Sixty-seventh day of work selfie

I know it’s hot as hell today, but I didn’t feel like shaving so I’m wearing pants.  Besides, I said I didn’t want to let the weather dictate my choice of clothing.  If I’d read the news before I left the house this morning, I probably would’ve worn something rainbow coloured to celebrate marriage equality in the States.  I got this top at a department store called Red Apple in Revelstoke.  I went there with my family a couple years ago because my dad had a reunion with some of his high school buddies.  I don’t think I could ever live in a small town.  Shopping wise, I was like “This is it?”.  Red Apple is kind of like a Winners or a Walmart, but smaller with not as much stuff.  But I managed to pick up few nice things there, this top included.  My mint green cardigan is from Jacob and my black pants are from Winners.  My Swarovski necklace was a Christmas gift from my cousins.  My bracelet is from Sears and my ring is from UBC.  These earrings are new.  I got them at Payless, along with some other BOGO jewellery over the weekend.  I guess maybe I’ll shave tomorrow and start wearing dresses again.  Maybe.

Thirty-seventh day of work selfie

Yes, I finally wore an outfit that matched my Winners cell phone case!  I love leopard print.  Some people find it weird that I have so many articles of clothing in leopard print but I don’t care.  I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it and I think it looks good.  I got this sweater from H&M.  They had it in a bunch of solid colours as well, but obviously this one was the best.  The matching scarf is from that Metrotown scarf kiosk.  Yes, they had other options besides sparkly.  And the necklace is from Payless.  Because every shoe store should have a good selection of nickel free jewellery.  I wore this blue Dynamite dress during my first week of work, but it’s one of my favourites, so why not wear it again?  I think blue pairs nicely with leopard print.  These earrings are from Claire’s.  I hadn’t worn them in a while but they seemed to go with this outfit. Leopard print forever!

Thirty-sixth day of work selfie

Okay, so this is definitely my new favourite blazer!  I noticed it when I was at London Drugs a few times, and eventually decided to try it on.  Then I didn’t buy it right away, but went back a couple days later and made it mine.  I’ve never bought clothes at London Drugs before.  Usually it’s my main stop for food and health and beauty essentials.  Who knew it was also a great place for professional clothing?  They sell Vero Moda stuff there now for decent prices so this may not be the end of my buying clothing there, since I love Vero Moda and Vero Moda blazers.  Grey may be considered kind of plain, but I just love the shape and the fit of this blazer so much.  I paired it with the blue dress that I had worn on my first day of work with a different Vero Moda blazer.  This dress just seems to go well with blazers.  I got this Swarovski necklace as a Christmas present a few years ago from my cousins.  It’s my favourite shorter necklace and I’ll be wearing it more now that it’s warmer and I don’t need to cover up with scarves.  I got my music note earrings at a jewellery vendor at the PNE last summer, along with a few other random silver earrings in the shapes of various objects.London Drugs might just be my new favourite clothing store.

Twenty-first day of work selfie

I really like blue when it comes to clothing.  I got this dress at an Orb Warehouse sale and I think I got the cardigan from Ross.  The scarf is actually my mom’s.  My sister gave it to her for Christmas.  She gave me one too, but it was red and black and didn’t match this particular outfit.  I think she go it from Ardene, which has some fairly decent stuff if you look for it.  I’m still not okay with buying actual clothes from there though.  Except I have bought yoga stuff there before which wasn’t bad. I only have one long blue necklace but it’s not the right shade of blue for this outfit, so I opted for my silver, nickel free Payless heart.

Twelfth day of work selfie

On the twelfth day of work selfies… I must confess I actually don’t know where I bought this outfit from.  I mean I remember buying these things but I don’t know from which store.  Just that this scarf is from Avon, the belt is from Dynamite, the necklace is from UBC, and the earrings are from a kiosk in Lansdowne Centre.   You don’t always need to know where something came from in order to appreciate it.

First day of work selfie

I started a new job a couple weeks ago. And I took a selfie that morning because I wanted to show off the new blazer that I bought. Vero Moda from Winners. I feel like the colour is perfect for spring and I love that it has zippered pockets. The blue dress I wore with it is from Costa Blanca, and the scarf is from Orb. I bought the green and gold necklace and the ring from a vendor in the student union building at UBC because I thought I should treat myself to some bling.  I decided to continue taking selfies everyday, mostly for Instagram, but also Facebook and Twitter. Since I’ve decided to try blogging again, why not also share them on WordPress?

I want a convertible dress

I love outfits that are convertible.  Versatility and convertibility are amazing qualities for a garment to have.  I remember when I watched Fashion Star, one of my favourite pieces was the convertible skirt that Orly made.  The model walked down the runway, and then undid the zipper around the waist to remove the top part of the skirt, creating a whole different look.  Unfortunately that was the first thing she made, and everything she made thereafter just wasn’t as good.  But the skirt was awesome.

I remember watching an episode of Dragons’ Den where this woman had created a convertible dress.  It was a while ago, so I don’t remember exactly what the styles looked like, but I remember that I thought it was a brilliant idea.  To be able to buy one dress and wear it multiple ways to achieve multiple different looks, who wouldn’t want one of those?

There is also a company called Wrap Magic Skirts which does the same thing.  They have various skirts and dresses which can be worn over 100 different ways.  Their newest creation is the convertible dress, which is the same idea as what I saw on Dragons’ Den, except it’s a different company.  The convertible dress looks amazing.  The website has videos which demonstrate the various ways you can change the look.  They retail for $250.

But as luck would have it, there’s an online deal.  Two actually, one on SwarmJam and one on Deal Getters.  The deal lets you order one for $49.  Taxes and shipping are not included though.  But it’s still a significant reduction from the full retail price.  I am so tempted to buy one.  I can justify it by saying that I’m not paying a lot for just one dress, I’m paying a lot essentially to get multiple dresses.  And a skirt.  Yes, it can also be transformed to be worn as a skirt.

But I’m still debating as to whether I should get it.  I mean I don’t really have an event or occasion that I need it for.  I never really NEED these things.  But I’m sure I’d make good use of it somehow.  Chances are I’d probably find one way of wearing it that I like the most and then constantly wear it that way, defeating the purpose of its versatility.  Or even more likely, I would screw it up somehow, trying desperately to follow the steps from the video but ultimately being unable to achieve the desired look.  Then maybe I’d end up just wearing it as a skirt, unable to figure out the dress styles.  Because I tend to fail at fashion.  But it’s worth a try, right?


My main problem is I’m indecisive.  If I do in fact buy one, I have no idea which colour to get.  How do I decide?  If they had a convertible dress that also changes colour, now that would really be something.  That would be the ultimate in versatility.  But alas, there is no such thing.  It would make sense to get black, since a little black dress is an essential part of any wardrobe.  But I think I should get something colourful.  I think I look good in purple.  But I have a couple purple dresses already.  Though none like this.  The blue is really nice too.  Maybe the blue?  But what about the red?  Or the other shade of blue?  Or the green even?  I want them all!

Also, there are two different styles of the dress you can choose from to order.  The first one is really nice, but a lot of the styles are backless, which poses the problem of finding the right bra.  So perhaps the second style would be better.  But I like them both.  Chances are, by the time I make up my mind as to whether to buy it and which one to buy, the deal will have expired or sold out.  And then I will be left with non-buyer’s remorse, which is really an awful feeling.  Because I’m only going to buy one with the deal.  I can’t afford a $250 dress.

What do you think?  Should I get one?  And if so, which colour?