out. Unless he was trying to diffuse a bomb which required the push of a button and didn’t make it cause he didn’t hear the guy tell him to push it? But the guy didn’t seem at all perturbed by the phone call so maybe not. Unless he’s just dead inside and didn’t care. But if he had to diffuse a bomb, that would probably involve cutting wires as opposed to pushing buttons right?

In any case, I’m glad he eventually got through. If he got through. I’m still not sure what happened exactly. But when you overhear those conversations, at some point you really just feel like getting up and grabbing their phone and throwing it and then yelling “No, he can’t hear you!” Because that would put an end to the ordeal and also force them to go and purchase a cell phone with better reception. So really, you’d be doing them a favour.

Loud phone conversations & lint

I know I’ve already written a blog post about a guy sitting beside me on public transit. But you knew there would be more where that came from. Because there is never a shortage of annoying people on public transit, especially the ones who sit beside me. Although in this case, I sat beside him, so I guess it was my own fault. But in my defense, it was the only seat left. Also this time I was on a bus, not a sky train. Big difference.

So apparently, believe it or not, there are worse things than crunching apples. Who knew? Well I did actually. But yeah. What was it this time? Well I got on the bus and sat down in the only seat available because I was definitely not in the mood to stand. And as luck would have it, the guy beside me was in a middle of a conversation. On his cell phone. Loudly. And obnoxiously. I myself had a really quick call that I was hoping to make, but there was no hope in hell I would have had hearing anything over this guy talking.

No matter. I could just sit there. Check for new Facebook notifications and tweets, send some text messages, what have you. Update my facebook status and tweet about the fact that the guy beside me was obnoxious, secretly hoping he would see it out of the corner of his eye and realize how annoying he was (he didn’t). But oh my God, it was like he was yelling. WHY DID HE HAVE TO YELL? Not angrily or anything. Just talking obnoxiously loud. For no good reason. I mean I suppose the person he was talking to may have a hearing problem or something. But it’s likely that the reason for his hearing loss was because he spent so much time around this guy.

It wasn’t as if the things he was talking about required a whole lot of enthusiasm or need to yell. He was going to Alberta for a wedding. Okay, I suppose that’s exciting enough, sure. But then he was also talking about how his voicemail wasn’t working so he didn’t know if this guy called him or not or something. And about his job and how he was doing data entry and stuff. Seriously, talk louder, I’d love to hear more, the whole bus would. No one cares about your data entry job, probably not even the guy on the other end of that call.

The worst part was, since it was a relatively happy call, he laughed a lot. And he had one of those really annoying and obnoxious laughs (yes I’m fully aware of my obnoxious overuse of the word obnoxious in this post but it’s the only word I can think of to describe it). I almost wished his friend had some depressing news for him, to make him stop laughing, and maybe lower his voice or even take a moment of silence. But not such luck. Apparently going home to do some of his readings was just such a good conversation topic and so hilarious that it requireed both laughter and yelling.

The talking wasn’t the only thing. He was also simultaneously picking lint off of his sweater. Profusely so. It reminded me of monkeys picking stuff off each other to clean themselves. Like why the hell is there so much lint and whatnot on your damn sweater? Is that lint? Should I be worried? Will whatever it is you’re so desperately trying to remove from your clothing harm me if I come into contact with it? Why am I sitting here?

At one point, I thought it was finally over. He actually ended his call. Thank God. But oh, it was far from over. Because he went and made another call. Of course he did. Why wouldn’t he? Perhaps he has unlimited minutes after 5pm? Mine don’t start until 6pm. Not that I would abuse them like that in public either way. But in any case, I had to endure another equally irritating phone call. I hope his minutes weren’t unlimited and that the extra call put him over his usage limit. Serves him right.

The call did end before my bus ride did and for that I am grateful. He spent the time remaining using his phone to play solitaire. I feel like if he’d had a second phone, he would have used it to continue the phone call and talk to the guy about his solitaire game and then laugh about what fun it was. Thank God he was only able to use it for one thing at a time. I think what bothers me most now though is the lint picking. Why wear the sweater if it’s clearly not ready for public exposure? It’s too bad his iPhone didn’t double as a lint brush.