I think the Monday after Daylight Savings should be a statutory holiday

Seriously.  Wouldn’t that be an awesome idea to implement?  I’m pretty sure everyone would totally be on board with it.  I’ve never liked daylight savings anyway.  Is it really necessary?  We’re not actually “saving” daylight, we’re just adjusting so that we can experience that daylight at a different time.  It’s always such a hassle.  And seems to suddenly just creep up on you.  When I realized last week that the time change would be happening on the weekend, it upset me and I was not prepared.  I had already scheduled a late night on Saturday and an early morning on Sunday.  The loss of an hour made this all the more unbearable.  Apparently there are more car accidents after daylight savings as well.  Because people are tired and still adjusting.  Even though it’s only one hour, it really throws you off.

In the fall, it’s all good and well when we gain an hour.  But in the spring, it’s always painful.  People already complain that there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish what they need to.  No one wants to lose an hour.  I know it occurs at 2am in efforts to not be disruptive, but I always wonder about those who work night shifts.  Do they get paid for that hour that technically doesn’t exist?  And when we gain an hour in the fall, do they have to work overtime?  And I’m never sure what time the bars actually plan on closing.  If they normally close at 3am, do they close at 2am which is really 3am, or at 3am which is really 4am?  And the buses.  What time does service actually end?  It’s always so confusing.  It’s also annoying trying to figure out which clocks in your house you need to change manually and which ones will automatically adjust themselves.

But that’s just the way it is and we have to live with it.  I mean I suppose we could boycott it, but then we’d be spending half a year being an hour late for everything.  I imagine it would be difficult to function properly in society that way.  I don’t suppose employers would accept “I’m boycotting daylight savings” as an excuse for tardiness.  I guess if you really hate it that much, you could always move to a place that doesn’t use daylight savings.  One day, maybe I will.

So I don’t have a solution to this problem.  But I think that making the Monday after daylight savings a statutory holiday would be highly beneficial.  I know that we all had Sunday to recover, but Sunday is generally a lazy day anyway.  And it really wasn’t enough.  I’m pretty sure a lot of you were tired today, and therefore much less productive at work.  Imagine if we just had this extra day off.  I for one, would have greatly appreciated it.  I mean I made it through the day, yes, but at what cost?  We deserve another holiday.  And today should have been the day.  I recommend this be implemented for the future.  Who’s with me?

daylight savings

Daylight Savings

So we got an extra hour last night. But right now I feel as though I’ve lost an hour. Or several hours actually. Does anyone else feel the same way? I can’t be the only one. I’m very grateful for the extra hour. But I could really use an extra day. If only that were possible.