Eightieth day of work selfie 

I went with classic black and white today.  This top is from Costa Blanca.  My friend gave it to me for my birthday a few years ago.  My black sweater is from Forever 21 and my black pants are from Old Navy.  I think black pants and a black sweater are two essential components of any wardrobe.  But I’m glad I don’t have a dress code that requires me to wear them on a daily basis like I did at Jacob.  My long necklace is from Payless.  I remember when I was walking down Main Street on Car Free Day, looking at the jewellery in one of the booths, the woman there said she liked my necklace and asked where I got it.  When I told her Payless, she was like “What?  Payless?  Really?” in a confused and judgemental tone.  I thought “Really, you’re judging me for where I bought my jewellery even though you yourself said it was nice?”.  I didn’t buy anything from her.  I did buy these white earrings from another vendor at Car Free Day though.  I got my bracelet at Carnaval del Sol on Sunday and my ring at UBC a while ago. 

Nine Psychopaths

Friend: I need to see a feel good movie.

Me: Seven Psychopaths?

Friend: You already got one psychopath right here.

Me: Make that two.

I don’t have a Costco card

Yeah, it’s true.  Shocking, I know.  For someone who loves grocery shopping and food and good deals to the extent that I do, how could I not?  And wait a minute, did I not just go to Costco this past weekend?  Why yes, I did.  I don’t let lacking things that may seem like necessities hold me back.  One would think that the two essentials for a shopping trip at Costco would be 1) a Costco card, and 2) a car.  I have neither of those things.  But I have a friend who has both.

Why don’t I just get a car and a Costco card of my own?  I don’t know if it would be worth it.  I don’t go that often.  It’s really just a once in a long while type thing.  Which is why I make such a big deal out of it when I go.  If I frequented the place, it would just be another random grocery shopping trip.  But I actually couldn’t remember the last time I’d been there up until this past weekend.  And so it was exciting.

The main thing I noticed when I entered, is how damn crowded it was.  I mean it was to be expected, as I know there exist many crazy people like myself who want their food and fast and in bulk and will not let anything get in the way of that.  I get that, I do.  But there’s no reason for shoving and rudeness.  I think I’m pretty good at masterfully maneuvering my shopping cart around the store in an efficient manner.  And I like that I’m able to do so without being overly aggressive, as some tend to be.  I’m not a professional, as I do not frequent the place, so maybe I haven’t quite learned the best tactics yet.  But I think I was too in awe of all my surroundings to behave with any sort of aggression.  I guess I would liken it to being a kid in a candy store, even though I know that sounds cliche.

One of my problems is I’m very indecisive.  Walking through the candy aisle alone could take forever.  I didn’t know where to go first or what I wanted to get.  There was so much in sight.  And then there were so many similar items, I had to defer to my friend a few times for her expertise regarding price and quality and taste.  I am so grateful that she was there for me in my time of need.

My major weakness when it comes to Costco, or any grocery store for that matter, is the baked goods section.  I could spend forever in there.  Debating what to get.  Trying to determine how much I can actually buy without worrying about expiration dates.  And also worrying about how much is too much for my family to consume, because whatever I bring home from there they are likely to eat right away.  For example, I bought one of those huge things of croissants.  How did they taste?  I don’t know.  I never even got any before my family devoured them all in less than two days.

Empty box of croissants which I did not get to eat

From the baked goods section, I also purchased blueberry muffins, apple muffins, white bread, whole wheat bread, tortillas, and cookies.  I would have bough strudel and pie as well, but there was only so much room in the cart.  I also don’t want to be responsible for my family ending up with health problems because I’ve constantly brought home too many sweet and fattening foods.

They have blueberries in them, so they're healthy, right?

I must say I was rather disappointed by the lack of samples.  I remember a time way back when Costco was filled with samples.  I mean wasn’t that the main reason some people used to go there?  But all I got in this trip sample wise was two small pieces of cheese.  I mean it was good cheese, but still.  I had to wait in lineups for it.  And the people who wait in line for samples can be very aggressive.  There was another lineup for some sort of oatmeal thing, but we decided against it.  Didn’t seem worth the wait or the agony of dealing with the other people who wanted it so badly.

One essential I had to buy there was potato salad.  I love Costco potato salad.  One time I was helping organize a volunteer event and the food came from Costco.  And one of the food items was potato salad.  Ever since then, it’s been one of my favourite things.  I could probably just eat the whole tub in one sitting if I had no self control.

It's really that good

I also bough two bags of Ruffles potato chips and a bag of Munchies.  Because I had to.  I’m pretty sure I spent way too long there.  When my friend suggested we head over to the checkout, I said wait, let me quickly get some chips first.  I know chips aren’t exactly most people’s idea of “grocery shopping”.  But whatever.  And before you call me a pig, remember, there are seven people in my family.  So don’t judge me.  I’m just trying being the wonderful daughter and sister that I am and bringing home food for the family.

It was a giant bag. I couldn't not buy them.

I also bought five pizzas.  I know that sounds excessive, but really it isn’t.  There were these large thin crust pizzas that were two for something.  So I bought two.  And then there was a three pack of Dr. Oetker pizzas.  So naturally I went with both options.  Why wouldn’t I?

It's spinach pizza, so it's healthy, right?

In order to counter all the unhealthy things I purchased, which also included some cinnamon bun strudel bars in a box, I did also make some healthy choices.  Yes, apparently I am capable of doing so.  I also bought almond soy milk, spinach, broccoli, strawberries, orange juice, yogurt, mulitgrain cheerios, and Kashi Go lean crunch cereal.  Granted, the juice and the soy milk are pretty much the only things that have been touched.  Although I did have some yogurt and add some spinach to my wrap.  So there.

The multigrain version's actually really good

One thing that slipped my mind, was the fact that since I did not own a Costco card myself, I would have to pay cash so that my friend could make the purchase.  But I forgot.  And I never carry cash with me.  I had maybe $40 on me by fluke.  But I spent $180.  And Costco has the audacity to not take Visa.  Luckily, my friend had enough money in her account to cover it.  After that, we went to the bank where I withdrew the money I owed her.  I then handed her the cash and she stepped up to the machine and deposited the money I had just withdrawn.  It probably looked like some sort of shady drug deal.

All in all, my shopping trip was a success.  I was happy with my purchases, as was my family.  I don’t think I’m overly obsessive when it comes to buying groceries.  I just enjoy it more than the average person.  And I believe that the trip is truly a success when my shopping cart is as full as I can possibly make it.