With great hair comes great responsibility

My hair after washing, blow drying, some straightening, & some product.

In case you’ve been wondering, I have washed my hair.  Twice since getting the keratin smoothing treatment.  Waiting five days to wash your hair actually isn’t bad at all.  Since my hair is smoother and neater now, it still looks decent on the fifth day.  Or maybe I’m just imagining that it looks decent.  Either way, it’s good enough for me.

My hair later in the day, after being exposed to the outside & being on the go.

I’ve stocked up on shampoo and conditioner to last me for the next couple months while my hair stays smooth.  Together with my new hair dryer, we’ll be unstoppable.  Even my crappy flat iron can contribute now that my hair is more manageable.  In the past I would get fed up with it fairly quickly.  I’m happier with it now.

Keraline aftercare shampoo & conditioner.

I thought I would be smart and buy some aftercare shampoo.  I did and I used it.  But after, I realized it was for Brazilian keratin treatment.  And I wasn’t sure if that was the same thing I had done or something different.  And then I started to worry that I’d damaged my hair by using an aftercare treatment for a treatment that wasn’t the treatment I’d had.  So I went out and bough more shampoo, this time sulfate free and for colour treated hair.  There is still colour in my hair, highlights that are fading and growing out.  But I refuse to get them redone or touch up the roots.  Who can be bothered?  I’ll just wait til they grow out fully.  This shampoo was buy 2 get 1 free, so I also got conditioner and a hair mask.  The hair stylist told me I should use a hair mask once a week.  Or some such frequency.  I’ve yet to do so.

Orgnx shampoo, conditioner, & hair mask. Buy 2 get 1 free.

The problem still remains of my hair being dry.  After blow drying it, it looked very dry, even after putting a little product in it.  And flat ironing it some more only made it more dry.  But it only appears this way the day that I wash it.  Somehow, the day after, I can make it look better.  At least I think it’s better.  When I was buying the shampoo, I asked the girl at the counter if it would be good for this.  She was not very knowledgeable.  I don’t think she knew what keratin treatment was.  When I told her it made it smoother, she was like “Oh, yeah it looks really smooth”.  I think she was just trying to be nice.  It was kind of dry looking that day.

Conair hair dryer that's fast & efficient.

At least I can now spend significantly less time on my hair.  But time is still time.  I was hoping that I’d be able to just wash and go.  That’s the dream.  A dream that I suppose is unattainable.  Alas, we can’t have it all.  But having more manageable hair has made me more motivated to make sure it actually looks good.  When my hair was just a frizzy mess, putting in effort was in vain, because it still wouldn’t turn out looking great.  Now that good hair days are achievable, I may as well do what I can to make them a reality.  At least until the treatment wears out in a couple months.  At which point I will either try harder, or just give up completely.

My hair after 2 washes & less straightening.

I like it dirty

Again, I’m talking about my hair.  It’s been almost 4 days since I last washed it.  I know that some people will find this completely gross and unheard of, while to others it’s no big deal. My excuse is that I really want to make sure that the keratin treatment I got completely sets in before I wash it.  I was told to wait 48 hours before washing it.  But then I read somewhere that you’re supposed to wait 72 hours.  And then I read somewhere else that you’re supposed to wait 4 days.  So I thought, better safe than sorry.

I read a few accounts from other people who had keratin smoothing treatment done on their hair and some of them stated how they felt like a grease ball having not washed their hair for a couple days.  And because before you wash it, the hair can be rather flat and limp, and in some cases, appear greasy.  I don’t feel this way at all.  I love my straight hair, even if it’s really flat looking at the moment.  So what if it may even look lifeless, it beats the alternative of being massively frizzy.  I will take greasy hair over that any day.

Whenever my hair is straight, I like to put off washing it for as long as possible.  Because I want to hold onto that and cherish it while I still can.  My hair straightener cannot achieve the look that professional salon flat irons can.  Especially if I’m the one using it.  It just won’t happen.  The combination of the flawed straightener and my flawed skills is nothing to be proud of.  I may as well just not attempt it at all.

I remember one time in high school, I got my hair done for grad and she straightened it at the salon.  I waited several days before washing it, because I knew I would never achieve that look again, as I did not own a flat iron at the time, not even a crappy one.  I remember people trying to convince me that I should wash it and that it was gross that I hadn’t.  I t’s not like I waited that long.  Maybe it was 4 days?  5 maybe?  Less than a week I’m sure.  But I caved and washed it and then I was unhappy.  I think the day that I washed it I fell down a few stairs and failed a test and felt ugly.  And I blamed it all on the fact that I had washed my hair.

I’m still wondering how my hair will turn out once I do wash it.  I will have to blow dry it and attempt to straighten it, despite working with a below average straightening tool.  This will be quite a stretch, considering that lately my hair regime has consisted of washing it, tying it back wet, letting it air dry, then putting it down and hoping for the best.  I don’t suppose doing that would be conducive to achieving the results I would like with my newly straight hair.

Despite what some people think, dirty hair is better.  It’s easier to style, and I’ve been told this by a hairdresser, so it’s not just me.  And washing your hair too often can cause it to dry out and if it’s colour treated, the colour will fade out faster.  Same with smoothing and straightening treatments.  I remember seeing a commercial for some shampoo and the voice over said “Going out tonight, with hair you washed this morning?”, as if that was a gross and unheard of thing to do.  I do it all the time.  In fact I go out with hair I washed the morning before, or even two mornings ago.  It’s not a big deal.

Perhaps I will wash my hair tonight.  I don’t have time in the morning.  I mean I have time to wash it, but my time ends there.  Blow drying and styling are out of the question.  And I really need to get myself a better hair dryer.  The one I own is about as crappy as my straightener.  It takes forever for my hair to dry and I’m pretty sure it’s causing damage to it as well.  I should get one of those ionic ceramic ones, I hear those are better?  But I really have no idea.

I thought about going out today to buy myself a new hair dryer.  But it’s raining.  And I don’t want to get my hair wet.  Yeah, it’s quite a dilemma.  I could always wait until tomorrow.  One more day couldn’t hurt, right?  Or is that pushing it?  I imagine a lot of you are disgusted right now.  But often when my hair is dirty, no one can tell (unless I decide to broadcast it on my blog).  In fact I think the times when it looks best and gets me compliments is when it’s at it’s dirtiest.  So I’m not the only one who likes it dirty.

It’s better straight

Before you accuse me of being homophobic, please note that I am referring to hair, not sexual orientation.  And I’m referring to my own hair, not hair in general.  If your hair looks better curly, I respect that.  In fact, I envy you.  If my hair looked better curly, then it would save me a lot of time, effort, and money.  But sadly this is not the case.

My main problem is frizz.  My hair gets ridiculously frizzy, even when I put so called “anti-frizz” products in it.  Nothing ever seems to work.  I would spend time and money and effort but it was all in vain.  It doesn’t help that I’m fairly incompetent when it comes to hair in the first place.  So of course I would be cursed with hair that just won’t behave.

But then I discovered the hair straightener.  Unfortunately, the hair straightener I discovered was a crappy and disappointing one.  I currently own one of those corioliss straighteners that they sell in the mall kiosks.  It’s my second of two, because the first one crapped out on me.  I feel like this one is about to do the same.  They all suck.

After much debate, I finally decided it was time to try out one of those keratin treatments that make your hair straighter, smoother, healthier, and just better looking.  The problem was they are crazy expensive.  And I have limited funds.  But as luck would have it, I managed to find a deal on Social Shopper for a keratin hair smoothing treatment at Ocean Breeze Spa in Yaletown.

The process took over an hour.  She put in the treatment, left it for 15 minutes, then blew dry it, then straightened it.  It took two of them working on my hair simultaneously in order to get it straight.  I would have just given up after fifteen minutes.  Perhaps that’s why I could never managed my hair.  I just don’t have the patience for it.

I’m happy with my hair right now.  But I haven’t washed it yet.  I have to wait at least 48 hours before getting it wet.  Of course when I left the spa, it was raining.  I hovered under my umbrella and hid my hair under my hood, even though I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to be wearing a hood.  I’m also supposed to avoid hats or hair clips or tying my hair back until after I wash it.  Otherwise it could end up with kinks in it.  I even stopped by the dollar store to purchase a shower cap.  For the shower, not for the rain.  When I went to bed last night, I got confused as to how I was supposed to sleep on it.  I kept adjusting it and worrying I would mess it up.  Luckily, it still looks pretty good today.

I was told that if I do notice kinks, I should flat iron them right away.  Except that my flat iron is so crappy it wouldn’t make a difference.  If anything, it might just make the situation worse.  I’m also supposed to use shampoo that is free of something harmful.  I can’t remember what it is though.  Should I splurge and buy expensive shampoo?  I mean it would be stupid to pay a lot for the treatment, and then have it all fall apart just because I’m too cheap to buy decent shampoo.

At this point, I’m worried about what’s in store for me after I wash it.  They made it a point to make sure I knew that it wouldn’t stay straight like this.  Unlike the Japanese straightening, this treatment will not make it pin straight, it will just keep it smooth.  But unlike the Japanese straightening, it is also free of harmful chemicals.  Why do chemicals make things better looking?  That’s so unfortunate.

Until I wash my hair, I’m going to be paranoid.  I have not yet passed the 48 hour period.  When I’m taking public transit, I’m worried that the sick guy behind me is going to sneeze on my hair.  When I’m walking outside and see a bunch of birds overhead, I get scared that one will poop on my head.  It’s never happened before, but I’m sure they would choose a time when it would bother me most.  They’re conspiring against me, I swear.

Hopefully, after I wash it, it will still be manageable and decent looking.  It’s supposed to last for a few months, depending on how well I take care of it.  When something depends on how well I take care of it, we have a problem.  I will keep you posted on how things go with my hair.  Not that you care one way or the other.  You just want entertaining blog posts.  Don’t worry, there’s lots of good stuff inside my head.  It’s just about time there was good stuff on top of it as well.