One hundredth day of work selfie

After all that colour, I thought I would go back to classic black and white.  I got this dress from the Guess outlet store in Las Vegas last year.  It’s a really nice summer dress, but I don’t wear it that often because I don’t wear white that often.  Because I’m a messy person and white always gets dirty.  Like I just noticed a tiny blue spot at the bottom of the dress.  I have no idea what it is.  Nail polish maybe?  I can’t think of any other blue substance this dress may have come into contact with.  It’s very small and unnoticeable though, thankfully.  Wait, I think I’ve gone and stained it slightly in another spot with avocado from lunch.  Damnit.  I knew this would happen.

My black blazer is new.  I got it from Winners.  It was just so snazzy looking that I had to try it on.  I had intended to save it for the fall, but it was cool enough out today that I thought I would bring it out early.  Everyone needs a black blazer as part of their professional wardrobe.

I got my necklace from Sears and my earrings from Payless.  My shiny bracelet is from Car Free Day on Main Street and my shiny black ring is from Carnaval del Sol at Conford Pacific Place.  Black and white doesn’t have to be dull if you glam it up a bit.

Ninety-ninth day of work selfie

I told you I’ve been wearing more pink this summer.  My sister gave me this dress for my birthday last year.  She has good taste.  I mean, of course she has good taste, she borrows my clothes sometimes.  She got it at Bryan’s.  I think she actually bought it for herself and then didn’t like the way it looked on her and then decided to gift it to me.  But whatever.  She’s really into rainbow designs.  I wore this dress to the Vancouver Pride Parade last year because it’s so rainbow like.

My pink cardigan is from the Plenty warehouse sale at the Vancouver Convention Centre during Easter long weekend.  My necklace and earrings are both from Payless.  My bracelet is from Sears and my ring is from the Blim Market street festival downtown last month.  I’m kind of liking my hair being dirty and messy.  It kind of works.  Or maybe it doesn’t.  But whatever. 

Ninetieth day of work selfie

I’m happy to report that there have been no wardrobe malfunctions today.  Yet.  Perhaps I can make it through the whole day without incident.  I got this purple dress at the Fiji Day festival at Swanguard Stadium in Burnaby a few weeks ago.  It was at this point that my friend yelled at me for buying too many dresses.  She later apologized and said she only yelled because she was hungry.  But she’s right, I do have a lot of summer dresses now.  But that’s pretty much all I wear right now.  Most people have several pairs of jeans and several pairs of shorts.  I don’t.  I have my dresses.

I got this white sweater at Old Navy at Richmond Centre.  I don’t wear white that often.  I never really thought it looked that good on me, and it also tends to get dirty rather quickly.  I got my necklace at the Blim Market festival downtown a few weeks ago.  Wait, I lied when I said there had been no malfunctions today.  As I was walking down the hall earlier, I kicked something on the floor.  It was the pendant of my necklace that had somehow fallen off.  Luckily, I was able to put it back on the chain.  I may need to get some pliers to secure it and ensure it doesn’t fall off again.

I got my earrings at Claire’s and my iPhone case at Aldo, both downtown.   I got my bracelet at Carnaval del Sol at Pacific Concord Place a few weeks ago.  I don’t have any purple bracelets so I decided to go with white.  My ring is from Boca Raton Designs at Greek Day.  My nail polish is chipping at an alarming rate.  I should’ve put on a top coat sooner.  Does my hair look dirty to you?  That’s because it is.  And I like it that way.

Forty-first day of work selfie

I got this patterned top and this black sweater at Ross Dress For Less in the States.   I remember there were other colours of the sweater that I contemplated before deciding on the black one.  The white one was nice, but I knew I’d get it dirty.  I already had other black sweaters, but this one was special because of the little diamonds along the zipper.  I like how they match the ones on my necklace.  I love adding a little bit of sparkle to a darker outfit.  I think my hair may have still been wet in this picture.  Who has time to dry their hair in the morning?  I’d rather spend that time putting together an outfit.

I like it dirty

Again, I’m talking about my hair.  It’s been almost 4 days since I last washed it.  I know that some people will find this completely gross and unheard of, while to others it’s no big deal. My excuse is that I really want to make sure that the keratin treatment I got completely sets in before I wash it.  I was told to wait 48 hours before washing it.  But then I read somewhere that you’re supposed to wait 72 hours.  And then I read somewhere else that you’re supposed to wait 4 days.  So I thought, better safe than sorry.

I read a few accounts from other people who had keratin smoothing treatment done on their hair and some of them stated how they felt like a grease ball having not washed their hair for a couple days.  And because before you wash it, the hair can be rather flat and limp, and in some cases, appear greasy.  I don’t feel this way at all.  I love my straight hair, even if it’s really flat looking at the moment.  So what if it may even look lifeless, it beats the alternative of being massively frizzy.  I will take greasy hair over that any day.

Whenever my hair is straight, I like to put off washing it for as long as possible.  Because I want to hold onto that and cherish it while I still can.  My hair straightener cannot achieve the look that professional salon flat irons can.  Especially if I’m the one using it.  It just won’t happen.  The combination of the flawed straightener and my flawed skills is nothing to be proud of.  I may as well just not attempt it at all.

I remember one time in high school, I got my hair done for grad and she straightened it at the salon.  I waited several days before washing it, because I knew I would never achieve that look again, as I did not own a flat iron at the time, not even a crappy one.  I remember people trying to convince me that I should wash it and that it was gross that I hadn’t.  I t’s not like I waited that long.  Maybe it was 4 days?  5 maybe?  Less than a week I’m sure.  But I caved and washed it and then I was unhappy.  I think the day that I washed it I fell down a few stairs and failed a test and felt ugly.  And I blamed it all on the fact that I had washed my hair.

I’m still wondering how my hair will turn out once I do wash it.  I will have to blow dry it and attempt to straighten it, despite working with a below average straightening tool.  This will be quite a stretch, considering that lately my hair regime has consisted of washing it, tying it back wet, letting it air dry, then putting it down and hoping for the best.  I don’t suppose doing that would be conducive to achieving the results I would like with my newly straight hair.

Despite what some people think, dirty hair is better.  It’s easier to style, and I’ve been told this by a hairdresser, so it’s not just me.  And washing your hair too often can cause it to dry out and if it’s colour treated, the colour will fade out faster.  Same with smoothing and straightening treatments.  I remember seeing a commercial for some shampoo and the voice over said “Going out tonight, with hair you washed this morning?”, as if that was a gross and unheard of thing to do.  I do it all the time.  In fact I go out with hair I washed the morning before, or even two mornings ago.  It’s not a big deal.

Perhaps I will wash my hair tonight.  I don’t have time in the morning.  I mean I have time to wash it, but my time ends there.  Blow drying and styling are out of the question.  And I really need to get myself a better hair dryer.  The one I own is about as crappy as my straightener.  It takes forever for my hair to dry and I’m pretty sure it’s causing damage to it as well.  I should get one of those ionic ceramic ones, I hear those are better?  But I really have no idea.

I thought about going out today to buy myself a new hair dryer.  But it’s raining.  And I don’t want to get my hair wet.  Yeah, it’s quite a dilemma.  I could always wait until tomorrow.  One more day couldn’t hurt, right?  Or is that pushing it?  I imagine a lot of you are disgusted right now.  But often when my hair is dirty, no one can tell (unless I decide to broadcast it on my blog).  In fact I think the times when it looks best and gets me compliments is when it’s at it’s dirtiest.  So I’m not the only one who likes it dirty.